This is the new series. Seven clone version. Its a 1.77 inch display its got. It comes in seven different, colors as well believe it or not. You can purchase it from aliexpress or alibaba split screen, feature wallet and business card function. Uh two button function as you can see in the picture, so you give it that extra uh look when it comes to comparing it to the original um and quite a lot of the features which well get to later in the video. So what well do is unboxing and well review the watch. So, as you can see, hw 56 plus smartwatch, it does have wireless charging, which is right here. The app you need to download is one of the best apps. You can actually download on these smart watches, which is where fit pro well get to that at the end of the video, so uh yeah, pretty basic box to be honest, theres, not no text whatsoever around it. This is the silver color version which i got um just before we take a look at the smart watch lets see well get inside. Here we have the watch band its a silver, silicone or silvery gray, silicon watch band, and that is it inside the box. Here is the wireless charger usb, and here is the manuals which says hw56 plus opening it up. I just showed you how to use it and the qr code to download the app comes in two different languages.

As you can see here, there we go, but no it doesnt come in english. I thought it would come in english, but it doesnt. So if you can read that there are some of the features but thats what we inside the box so lets take a look at the smartwatch, my favorite part when unboxing the smartwatches just taking off the plastic, so lets uh. This is where we take it off from this is actually proper glued on there. We go take that away, and here we have it. Look at this 1.77 inch display hd as well. Take a look at the design, so youve got two cutouts here. One is fake. One is a speaker: it doesnt have the buttons for the silicon straps to go on. You just slide them in and out and, as you can see, its got text around the sensors and the similar sensors to the original. Take a look at the side. Youve got the crown with the mic guitar placed a little bit lower than usual and also the power button. But overall the design is exactly the same. Lets power this on and see what its like. So straight away. As you can see here, weve got starter tone and a vibration as well. It does have a bezel with all these smartwatches. You always get a big bezel at the top or as soon as the release, one with a full screen dot. One youll be able to see it first here on also so lets uh hold the watch face in it.

Doesnt do anything as you can see, is dynamic, so lets move the crown to see if it works. Yes, it does, as you can see so lets, see how much watch faces got one two three four five six uh watch faces and if you saw one this is actually the same as the series seven smartwatch uh the watch face, but obviously this one doesnt move And, of course, originally actually moves around, which is really good to be honest but yeah, i do actually like this watch face. I might download it on my original series. Six, if i can do that, but ill show you what other watch faces you can get when we connect it to uh the waffle pro app so lets swipe it down and lets glitch. So, as you can see here, youve got your bluetooth uh on and off shortcut there, your brightness, which is your turn on always mode which is always on display, which is really good feature lock screen. You can actually change, put a lock screen on and also uh. You can put a passcode on that as well, which is good now. These two features at the end are the wallet and business card feature which ive showed you previously ill explain it later, on which uh, when i show you uh, but just before that lets, take a look at the settings now you can actually dim it swipe back. Actually, where its bright screen duration lets change, that to 30 screen off time, seven seconds change it to phone settings, dial, mute vibration, call, vibration and screen of phone settings raise your wrist too bright.

You can switch down and off do not disturb mode. Sound. The vibrations language settings youve got quite a few languages as well, which is good. It doesnt actually store where you was before so youve got to scroll all the way back down. Does the crown work? Yes, it does, as you can see, connect mobile phone thats, the app you need to download the qr code swiping all the way back to the bottom youve got about and, as you can see its a version 2.05 hw 56 plus. If i pin it back im. Gon na have to go all the way to the bottom. You got reboot, restore factory settings and also shutdown, so that is, i know you can put a passcode on your screen lock as well, which is good so thats. What you get in the shortcut youve also got your battery percentage date and time well day and time so lets swap it to the left. Youve also got a split screen as well, which is another good feature. Swiping out. You got your message notifications, so i pinned it to the left. You got your heart rate shortcut your dated shortcut where the show call – and you can add whichever you want right there, so that is it to be honest to go into menu. You just tap the crown and it brings up the smart menu. Double tap. Will change it to the list view, so you got two watch menu faces.

This is the third one, which is a new, quite good, and there we have it. So you got three watch faces, so lets go into the menu and lets see what else we have so well start from this uh lets start from the blood pressure. Now, as you can tell here with all these clones, youve got your christmas flashing lights at the back, just to show you that its working, but its really not basically, these dont actually give you accurate readings. So, as you can see here, the there they usually have a timer on all some of them have a uh reaction. Where, if you put on an object, it will actually give you a showing this one is not even an object and the skaters blood pressure. Reading of i dont know just the numbers are just going up and down so theres, not an exact reading, so heart rate as well same as heart rate same again, its just on a timer and the flashing lights will actually start flashing. Just to you know show you that summer is working, but its really not, and it will give you a reading so while its off an object, hopefully its going to give us a reading any time soon and well, just check out from this thats how you know All of these clone smartwatches, they dont give you exact reasons, as you can see right there, so its wrapping it down um setup is the same.

So you got to your oxygen data. Lets go to data weve. Seen that already sleep indoor activities, indoor swimming cycling, city, push ups uh sports, active outdoor activities, for which you need to connect to your phone lets, go back that remember, didnt it whether once youre connected to your phone, it will come up breathe just play met. Give you information about all the week stopwatch music. You need to connect it to your phone for music thats, why it might work shake to take photos, calm down, timer blood pressure, messages, calculator and setup. So, like i said earlier in the video thats only get in the watch, like i said earlier in the video with these two features right here. The wallet feature is you can actually pay people using a qr code, whether it be from paypal or any other payment device. You can set it up through the app and the other. One is the business card which you can also send via qr code. Now that can be either from your own phone book: uh wechat information, whatsapp information. Anything like that ill show you when we download the app and ill show you how to connect that up, but yeah. Overall, not a bad watch looks really nice. I am definitely liking. This new watch face, which is good, so what ill do now is download wifi pro, which is already on my phone and lets see what else we can do on the app when its connected to the watch weve got a waffle pro app downloaded already um lets.

Take that take that off make sure our bluetooth is on and also on the watch as well. Add a device straight away: hw56 plus lets pick thatll prepare it do not operate mobile phones or watches while its pairing, yes well pair. It successful pairing. Allow notifications, yes carry out, i know, and there we have it so its connected. So, as you can see here, youve got a little line in that little circle, so that means it is connected now, as you can see here, like i said with this app its really good one of the best apps ive used when it comes to all of The smartwatches ive done previously, so your steps, calories and your kilometers, you wont all come on there once its synced. Now your watch faces. This is where you can actually change. Watch faces. You can put custom watch faces, um you have to pay for some watch faces as well. The the the lord the watch faces you can actually choose from. As you can see, this one is already installed. Theyre, always updating on these as well. This one is actually a dynamic one, so lets download this one, as you can see here, so lets download that one and see how that looks. He actually tells you, 12 000 people have actually installed it. Tell you the size of it and its free as well. So its installing so ill see you in just a minute just about done and lets see how it looks.

So, as you can see here, this is the dynamic version, so the numbers actually go bolder and thicker its supposed to mimic the original, but, as you can tell it doesnt it just goes around, so you can actually choose from this one or the black widget. The black version is still oh actually, once you actually download it, the black one actually goes off thats a bit weird isnt it so weve just got this version at the moment, but you can actually download different ones, as you can see, and just go to new Or ranking, so you can see now see once youve downloaded a watch face. It actually takes the other one off. As you can see, we had that one on earlier, but it says you have to install it so delete delete that one now, so you can install it. It doesnt download it just install straight to your phone right lets, see what else we can do so, as you can see here, the wallet function you can actually choose from wechat, alipay or paypal, and you put your details in itll, give you a quote qr code And you can actually pay or receive payments and same again with the uh business card as well. So you can actually put your information from wechat you, facebook, whatsapp or twitter, and the information will come onto a qr code. Once someone actually scans that on the phone, the details will actually come off, so its a really good feature that what they bought on these smart watches.

So you got weather reports, notifications, you can toggle these on and off and notifications come from your phone onto the watch, which is good alarm, a health reminder taking pictures find bracelet its just a vibration and its already found it uh all the settings. You can actually update. This is all which is good, which ive already done. Uh and yeah firmware update factory settings delete current device so, like i said, this is probably one of the best apps going for all these clone smart watches, whatever you want to call them, but other than that, i have made phone calls from here. Uh you. It does receive notifications from whatsapp and messages and whatnot, but you cant just show you the message you cant reply back and also when it comes to making a phone call. It shows you the number as well so yeah. What do you think of this hw56 plus smartwatch? Let me know in the comment section below if you want to see any other videos with this outdoor test or whatever do.