Music. So before getting into the nitty gritty of our running test, lets take you through the key new details about the apple watch series 7.. The headline one is that apples introduced larger case sizes compared to previous watches, which also brings bigger screens too. They still come in aluminium, stainless steel and titanium options, but now come in 41, millimeter and 45 millimeter case sizes, which is up from the 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter options on the series. Six. The biggest advantages of that is that youre getting bigger screens offering around 20 more screen space than what we got on the series six. That means you can surf more of your stats and it introduces features like a full size keyboard and will better host more data. Rich watch faces apple has given the series 7, a new ip6x dust resistance rating to go with existing 50 meter. Waterproof rating making it well protected against dust and better suited for off road runs on the running software and hardware feature side of things. Not a huge deal has changed, youre still getting gps glanas, galileo, qz ss and baidu satellite system support to accurately track outdoor runs. Theres, an always on autometer, again and apples third generation optical heart rate, monitor, which is the same included on the series 6. apples new watch osa is on board, though most of the new features are geared towards cyclists, though you do still get access to a growing And rich collection of running apps, which are available on the apple app store apple, remains the same on battery life, quoting the same 18 hours as a series 6.

, its adding a new usbc magnetic charger, which is distinguishable from the older charger by a silver trim. That will get you from zero to eighty percent from a 45 minute charge. Price remains largely the same with the 41 millimeter series 7 coming in at 369, pounds or ‘9, and the 45 millimeter is priced at ‘9 pounds or 429 in the us Music. All right lets go into the run test. Ive been using the apple watch, basically for all my runs for a month or so now. What have you found from this one mike yeah ive been doing a mixture as well. Ive been testing other stuff, but i have been putting a lot of time in with the series seven and what i will say is very similar to the series six in terms of experience. Ive got yes, youve got that bigger screen, which i do actually like, and i have kind of got used to it and having gone and compared it back to series six. But ultimately, things like uh kind of gps performance, heart rate and monitoring performance has been pretty solid for me very similar to series six. I still will say that i think the heart rate monitoring on this watch or this smart watch in general, is the best ive used in terms of performance, its not 100 perfect, but its definitely been. The closest ive have ive kind of run against the garmin hrm pro chest track with the enduro and its kind of been pretty clear, close in terms of that data and the gps as well and ive run with a couple of garmins against it and the gps Performance has been really strong for me as well.

I think, in terms of just a general running experience with the apple watch as well, the screen is easy to see the data i think, depending what, if youre, using the native app or whether youre using kind of third party apps, i think the screen is a Is it kind of a great place to kind of absorb that information, so for me, jeremy, the run test has been really solid, very similar to what i got on the series six yeah. I completely agree pretty much. All of that. Like the series, six was my main running watch for most of last year, uh series – seven is now my main running watch. I use apps of it and i will say that is most of them or a few of the ones i use havent managed to take advantage of the bigger screen, yet so youre just kind of getting a black ring around it. Hopefully that will all expand. Obviously, watch os eight. Those apps can also use the awards on screen a lot of them havent taken advantage of that yet so thats all to come, its just gon na keep improving um, i think degree completely. On the heart rate, i still use a chest: strap with it. You can pair a chest, strap very easily with it, but its among the best wrist heart reminders, youre gon na find and gps is exceptional. I mostly do run. I mostly run with my phone.

It piggybacks off that and i get incredibly clear gps lines right side of the street. All that has been more accurate than most of which ive tested. One of the reasons i use the apple watch actually is because the gps is so good. Ive done a couple of tests without my phone, including a race again, the gps is very, very accurate, so i do think thats a big plus point in the airport. The only thing ill say about that is, if, like me, you use third party apps. You have to do occasionally go in and use the native app for your runs in clear areas because thats what calibrates, gps and the accelerometer so sometimes, if youre, just using basically the accelerometer working as well, for when you go periods with bad gps, the watch will Still be getting you accurate distance tracking by kind of using the accelerometer, so yeah, all in all, really love using it all the same problems. You have an apple watch, naturalized very short, yeah things like that. If sometimes dont get the orders on screen yet the button system, you have to take a lap by double tapping in apps or pressing both buttons at once. You cant do a single button. Lap press, even with any of the apps, were going to talk about later. Yeah but yeah its all those things you probably know about by now the apple watch, but the actual, if you can live with all of that youre, getting a very good running experience, especially with the party app yeah and one little minor thing.

I wanted to actually talk about the running experience as well is just with the kind of race to wake if youre not using kind of always on weve used. So many smart watches like ourselves, you know theres, some really bad ones in terms of and when the apple watches its really good on that front, and i think its a little thing that you kind of notice and the little things you notice when you compare them To other smart watches and thats, a little thing that i you know i really appreciate, but kind of, maybe under you know its under soul in terms of that experience of running with the apple watches, yeah, definitely its its so responsible around every button. Just works immediately. Yeah turn on also the always on screen on. This is bright enough to read your stats, which is a lot of smart, watches and wearables that have an awesome screen its too dim. You have to actually raise it with this. You can do a quick glance and youll see your running stats on the go Music. Okay, try diving into verdict! For me, this is, unless youre an android owner very clearly the best smart watcher running id agree. I mean i overused a ridiculous amount of smart watches. This year last year, this one kind of still stands out for me just in terms of the performance just in terms of the experience of the software. Yes, the battery lifes, not great, and that is a major kind of gripe for me, but ultimately, if youre willing to kind of accept that you are going to get a really good, accurate, reliable running experience from this smartwatch.

And you know its the reason why theres a lot of reasons why its still the best kind of smartwatch for runners, i think anyway, yeah and we there are shortcomings in the native run tracking. We havent really talked about that that much just because we dont use it really. If you once you start using the watch a lot, there are so many good third party apps, so that actually is where it does have an edge and a lot of smart watches. Even something like lets say the sumto 7, which has a very strong native sports tracking, app for a kind of smartwatch, its still not actually as good as most of the third party apps. You can get on here with like maps and customizable workouts and all that kind of thing, but there are some really good. Other smart watches that work with ios and android, obviously as well yeah were both really impressed with what huaweis doing in this area. For one right yeah definitely so i am now kind of testing a lot of the huawei watches at the moment. While i watch gt3, which well have a review on soon and thats kind of got, some really strong running features a really. You know significant significantly better battery life promised uh compared to the apple watch as well um away from the huawei. I think the garmin venue uh two, which is one that weve mentioned before youve, got that kind of rich garmin sports tracking.

I think youre getting a little bit more battery life in terms of when youre, using the always on display and also youve, got all those kind of garmin stables. What youd expect from that experience as well, and you can kind of easily pair it to a heart rate, monitor and other kind of external sensors as well so thats a really strong option as well. I think its also worth talking about the fact that you know: should you go for the series? Seven is that do you have to go seriously for the best running experience on apple watch? I think theres an argument to say. Actually, you could still go for the series six. I think you know a lot of what youre getting in the series, seven in terms of the performance youre getting in the series six as well thats, something that ive seen so if you kind of can maybe get cheap and dont necessarily want that bigger screen. I think theres a really good running experience to get from the series six as well. Definitely 100 agree with that. This is one of those generations in the apple watch. Where id be skipping it. If i was a person who buys you know, you know, updates use, apple watch and series 6 really is just as good north front, and that was the first apple, which i really noticed. A massive increase in gps performance, so thats. Why? I wouldnt go further back to the five.

If you can get that off. If you have the five, i think you will notice a good upgrade here. Another reason i dont really personally love. I recommend the three and the apple watch three and see theyre very good. Smartwatches they dont really have the sensors, the always on screen the kind of gps improvement that youre getting on the high end apple watch in the range, which is the seven or the six. If you have it um, i think theyre both really strong options. I think yeah either six or seven would be my definitely my pick if youre looking at apple watches, yeah, okay, so nick you are a big lover of apple watch, running apps, so talk us through a little bit about what kind of apps are on offer. Um at the moment, yeah, i definitely think if youre running youre selling yourself short, if youre, just not you if youre not using if you are using the native workout tracking, instead of going from these apps weve, got a whole video just covering up watch apps on The channel you can check some more info there, but just to run through some favorites work. Outdoors is the absolute king of the apple watch running apps, its a full fledged tracking app. That basically turns this into like a garmin or any other dedicated sports watch, but even better in some ways, because theres so much customization, theres so much different kind of data and theres really nice color maps.

You can customize as well theres rooting on those maps, its not turn by turn navigation, but you get a breadcrumb trail on a map, a really clear, colorful map that you can move with the wheel and the thing so its just a gorgeous app its. I think its seven pounds i might check that out its around seven pounds, its one time fee and youre getting basically youre immediately. Turning this to a very, very good running, watch for that fee definitely worth doing another good tracking app is ice, move run, which falls short on a few of those areas, but its another really good for customizing getting your data feels links up with stride. The stride pod theres the stride app as well to link up with the stride pods, although i think i, if i was a stride user, its a very good combo this ride in the apple watch, i would get the pod and then pair it with ice move, Run or work outdoors, which is about to add stride, support and then theres, just cool other apps on there as well, so ive just started using one called athletic testing out, which is basically gives you a similar idea to things like the whoop and the aura ring. It gives you like a recovery rating each day based on your heart rate, variability and then exertion rating. You know it will take your sleep tracking from the aura ring and feed that in and give you like a nice little one stop shop to try and get the.

I would say the heart rate. Variability is not as good in the app because of the way apple does. It is just not as good but its another theres lots of stuff going on in the app marketplace is my point that can make this just so much more than when you open up see the basic run tracking. Go this isnt a very good running watch. Actually, i never use the app apart from the calibrate, occasionally and um really theres so much going on in here. That will make it a really good running experience cool. So there you go theres a few kind of options for you. If youre getting the apple watch and youre looking for some running apps outside the native app to use instead thats it guys thats, our review of the apple watch series, seven jump into the comments. Let us know what you think. Will you be swapping from a dedicated running watch the seagulls have gone mad. Dont worry about this. Do you guys hate? The apple watch anyway, like subscribe, ring the little bell.