The ticwatch pro 3 ultra with 4g connectivity how it compares with last years, tick watch pro 3 lte lets find out Music hi there tiago here welcome back, oh welcome, and if thats the case, let me tell you we do a lot of tech reviews and unboxings. Like this one, if some something interests you please consider, subscribing and give a thumbs up in this video with this said lets start a review of the last model from mobvoy. The tick watch pro 3 ultra with 4g capabilities lets start with the most important, the price, its good. It is 329.99 pounds – and this is amazing, because its the same price of the tick watch pro 3 lte and given the fact that it is post pandemic times with all the negative consequences. His hardware is a lot better. The software has been improved and the look is a lot better as well. Well done mobfoy for not putting up the price together with the word ultra, its, not cheap, but, in my opinion, the best in this price level. The unboxing is good, like all the mob volume boxings, the box is pretty much the same of last years. Only the watch image in the box is different. You can see the watch straight away, and this really step up from the tick watch prop 3 lte. I, like the new look: the glass is now level with the bezels, so looks better when you look at it from the sides.

The same two sides buttons approach: the display keeps the same shape and size and theres nothing wrong with that, because the display is amazing. The back of the watch is exactly the same of the ticwatch pro 3 lte, so you have the charging area and the sensors lets see what they are now and the specs as well. So the display is 1.4 inches, while display setup with one amoled and the other fstn snapdragon 4100 is the chip, one gigabyte, ram 8 gigabyte storage, loads of tracking sensors 577 million per hours battery gps, nfc wi fi 4g bluetooth, 5.0. Ip68. Waterproof resistant military grades, standard weight is only 41 grams. Mobvoic claimed that the user modified snapdragon 4100 slightly overclocked up to 2 gigahertz for smoothie experience Music. This watch is a fantastic hardware pack, it features some of the best technologies in the end of 2021, together with the possibility of making phone calls without a mobile phone, but more on that in a few moments, the deepwatch pro 3 ultra is full of innovations like This dual layer display that switch to the fstn display when not using the watch, and now you can customize the back color to blue red or whatever color you like this year. Mobvoid is not focusing on the display or the hardware, but under all the sensors lets see them now. So we have hrppg, monitor spo2 tracker, low latency of body sensor, usual gyroscope and accelerometer compass barometer, together with the 4g capability speaker and microphone for great phone calls and also music playback.

So, im really keen on sharing with you how the deepwatch pro 3 ultra with lte capabilities, has been performing for the past few weeks. Controlling the watch is straightforward. The upper button is the app launcher and the home button press and hold to get the google assistant. The lower button is configurable in my case. I have it too thick exercise to move through the notifications and menus swiping gestures are used. The thick watch pro 3 ultra has 4g capabilities, but beyond that its possible to respond to notifications on the watch as well, emojis are supported too. You can swipe left to access the main tiles and, of course, customize them. Tick. Health, sleep, tracking, weather, tiled and so on. The performance of the software and hardware off is really a pleasure to use and a lot snappier than the previous stickwatch pro, and this is mostly possible thanks to the capable system on the chip. The apps list is not that long. Just the essential aeros apps, like the calculator timer stopwatch and the thick health ecosystem and, like i said before, muboy is very serious about getting the most out of their sensors, giving you a unique health tracking experience talking about health tracking. They are the usual sleep tracking step, counter spo2 tracker, which works 24 7 and a thick sleep, thick health and tick oxygen. But this time doesnt end here, because now we have two extra features: mental fatigue and energy level health.

So we can see that mob void orientation is going towards long term health tracking, whether they are really good. Only time can show. Let me tell you what the last week have been like step tracking have been a bit over counting, comparing with the other devices around 20. I would say its not tricky by driving or scooter driving. Hopefully it will be fixed on an update heart rate. Tracking is much better and detects spikes very quickly. Spo2 tracking works perfect, and i would say that detects little less than oxymeter will do, but sometimes all depends of the position on your wrist. Sleep tracking was inaccurate. The thick watch pro 3 ultra 4g version, was unable to correctly identify when i woke up and only stop at the sleep tracking when i go up from the bed. So while tracking features are quite many, there is work to be done on the firmware level. Looking at the app now, it has been updated as well with a much better design future reach. You can explore all the information that has been tracked by the watch. Each workout is recorded and you can see those that are automatically detected or manually triggered mob. Voyage reaches the point where the smartwatch app is functional, well, organized and future rich, easy to link with third party service like google fit, for example. Like i said in the beginning, this is a ilte version with 4g capabilities. Sadly, this version only works in a few countries and in uk only works with a vodafone, so you will need to grab a sim contract through vodafone if you want a full functionality like going for a run without your phone and be able to get the phone Calls and text message, because youre talking about calls lets, have a look at the speaker: quality Music.

The battery life is great news because has been solid and consistent. I was able to have two to three days per cycle, and that was really amazing. This is mostly because i use the fs tn display, as always on display and because i choose to not use the watch to make phone calls. So if you use the amoled screen as always on display and if you make phone calls using, your watch expect a drop in battery life. I keep everything on on my watch. All the tracking features are on like the 24 hours, hr, tracking, spo2, 24 hours, tracking and so on, Music and thats. All for today guys we finished with the battery. I could go on drawbacks, but i dont think its important to draw bikes because, in my opinion, this is the best at this price point. This is the best watch you can get for this price and with this set guys, i will finish but before i finish, i need to remind you something.