And we introduced car crash detection three years ago, pixel 7 pixel 7s Pros front camera uses our Advanced machine learning. Models for face recognition to power face unlocked iPhone 10. Your iPhone is locked until you look at it and it recognizes you. We call this face. Id were introducing cinematic blur to the pixel camera in iPhone. 13 brings a brand new feature cinematic mode, starting at 2X. Super resume crops, pixel 7 Pros main 50 megapixel camera using a high resolution mode to provide a 12.5 megapixel 12 megapixels of the new sensor to deliver a full resolution photo and 4K video with Optical quality yeah. I kind of just love how tech companies just throw subtle shots at each other on stage, even though we all know at this point theyre just copying each other in a giant Circle till we have the same features across everything anyway. Today was Googles event and we got our first look at Impressions and our Hands On time with the Google pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro and the pixel watch, which is really interesting, and we also got a preview of a really interesting look at the new pixel Tablet, so this video is everything you need to know about all that stuff, so the phones theres a big phone and a small phone again, the pixel 7 and the pixel 7 Pro they very much look like the pixel 6. Now that its an established recognizable, visor identity, but this time the visor is metal instead of glass and I dont love it, but I also dont hate it like.

I guess I was one of the few people that really got to liking the glass visor, but I will say this time: it is one continuous piece of metal all the way around with no seam, and that is better than before, and it just feels really well Built, but you can also see the pixel 7 visor is matte, while the pixel 7 Pro visor is glossy, which I can already tell Im gon na get this 7 Pro covered in fingerprints. Also, Im just going to say I miss accented color power buttons, just throwing that out there anyway. No other real design surprises here, but then on the inside there is an updated set of specs, so there they are. You can pause this if you need to, but basically the bigger phone has a telephoto lens, more RAM and a bigger battery and a bigger higher res ltpo display thats the deal but heres something I noticed. I wasnt really mentioned even out loud during the keynote, which is the pixel 7 display is flat again, and you can see the cut out at the top for the new Ultra wide 11 megapixel selfie camera that they both share its pretty sweet, but the pixel 7. Pro display curves over the edges a bit less than before its just a subtle curve. Now, Im really happy to see that, but then, as I mentioned in the last video, which was about the iPhone 14 plus and benchmarks, and how the big General Benchmark improvements are probably going to be pretty slight.

I was more interested just to see features just new interesting features that they enable on these new phones right and we got some and they range from kind of cool. Seen that already, all the way to possibly incredible so yeah Im going to keep my eye out on the overall performance of this next Generation. Tensor G2 chip efficiency smoothness all that. But it also enables a few things: a new cinematic video mode, which basically appears to be doing the same thing. Apples, new cinematic mode does, which is track, subjects and artificially blur backgrounds. It also enables transcribed audio messages right in the Google messages app. So if someone sends you a voice memo, you dont have to find a place to listen to it. You can just read it in text form and it makes night sight twice as fast. It enables Face Unlock from just the new selfie camera and it should be able to do all this with 20 lower power consumption than the first tensor chip. But the coolest feature to me easily is unblur is what its called. So so you have a picture thats slightly blurry, you know, maybe your hands were kind of shaky or it was slightly out of focus or you just had a slow, shutter speed or something happened, its blurry, its soft. Normally you throw photo out, but you dont have any other pictures of that moment and it was just too perfect and you kind of just want to save it or fix it.

So you can open that picture on the pixel, 7 or 7 Pro and you hit that button and the tensor chip goes to work and it basically fixes the picture it uses AI. It recognizes subjects and sharpens things up, and it does a really good job. You can see a before, and after here of some of the pre loaded photos, I was trying at the event and they are genuinely impressive and the cherry on top is so. You have to have a pixel, 7 or 7 Pro to do this for now, but you can do this with any picture in your entire Google photos, Library any photo youve ever taken or even any photo you just save or have on your phone anything. I can see people like remastering old, Polaroids or like 30 year old yearbook photos, just whatever else is in your library that you want to save, seems pretty cool Im going to be testing it for the full review to see how well it actually works with non Presupplied photos, but I was impressed, but then really mostly other changes that were interesting about. These phones came in a camera department on the pro phone, so theres a new ultrawide with autofocus just on the pro phone that is 21 wider and should be able to take some pretty decent macro photos. Now, with these Focus pixels and theres, a new 5x telephoto, camera thats, also huge 48 megapixels again and then theyve worked a lot of software magic with making the in between marks much more usable.

So, for example, the 2x button here will crop into the middle 12 megapixels of the main camera for a nice clean Zoom, sound familiar, but then the 10x does the same thing. So the 10x Zoom is really just cropping into the middle 12 megapixels of the 5x telephoto camera. So again, hopefully a nice, clean, zoom and then a lot of super resume software magic and hopefully sharpening the photos of in between those numbers, but theres also haptic stops in the camera UI to make it easy to hopefully hit those nice Clean, Magic numbers and they Also added a zoom preview thing for the furthest extremes of Zoom, like Samsung, did so now, when youre taking those super creeper shots at like 30X itll, be nice and stable and easy to frame. My biggest question is: did they price these correctly because they went with the same prices as last year, which is 5.99 for the small phone and 8.99 for the big one which okay its the same? I have a feeling. 300 is going to feel like a big gap again like this is what we were saying last year for 300 extra dollars over the small phone youre getting bigger, screen nicer battery and a telephoto camera and thats kind of it this year. It feels like a tiny bit more its screen battery and then like a whole Pro camera system, with a better ultrawide and a better telephoto with lots of Zoom stuff, but is that enough 300? I I dont know well see I just have a feeling that the the seven will feel like a good deal and then a 7 Pro will feel like a tougher sell again, but then we also finally got to see the Google pixel watch.

This is the thing thats been kind of hyped a lot. I got to spend a little less time with it, but Im very interested in reviewing this particular watch, so this might be a hot take, but I think they did a b plus job on the design. I think its really nice uh, the full circle is great, its just one size which is pretty small and very lightweight theres, three colors black silver and gold, and definitely doesnt. Look like a computer on your wrist. Like some others. Can it can be a super inconspicuous little puck of a smart watch, theres just two buttons, the crown which can also scroll and then a button right above it and the way the watch bands connect to the watch is pretty neat its a little bit finicky to Me at first, but I suspect it just takes some getting used to and the result is just this super seamless look with no lugs, where it looks like the band just kind of pops out the top and the bottom of this circle now heres. Why? I say B plus and not a plus bezels and battery, so they curve the glass right over all the edges and kept the UI, mostly black, which is really thoughtful because most of the time, especially in lower lighting, it looks like its basically a seamless display on Your wrist most of the backgrounds, are black. Most of the UI elements, look like theyre, designed around sort of fading in and not overlapping the edges too much, and even when they do overlap, they have this nice little gradient.

Even the flashlight app has a fade. All the way around, so you dont really think too hard about the bezel, its smart. But if you catch the Light, just right or maybe youre outside a lot, then yeah you can see the bezel, which is clearly not the smallest thing in the world. Okay, fine, but Im actually a little bit more worried about battery life, so they set on stage up to 24 hours of battery, which you know knowing these companies is probably generous, like thats, probably maybe best case scenario without the always on display. Maybe one workout – and I mean this watch – is truly tiny – its very Compact and light like theres. Just no way you can have a huge battery in it, but I think its a good idea to subscribe to be among the first to see the full review when it goes live, and I get a chance to really test it. Functionality, wise though it is very much a Fitbit Smart Watch like I think it might be more of a Fitbit than a lot of people were expecting, but you know smart watch wise. It does all the normal stuff notifications. Custom watch faces. Google pay with wallet Google Maps directions, Google Assistant to set timers play some music Etc its wear OS, but then its Fitbit for all the fitness stuff which theres plenty of so. If youve used a Fitbit, you already know about the workouts and mindfulness content and health metrics and sleep tracking and a sleep score, and it has some really high frequency heart rate monitoring one reading every single second but other than the specifically the heart rate monitoring stuff.

It uses the Fitbit app for all that stuff. So not Google Fit what happens to Google Fit unclear actually, but the watch comes with six months of Fitbit premium for free and that you just interact with all this data, just like its a Fitbit so yeah its a its a Fitbit smart watch or its a Smart watch with Fitbit on top for all the fitness stuff, so its 349 for the Wi Fi only and 400 for cellular, so that means its more expensive than the Apple watch, SE its more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy watch 5.. Interesting, let me know which one of those smart watches you would consider for that money. But lastly, we did get a preview of the tablet, another one, but this time it did, it was basically just one one really cool feature which is that it docks to a magnetic speaker dock and becomes basically a nest Hub Max, and I think this is brilliant. Most tablets are just like around the house most of the time, and Google knows this, so they just built the ultimate house tablet. I guess I do think, though, that this is a bit of a clue that this isnt going to be a super high end like iPad Pro Galaxy Tab. Pro super crazy premium like tablet. This is, this is definitely not competing with those like this thing will have a 10 inch screen single camera white bezels its like this things designed for the 80 of tablets that just sit around the house and dont do too much like not the top few percent That are doing Peak Performance and productivity and media stuff Im guessing, and this is pure speculation, and you can quote this Im going to guess that this will be a 4.

99 tablet like thats. How I see this and then youll buy the doc extra but well come back to this clip and see if I was right, but yeah stay tuned for the reviews.