. So for this video i want to go over everything new with the apple watch series 7, which model you should buy and if you should even buy an apple watch series 7 or maybe go for some cheaper options like the apple watch sc or the apple watch Series 3, which still remain in the lineup. Alright first lets, do a refresher on whats new with the series 7.. First of all, lets start with the biggest change, and that is the new design. The series 7 is a refinement over the series 6, with what apple says is a softer, more rounded design and a bigger display on both models. The smaller version is moving up from a 40 millimeter case size to a 41 millimeter case size and the 44 millimeter option is moving up to a 45 millimeter option. These minor adjustments in case sizes leads to a much larger display, though, with the series 7 apple watch shrinking the bezels or border around the watch by up to 40, which apple says, will allow for up to 20 percent more display area and because the casing hasnt Changed that much older watch bands will still work with these new watch models and the new watch bands will work with the old watch models. Apple says that this new design creates a display that has a unique refractive edge that makes full screen watch faces and apps appear to seamlessly connect with the curvature of the apple watch case, which means that when you view the series 7, the display should appear to Kind of be hanging off the edges of the watch from the side that should create a cool visual effect that would differentiate this watch from the other ones in the lineup.

Also because these watches have bigger displays. Apple is also trying to make the watches more useful. With a new, fully optimized user interface, which will have easier to tap touch targets with bigger buttons and ui elements and new watch faces to take advantage of the larger display. Like the continuum watch face, which will have numbers wrap around the edges of the display and the modular max watch face, which can show off two big longer complications on the watch and for the first time ever on an apple watch, a native apple watch keyboard, where You can actually tap to type on this really small, display, uh or use this as a swipe keyboard. If this is a useful addition, this could really go a long way in making the watch easier to send messages on search for apps enter passwords and as an important step to what i think could be a apple watch as an independent device, where you kind of Have all the elements you need to navigate the user interface and really when you look at the series 7 and the series 6, even though you know theres, just a few changes after this to talk about the major upgrade here really is the bigger display, but those Displays will also now be brighter when displaying an always on watch, face with apple saying it will have a 70 percent brighter, always on display indoors. Other changes for the series 7 include a new, durable design.

That, in part, is due to the thicker crystal on the series 7, which will be 50 thicker and it will have a redesigned crystal design with a flat base which apple is saying will make it more resistant to cracking if you fall or drop the watch. These are important changes, especially to the base model. Aluminum apple watch, but whats not clear, is if these durability changes will also come over to the more premium. Stainless steel and titanium watches, which already have a sapphire crystal, which is more prone to shattering but actually less resistant to scratches but ill, actually cover that a little bit more in depth. When we go over the different models and whether the sapphire is worth it for increased scratch resistance now, the series 7 will also be getting faster charging, which should be 33 faster than the series 6 and should be able to get you an eight hour. Sleep tracking charge in just eight minutes, so this will be a nice upgrade for people who use the watch for its sleep tracking capabilities, and this will also be the first apple watch to ship by default, with a usb c to apple watch. Charging puck – and it sounds like this cable will be necessary to get the faster charging speeds that the series 7 offers now dont be fooled. The series 7 may be listed as having a new s7 chip, but when you dig into the tech specs, you can see that they are exactly the same as the series 6 chip.

So the series 7 will have no speed improvements and should perform exactly the same as the series 6.. This is the second time in a row that apple has skipped upgrading the performance of the chip with the series 5 having the same exact performance as the series. 4 and now the series 6 having the same exact performance as the series 7, which may actually indicate that the apple watch chip upgrade cycle is actually on a two year timeline schedule compared to the iphones, where they get a speed improvement every single year. With the a series chips, finally, the series 7 will also get some new color finishes with the aluminum model, now shipping, with 5 colors starlight midnight, blue, green and a product red version, but other than those changes. Everything should be the same as the series 6, including the health sensors, with a heart rate, monitor ecg reading on your wrist and the blood oxygen sensor and apple is saying that you will get the same 18 hours of battery life on the series 7 that you Currently get with the series 6.. As for pricing, the series 7 will start at ‘9 for a wi fi, 41 millimeter version, and although the pricing isnt up yet for the series 7, we can probably assume the same. You know prices as the series 6.. So if you want the 45 millimeter version expect to pay an additional 29 for the bigger size and, if you want to add cellular on either watches expect to pay a 100 upgrade.

As for whether or not you should get the wi fi or the cellular version, that is personal preference. If you want to have your watch always be connected, even when you leave your phone at home or in case of emergencies, the cellular upgrade is well worth it. For that added sense of security, and personally, when i you know like exercise outside, i like to leave my phone at home and just take along my cellular apple watch to track my runs and then stream, music uh from apple music to my airpods and then also. I dont miss out on any important calls or messages or notifications, or anything like that. Just be made aware that even with the 100 upgrade price to the cellular model, you also have to add this to your cellular service and that usually results in around a 10 additional monthly charge on your cellular bill. As for casing material options, you may like the look of stainless steel or titanium more than the aluminum models, and i do find that these watches tend to look a lot better in person for the stainless steel youll be paying a hefty upgrade, though 699 dollars for The 41 millimeter version and 750 dollars for the 45 millimeter version, the titanium – is even more expensive, with an additional 100 upgrade on both models with the starting price of the 41 millimeter version, starting at 799. Again, whether you should get the different materials are personal preference here, if you want to spend more for a better looking watch, one that maybe youre going to keep for a long time.

I think the stainless steel and titanium are worth it and they do come with an additional cellular service as a standard, so theres no additional upgrade there and aside from the more premium materials, it does have a sapphire crystal instead of a glass display front based on My experience with previous watches, with both different materials, i usually tend to have small, scratches appear on my aluminum apple watch and you can kind of see them when the display is off uh, but with the sapphire versions on my titanium apple watch, it was very scratch. Resistant, i have never gotten a scratch on the sapphire crystal on the apple watch. So if you want to make sure that your apple watch never scratches uh, the sapphire version should provide that. As for when you can get this watch, pre orders start on friday october. 8Th at 8am eastern standard time, and if you want a watch on day, one make sure you get your pre order in on that day, as this apple watch has already faced production delays, so there may not be a huge amount of these watches available at launch. As for when you can go and pick these up in stores, you can do that starting friday october 15th, which is one week after pre orders. All right lets cover some buying advice. Now, if you have an apple watch series 6, i really dont think theres a huge reason to go out and run to upgrade to an apple watch series 7.

. The bigger display sounds nice, but other than that were not dealing with a generational chip change here. So the siri six and series seven should probably receive the same amount of software support and updates, and even if youre, on, like the series 5 with the always on display. There really may be little reason to upgrade here. But if you are on a series, 4 or older, i actually think this is a good time to upgrade for the new design and all of the features you missed out on over the previous years. Okay, what about another option? Maybe you dont have enough money for a series: seven well theres, two other watches in this lineup still the apple watch sc and the apple watch series three for the sc. I think this is a great watch to buy if youre looking to save some money, and if this is your first apple watch, you get the most important features out of the apple watch like activity tracking heart rate monitoring, along with fall detection. Even if you lose out on the ecg and blood oxygen sensors, i think for most users you really dont need those features, especially if you are young and healthy or you dont have a family history of heart related issues, because for me personally, ive used the ecg To measure uh, you know to see if i had like an irregular heartbeat and i never had one and i dont find the blood oxygen sensor.

All that useful. You also lose the always on display, but i i dont think thats a big deal either. If you mostly use your watch as an activity tracker and the wrist detection for checking the time is usually good enough that i think youll rarely miss out on the always on display, although i must admit uh. One thing i like about the always on display. Is it does make the watch? Look a lot nicer when its resting at your wrist. So if looks, are your number one priority you may want to upgrade to the series 7, which i think also has a better look this year with the reduced bezels? Now the sc does come in at 279 dollars for the 40 millimeter version, but i think the biggest deciding factor for this watch is if you want the cellular service and want to pay under 400, because the ses optional cellular network upgrade is a 50 upgrade on These models, as opposed to the 100, upgrade found on the series 6, and i assume the series 7.. So you can get a cellular apple watch sc for 329. So, from a value perspective, the se is probably the first watch you should be looking at, especially if you are new to the apple watch or if you have a watch that is older than the series 4.. As for the series – 3, listen, i know the 200 price point may look attractive at first, but trust me just spend the extra 79 on the sc.

I really do not recommend the series 3, especially in 2021, because of its outdated design, slower performance and the low amount of internal storage, which is just 8 gigabytes and because the storage is so low, you are now required to completely reset your watch. If you want to update watch os – and this is just a time consuming and laborious process, that makes it a bad experience for anyone buying the series 3 today in 2021, so i would not recommend the series 3 to anyone at this point. Please just save a little bit longer. 79. More is not a lot of money when you consider that the sc is going to receive more software updates and just be a better experience, two or three years down the line, all right. Everyone and those are my series, 7 and apple watch, se buying recommendations. I hope you found the video helpful and if you did consider hitting the like button, if you want to see more from the channel, including a full review of the series 7 when it comes out well make sure youre subscribed to the channel and hey. If you want to help the channel out in any way, maybe buy an apple watch, series 7. consider checking out my affiliate links in the description below and as always thank you so much for watching, and i will see you all in the next video take care.