This watch has really changed my perspective on having an Apple Watch. So I own the Apple Watch series one series: three, four, five, six seven skip the eight came out simultaneously with the ultra. So I figured why not, why not double down and get the ultra Ive loved it? Its been a great watch uh, the only drawback and, of course, theres always a drawback, but when you have a watch that costs 800 thats kind of the drawback uh. Is it worth it for most people to spend eight hundred dollars on this watch? Probably not right, probably not at all. Now this is one of those things. It has all the cool stuff. It has all the diving stuff it has the easier to access Crown. Has the little action button over on the side that you can use? You can program it for things, bigger screen, more durable, titanium, sapphire, crystal glass, its this little rigor strap here. I cant remember what its called, but Alpine wrist strap. Something like that Im, not the biggest fan of these of Apple watches. I I bought them. I tested them out. I wanted to like them. There was always one big drawback that always created problems for me, though, and that was the battery light, and it was always funny to me Im going to talk about this theyre 18 hour all day battery claim yeah. It lasts 18 hours itll last all day its one of those things where, even with sleep tracking itll last me 24 hours, but you got ta charge it again.

The next morning, around lunch time early afternoon, mine would be dead. So that was a problem, especially back when I used to work in the office when I used to work at a regular nine to five job thats. What would happen, and I didnt have an extra charger. I wouldnt keep a charger at work, so it would start getting into the battery anxiety mode. It would die on me in the middle of the afternoon, so I was pretty busy person always stayed up late, its one of those things where I needed like a you, need an hour to charge it basically, so the watch itself Ive always kind of liked. The Apple watch, but that was a limitation, the battery life just wasnt good enough, and now this latest generation, especially now weve, got like the Galaxy watch. 5 Pro. I love this watch. The Apple watch Ultra its like this new generation of super long battery life, whereas Im getting basically three full days with all the features turned on about two and a half to three days. When I first got and took it out of the box, I was getting four days like three and a half four days I was like wow. This is just mind blowing, but then I realized that the fall detection was turned off. I realized the high heart rate: detection was turned off the low heart rate detection, a couple other things. So when it comes to these watches, basically, your experience is going to dictate the battery life.

So if you keep some of those standard things off, you dont care about them. Well, then, yeah youre going to get longer battery life with absolutely everything turned on. I get about two and a half, maybe three, which Im fine with as long as I get two full days, two full nights, I can throw the sucker on the charger, get it on there about an hour or maybe once or twice throughout the day, for maybe A 20 30 minute top up Im, good and thats fine, but were going to go back to the revolving issue of this is an 800 watch. I dont use any of the smart features on here for like going out and doing waypoints. I dont do any diving. I dont do any mountain climbing I dont need GPS coordinates. I dont need the digital compass around the crown theres, all sorts of things I dont need on this watch uh. I am probably more suited for the regular Apple watch, but the regular Apple watch doesnt have the battery. So since this happens to be in my price range and its something that Im actually committed to wearing, then I dont mind like this is something thats going to last me for years. I dont need to feel compelled to get an Apple Watch series. Nine, I dont need to feel compelled to get whatever the ultra might be next year or two, this ones gon na last me for years and Im, okay with that, because Ill actually wear it.

The Apple Watch series 7. I bought it. I didnt even make a video about it. I didnt tell people, I got it because I didnt intend on making a video, because I didnt care. It was just a compulsion. I went and I got it and then it sat around for months and then ended up giving it to my son when I got this one. My Apple Watch series 6 gave it to my other kid. My Apple Watch series 5. Give it to my other kid. I, if you havent, seen my videos or dont know me: I have six kids, so theres been a lot of hand me down Apple watches. I just dont care like the battery life wasnt good. Therefore, I was not going to wear it long term, so I would test them out or get them there would be shiny new objects. I would have to buy them to Satisfy My OCD and my tech compulsions, which I mean I mean medically diagnosed OCD. This is not like. Oh, I have OCD the light switches bother me. Yes, I I really do have OCD and it really irks me sometimes when these new things come out, I want to buy them and then it eats away at me for a long time. So it works out. I have a tech Channel because then I can just buy them and make videos and then it helps, but its one of those things where I would just keep buying the watches.

I knew I wasnt going to use them. I had a lot of hesitation about this one because I thought okay, is this going to end up the exact same way? Fortunately, I have that Best Buy total Tech, nonsense that they replace the regular Reward Zone Elite plus, I would spend an astronomical amount of money at Best Buy every year and you would get the additional benefits like the 45 day return, and then you get some other Cool things too, so now I have to pay 200 a year, even though Im spending thousands and thousands of dollars there, I had to pay 200 a year so that I can get the same benefits that I had before, but they give me 60 days. So I thought okay 60 days, thats going to be a pretty good time period. I can assess it. I can find out. If I like it, I can take it back. If I dont want it, I like it a lot Ive actually really been enjoying using the watch, and it was very off putting like the first couple of days really off putting wearing this. On my wrist, I mean its a really big watch, especially compared to the traditional Apple watch 49 millimeter screen. This has on it its got. The the thickness is much thicker, its got bigger everything on it, so it kind of set high on my wrist like the first day or two I was like man am I going to get used to this.

It felt like sleeping with a big rock on my wrist, the first night or two using the sleep tracking stuff. Now that Ive been using this watch for several weeks now, I guess about a month, um yeah, I I like it a lot. I, like it its been a great part of my day to day routine its great for notifications, its easier to draw on the screen, because the screens bigger now I like that, its nice and its flat, I dont, have the rounded edges I like the sapphire crystal. I dont have to put a screen protector on it, which I hated because it just made them look bulky and bubbly. So mostly, this watch is alleviated all the issues I had with the previous Apple watches, but it comes at a price. 800. 799, bucks thats a whole lot of money for a watch and its really hard for me to sit here and say: okay, you should go buy this because its great, but if youre not using the expanded features, is it really worth the extra three four five hundred Bucks to get the extra battery life now for me, it is – and I look at this as a long term – investment because Im going to be wearing this for years, this isnt one of those ones where, even if they came out with another one next year, I Wouldnt care, because the only reason I wanted it is for the extra battery life.

I would be perfectly happy using an Apple Watch series 5. If it had two days of battery life, I dont need to have the latest and greatest when it comes to smart watches. It just doesnt really eat away at my soul, but this one I was like really on the fence about it. I went back and forth for a couple of days. I finally pulled the trigger I got it through Best Buy. I pre ordered it. I picked it up the day. It came out and yeah after about day three. I just I fell in love with this thing and I really like this watch a lot best. Smart watch, probably ever now, the only one that gives it competition in my book is this guy right here, the Galaxy watch 5 Pro. I really like this one. A lot, especially its got, the titanium its also got the sapphire crystal. I actually like this one better, like I like. If I could get this to work with apple, I would use it but thats kind of the thing they dont really work out exactly the same. You need the apple one to get all the features, and I dont even think the Galaxy watch 5 Pro works with iPhone. They had previous ones in the past where they would work. I dont think this one does. I havent really done any research on it, because I have no intention of trying to use it with my iPhone, but this one right here, I like it Ive, been enjoying it its been worth it for me and thats.

What Im here to tell you about my experience if youve been on the fence about it, if its something youre interested in the the bulkiness, that factor does go away after about two or three days, and then it just feels like youre, wearing a regular watch on Your wrist, it is nice youre, gon na really love the big display on here, youre gon na love, the availability for typing all that great stuff and then youre gon na love. The battery life, like the battery life, just seals, everything up so nicely with this watch. It makes it a fantastic product and thats its the biggest thing, so many people have been wanting and clamoring for for a long time with the i, the Apple watch is to get better battery life and they finally did it. They just threw all the extra stuff in there too, and they Jack the price up so yeah. If you want to spend the money for it, I think its worth it. I think youre gon na enjoy it, but its just well. Do you want to spend that much money because its a crazy, expensive watch so thats all I got uh its pretty much my Roundup on using this. I guess were at a month now, hasnt been out that long, I dont even know well find out Ill. Do some research after this video is over, but I do like it. It gets two thumbs up for me.

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