I am excited to share with you my review of the new Apple watch series 8. today. Well, look at all of its features and talk about how I use the watch day to day and also see how it compares to the new se2 to ultimately help you decide if the Apple Watch series 8 is the right watch for you. As always, I will leave all the purchase links down in the description and also I am giving away this brand new iPhone 14.. If you guys want a chance to win, be sure to subscribe to my channel leave a like on this video and comment with your favorite feature of the Apple Watch series 8.. Then follow me on Instagram, where I will announce the winner on October 16th. So first let me tell you about my spec and why I chose it, so I opted to go for the GPS. Only 41 millimeter series 8 in midnight, and this comes in at ‘9 or 419 pounds. Now I chose to go for the GPS only model, as this saves a little bit of money and, of course avoids that monthly cost, and my advice here is only go for the cellular model if you ever leave your home without your phone now. This is something that I personally never do so. For that reason, there is no need to go for the cellular model as the GPS. Only model can still do text and make and receive calls all you need to have is your phone nearby and then I went for the smaller 41 millimeter version, as I find this to look more proportionate on my 155 millimeter wrist, and if your wrist size is Anywhere similar to mine, that is, six inches in circumference, and I would definitely go for the smaller size.

Now I have done a more in depth comparison, comparing the 41 to the 45 millimeter version of the series 8, which I will leave Linked In the description and then finally, I decided to go for the darker midnight color, as I find this to be more versatile. It is easier to pair with different outfits for different occasions, as well as third party bands, now Im, actually using this really beautiful leather band, from long of it, on which Ill tell you more about in a sec, but first lets talk about the display. Arguably, the single most important components on any smart watch and is also the biggest differentiating factor between the series 8 and the se2. The series 8 gets a bright OLED display with rounded Corners where content almost flows over the edge of the glass, and this looks really sharp. The 41 millimeter display on the series 8 is also one millimeter larger than the 40 millimeter display on the se2. Now this difference may sound small, but when youre, comparing screens of this size, one millimeter goes a long way. Also thanks to having thinner bezels. The series 8s watch case is no larger than that of the se2, allowing for the watch to be smaller and still have a bigger display on the series 8 text in messages. Emails and notifications are super easy to read, and this brings me to my favorite feature of the series 8, and that is the always on display.

It is great to always have the watch face showing on your wrist. It just looks better than having an off blank screen. This also means you can subtly check the time in those boring meetings without having to turn your wrist. The series 8 now also has a brighter always on display. That is even easier to read Outdoors, so Ive used almost every Apple watch since the series 3 and in my experience and in my opinion, having that always on display, makes a very significant difference and for me its worth paying that extra for and going for the Series 8 over the se2, which does not have that always on display. Overall, the display in the series 8 is an absolute pleasure to use and is in fact the best display in any Smartwatch. But my only complaint with regards to the display is the durability. Now Ive never had an Apple Watch a crack before, but my previous Apple Watch series 7, which I used every day for around a year, collected a lot of scratches in that time, so I do recommend getting some protection to protect your display. I I have done a video in which I compare different cases as well as screen protector options which Ill leave links down below before we look at more features and how I use the series 8 day to day. I want to talk about bands, as bands are the perfect way to personalize and also upgrade your Apple watch for this, let me introduce you to the luxury bands from longfordon.

First lets check out the Cayman series available for both men and women right from the unboxing experience. I could tell that these are no ordinary Apple watch bands. Opening the box reveals the full grain leather bands inside underneath, which is the owners manual with care instructions. The Cayman Series in Midnight black at 89, is timeless and creates a watch that perfectly pairs with a suit or any smart casual outfit, and I particularly like the super, convenient butterfly clasp and then theres the Cayman series lights for 59 dollars in this whiskey brown color. It perfectly complements the series 8 for a smart casual look over the weekend. Attaching the band fans only take seconds and instantly. Your Apple watch is upgraded to a more sophisticated timepiece made from a French full grain leather. With the suede on the inside means. The bands feel super comfortable to wear on the wrist. The Apple watch is also great for sports, and here too long vidon has you covered with the new Vulcan series made from this vulcanized rubber, a material that is hard to surpass in terms of Versatility as well as robustness, creating for a very sporty look when ordering Online, you can choose the size Apple watch. You have as well as your wrist size, to find the perfect fit Longford on have an extensive range of options from different colors to bad materials. If you want to transform and upgrade your Apple watch be sure to head to longfordon.

com Dion and use code dion15 to get 15 off, your order lets talk about the battery life. Now the battery life on the series 8 has been really good. Getting me through a full day with just around 25 remaining. This is comparable to the previous Series, 7 oven, as well as the se2, but how you set up your watch is key. I have done a more extensive Apple watch guide. That shows you how I set up my watch to get the most out of features as well as battery life, but to give you an idea, notifications and background app refresh, as well as Siri all have a significant impact on your battery life. On the subject of extending the battery life, the series 8 now adds low power mode for even more battery life. This is an option in the setting that, once toggled will turn off all non essential features and allow for up to 36 hours of use. I havent had to use this yet, but it is useful to have for say longer days of travel now in terms of charging. I charge my watch in the morning. Whilst I get ready for the day – and this is where the fast charging that you only get on the series 8 comes in particularly handy, so what I do is when I wake up in the morning, I put my watch on charge with around 20 or so Remaining and then, whilst I get ready for the day and then 30 minutes later roughly, my watch will be up at ninety percent, ready for the entire day when it comes to Performance.

The series 8 gets the new S8 chip, and Ive mentioned this. In my se2 review, but this is really great for two key reasons. The first, of course, is performance. Today the watch is super smooth, theres, virtually no lag or glitches, and I think it is easy to take something like this for granted, as weve almost always had this on the Apple watch, but believe me, this plays a massive role as to why the watch is So fun and ultimately comfortable to use also, I did notice that certain bigger apps, like maps and mail, do launch and load significantly faster on the series 8 compared to the previous Series. 7, and the second reason the sa chip is really great. Is this means longevity right many years of software support now looking at previous Apple watch models. Apple typically supports them for five six, even seven years as I would expect many years of new software updates security updates and features for the series AIDS, and this is great, as means this watch is going to last you for many years when it comes to health And safety features the series 8 has a lot to offer. First, you get continuous heart rate monitoring with high, as well as low heart rate notifications. You can also take an ECG and measure your blood oxygen features not found on the se2. The series 8 now also adds temperature sensors for Womens Health applications and also gets crash detection now crash detection is similar to fall detection where it will detect if youre ever in a severe car crash.

And then, if you do not respond, it will automatically call Emergency Services on your behalf, now, even as someone who is generally healthy, I find it reassuring to have these features constantly running in the background just in case now, I want to talk about how I use My series 8 every day as for me, it is the more underrated features that I actually use the most first getting notifications right on the wrist is amazing. It is easy to see important notifications without having to reach for my phone. The series 8 adds more ways to interact with a notification lets say a message, for example, when this comes in, you can respond using presets emojis dictate or my favorites use the full on screen keyboard. Now this is available only on the series 8 and while it may look small, it is actually quite usable for a quick line or two of text, and then Siri is great too. Allowing me to quickly create a reminder, play some music on the homepod or check the temperature before leaving home and then here in London I use Apple pay every day for public transport to groceries, super convenient and only needs a tap with the wrist Apple provides a Level of cross device integration like no other and the series 8 takes us even further. Just to name a few, I can unlock my Mac when I am near or adjust the volume of my headphones with the digital crown Music.

I can also ping my phone. It is ever lost, of course, this is something that never happens to me and, lastly, there is activity rings as someone who likes numbers and data, I find it super satisfying to complete these Rings, or at least as much as I can. Essentially, this is made up of three rings, one for stand, exercise and move, and you can watch them fill up throughout the day to ensure I get at least moderate levels of exercise. In my se2 review, I call it the best value Smartwatch for offering the essential Apple watch features and a very attractive price, but on the other hand, the Apple Watch. Series 8 is the best overall smart watch that you can buy right now, with the bigger and better always on display fast charging and additional Health features. It is such a joy to use and is, in my opinion, worth paying that extra, for it is the watch that I use and wear every day if youre on an older model, say a series 4, a 5 or an se1 and want to upgrade to the Next level of Apple watch, the series 8 is the perfect watch for you. Let me know if you have any questions at all. I hope this video helped you out with your buying decision and, if you do choose to go for an Apple Watch, be sure to pair it with a beautiful band from long vidon Ill leave the links in the description thanks for watching guys.