8.. Why do I stick with the Apple watch because they make so many bands its possible to match any t shirt that Im wearing no seriously Ill talk about what makes the Apple watch good in part, just the fact that pretty much nobody wants to compete in iOS Land for smart watches, but the series 8, as you no doubt know already doesnt – have a whole lot new compared to the series seven, you could say that about the series 7 going to the series six. This is a theme for 2022.. I think in part its due to covet and the engineering that happens two or three years ahead or behind the times really by the time you get the product mean that things are developing a little more slowly right now, because even with Samsungs Galaxy watch active 5. That I reviewed that wasnt much different from the four either, but what does that mean for those of you who have a couple of generation old watch thats where it gets more interesting, were going to look at it now. So the series 8 watch adds two features: temperature sensing and crash detection is over here in a car crash. Big Time crash, like I said in my iPhone review this isnt, like you, walk into a wall whoopsie that kind of thump, it means serious car crash. It will automatically offer to call 9 1 1 unless you stop it before it does such a thing, its nice to have an Apples keynote for these products kind of made.

It seem like the watch was saving us from every possible disease and Calamity. So it was almost like the paranoid show right, but okay, nobodys gon na say no, and nobody is actually going to test this outside of Apple either. Are they? Temperature sensor is for the women out there and, of course, men should care about these things too, because they have the women in their lives and its about fertility tracking and the difference overnight night after night, in your menstrual cycle to get the idea. When you mean most likely to be fertile thats, what thats, for, if that has to you, have to wear the watch at night for five nine strength for it to set a baseline before you can start using that and guys you cant really do much of anything With it sorry, so, the design is the same as last year. This time the colors are Starlight, which is what we have its kind of champagney color, I guess youd say theres the product red one. There is the black and the silver, and, as ever, the seasonal collection of bands to go with those the prices are the same, at least in the United States same as last year so starts at 3.99 for the aluminum GPS. Only which is Apple speak for the one that has Wi Fi and Bluetooth for communicating with your watch versus the one that also adds in cellular. So if you go with the stainless steel model, that does include cellular and that one is 6.

99 starting price for the 41 millimeter, just like last gen, 41 and 45 millimeter, I have always worn the 41 millimeter. I have fairly small, but not tiny wrist. I mean Im five foot ten. I cant be that small, but I had to give you an idea for those who do use apple, watches, Im a size five if they made a four and a half Id really be a four and a half, but I go with a size five for the Solo Loop and my wrist is about 153 millimeters or just under six inches, so this year I switched to the 45 millimeter instead of using the 41. I think I can pull it off. Big watches are, in all that sort of thing Im going to be reviewing the Apple watch, all Ultra, which is 49 millimeters and even thicker, and well see how that looks on my wrist, I mean you know its up to you what youre comfortable with literally, I Might not be comfortable, though, because I have bony wrists and I do have an actual fear of breaking my ulnar bone here if the watch gets slammed into me. So I try not to go too huge with the metal thing anyway and interesting to know thing. Is you know I didnt want to switch from 41 to a 45, because I have this collection of 41 millimeter bands? Well, they actually do fit snap on securely and the bandwidth is actually about the same its just the lug, where it mounts to the watches narrower.

So youll have a little gap which probably only youll ever notice, but it is a place where dead, skin cells and dirt and stuff can get in there. So I leave it up to you, but it is possible to go ahead and use your small bands on the bigger watch. So those of you who are curious about that now for those who are hoping for something like Titanium or ceramic, there is no such option for the Apple Watch series 8. But if you go up to the ultra, then it is titanium so thats, where your super premium finish, went and, of course, theres the Hermes, I believe, thats, how you pronounce it Im, so not target audience for a very expensive fashion. Stuff, but anyway, Hermes is still option an option thats available to you as well. Now the Apple watch, SE is still an option as well, so youre saving a couple hundred bucks there. So what are you saving there? What are you losing when youre saving uh? You have bigger bezels its like the older School design. Okay, maybe you could live with that. You lose the always on display which to me, is kind of that hurts theres no ECG on that either. If youre less health, conscious and self monitoring, you might be. Okay with it and personally, I would lean more towards the series eight, if you can afford it, the extra features are nice, and particularly the always on display its kind of annoying to go back to the Dark Ages.

When your watch was just black, unless you raised it up and when did this to look at it. So, besides the fact that when it comes to smart watches for iOS Im, not talking about fitness, watches and all that sort of thing which in some cases can compete actually with the Apple watch Ultra category for the high end ones or things like the more affordable Fitbits on the low end, but for True smart watches, nobodys even trying to compete. This is a very mature product. It is a sticky product. I often say I like the watch or feel more glued to the watch than I do to my phone, because it lets me ignore my phone. I dont need it anymore, and I know if theres a notification that theres something important. I need to care about, or the Myriad ones you get, that you dont really care about. Also, if I want to go out for a walk – and I dont want that big big plank of a phone in my pocket – I can do that for those of you who are new to this, even if you dont get the cellular model, although cellular is nice, If you do want to say, go out for a run without your phone longer distance, but if youre just leaving it about the house like a lot of us, do lose your phone all the time whatever. But you always have your watch on them.

It communicates via Bluetooth and Wi Fi. So even if youre at a Bluetooth range, itll use Wi Fi to stay connected, so youll still get your notifications and in fact you can use this as a hands free way of making phone calls speaker microphone. That whole thing. So thats nice and its its a good product youve got blood oxygen sensor. Youve got your heart rate. Monitor youve got just about everything you can answer, plus great notification system very bright, display, thats, easy to see Outdoors GPS turn by turn directions complete with a little versus right turn and all that sort of its a good product, but where Apple does have to worry, Is about those who are platform switchers, who go back and forth so it used to be Android. Wear was terrible lets face it and Samsungs tizen watches were getting there, but now that Samsung and Google have teamed up for the latest version of wear OS and Samsung Galaxy watches are becoming more mature products. Theyre, getting closer to everything that this does, including making and receiving calls, even if you dont, have the cellular model very good notifications, a similar sleep tracking and fitness activity, monitoring all that sort of thing, so I think Apple needs to pick up their game more than Just with the Apple watch Ultra, which is a 799 dollar watch, because theyre not going to stop people from jumping, but the other platform has a pretty great watch too.

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