The UPS man actually wanted to leave. It is 520 p.m. and only had until 3 p.m. where his dispatcher said to deliver for it. I was but happened to be on the street When asked about it. He says. Yes, I still have the package, but actually Im not allowed to hand it over now. What nonsense, then? He called – and you saw it there. It is the Apple watch. Ultra Im super excited and the Apple watch is a huge success story Officially presented in 2014 only half a year later. It was actually on the market and was deported by Apple to a lot of celebrities. For the first time that means Katy Perry was there Jennifer Aniston, Karl Lagerfeld, they all walked around with the model, and with these Here is the original Apple watch. 1. Lets get it out before we get to the Ultra. By the way, there was also a Gold Edition n. I think it was just called Watch Edition write in the comments. If Im wrong and back then there was such a chic case made of haptic plastic and now lets take a look at the steel model. Here not activated yet that was the very first Apple watch 2014 well and then it continued Series 1 of the now two. Now we are with the Series 8 and brand new. The Ultra and Im really excited about that and now well pack away the Apple watch. 1 and get the Ultra, as I said here, for example, this The packaging design has changed again and again over the years here we have the Series 7, for example, that was the packaging of the Series.

5 Series: 5 Series: 7 Series: 8. No now its about the Apple watch ultra, and this is exactly the right time for you. Maybe me. If you leave a subscription, then you are always informed when there are new videos on Tech for fun, and you support the channel, and I would be very grateful to you bar at the end of the film or in the middle. If you like, the video a thumbs up would also be great so now, theres, no more chattering now were going to open the part, a whole new form factor for many many years. Yes, for the first time, a booklet, the different types of work 3 in number. There is alpine ocean, and trail here is a short instruction manual. This is the new action button which can be assigned individually, dials this compass dial and at the back some declarations. I guess so here the Apple watch ultra alone and then here again the alpine loop. I have this in light and I ordered it again in khaki, green, so military, like I love these green arrows once and twice like that, and now you know the video from the iPhone buyer. Somehow I think Apple Store, Kurfrstendamm or someone else who unpacked it right. In front of the store, and then the whole phone fell down a Also made with the box there, it is the Apple watch, ultra 49 millimeters. Then here the case – and that was the first impression I would have thought it is much much heavier at 49 mm here in comparison.

The Series 6, with its 44 mm or 45 49 mm and, as you know it from Apple, a great feel because it is Apple watch ultra S8, processor, 49 millimeters, then lets put a bracelet on it. The housing is made of titanium and thats. Why? The Apple watch is, of course, so light Premiere because then pull here and then click here somewhere super yes, I like it just the right size, great housing. The glass is not curved at all here with the crown and the pusher, and here the action button. Whoa, do you like here for comparison? The Apple watch series 7 well, thats small, compared to it the apple watch ultra you have a sapphire glass and a yes case, size of 49 mm. I have often said, and a brightness of 2000 nits for comparison here. The series 8 – the cs8, has 1000 now so dop pelt so bright here. You also have the function of the always on display and the display itself is a retina OLED display. Yes, the Apple watch ultra is powered by the S8 processor successor to the S7, but not that much has happened. That is a dual Core with 64 bit. Then there is the U1 chip and the w3 chip. The Apple watch Ultra is waterproof up to 100 meters and, of course, it makes sense. Here is also a dive computer integrated on board. You have it as standard, which means you cant choose like with of the Series 7 or 8 whether you want to have the UMTS variant on board is UMTS, LTE, Bluetooth, 53 and, of course, GPS, and that is designed as a so called two channel GPS and They are particularly accurate when it comes to location, determination in terms of memory, so the Ultra comes with 32 GB of memory at the keynote and also in the net has found special attention.

The battery capacity here you definitely have 36 hours and at some point in the course of this year there will be an update. Then you will have one a running time of 60 hours, that s really great lets go back to the sensors that the Ultra has on board thats the electric blood sensor then theres the optical blood sensor. Then you have blood oxygen and you have a new temperature sensor, especially for women thats great. I take it to a very precise determination and the period and software is brand new. A kind of crash detection when driving a very exciting thing Apple has evaluated up to a million driving hours here to ensure high reliability for the crash detection. Okay lets go open. The apple watch app on the iphone to configure pairing start. Add apple watch configure for myself and now hold this in the frame your apple watch is paired. This will be your new apple watch here. Everything is configured as on your other apple watch. Apps data keep it up, and now the Apple watch will be paired with the iPhone pelt. Certain data will be transferred and then well take a look at the menu navigation, the new dials and, of course, the display 2000 network. I say the setup is done took about ten minutes. Welcome to the Apple watch. Okay, now I have the Apple watch 7 here and then the Apple watch ultra. So this screen that really makes an impression, incredibly bright and yes, of course, its easy to read due to its size.

So what do we have here? A new app depth for recording the depth Apple watch submersion? I didnt get nice haptic feedback for submerging you thats pretty loud. You can see everything much better if you compare it now, its much better to see much bigger, but also the brilliance is somehow better. Yes, so Im really excited to see how the Apple watch ultra in the Everyday life beats for me, really really great hit big hit from Apple. I absolutely love the thing g ut question: should you update so for me a very clear recommendation? If you have a series 7 to date, the series 8 thats not really worth it, because you can really wait another year, but from the series, 5, 4, 3 or 7 to the Apple watch ultra. Who Technology has fun with modern technology who likes it great haptics, titanium case and yes, 49 mm, really a big watch. I can only say do it, you wont regret it. Thank you for watching. I wish you a great time.