Ive got a comparison, video between all three of the major smart watches out the Apple watch, Ultra the Galaxy watch5 Pro turn it right side up and the pixel watch so Im going to do kind of in depth. Discussion. On my experience with all three of these watches, Ive used them as my daily driver for multiple weeks: different phones, iPhone 14 pro Max Apple watch, Ultra the Galaxy watch 5 Pro used it with multiple phones and now the pixel watch so lets dive. In take a look at them and see how good are they so I got a whole collection of watches here: Apple watch, Ultra Galaxy watch, 5 Pro and the pixel watch and you might be wondering which one is my favorite well thats a very complicated question, but Obviously, for for Apple purposes, the Apple watch Ultra, which I like this one, a lot. If I could use any one of these watches equally universally across platforms. I, like the Galaxy watch 5 Pro the best I like how lightweight it is. I, like the balance I like the band that it comes with the titanium, is really nice. Its got the sapphire crystal on here lots of cool stuff, its my favorite. However, this guy right here is really interesting. I dont like that. It costs 800, and this is probably going to be the biggest hurdle for most people picking it up, but these two, I think, really compete pretty well together.

The biggest thing, of course, though, is there are differences for day to day purposes, most of stuff apples, apples, oranges to oranges, pun intended because Im holding an Apple product. This has the extreme stuff on here. So if you want to be able to use all the fancy stuff like the diving, the waypoints, the additional button here, the hot all that stuff then yeah but youre – really not going to compare these because youre either using this one with apple. Using this one. With an Android phone, that kind of makes it difficult its really not even worth the point of comparing them unless youre thinking about switching to the other ecosphere. So if youre for an Apple guy and youre, like look, I dont really like this. I, like the Galaxy watch, one better, then let me switch over to Samsung or another Android phone and then we have this guy right here. So the pixel watch, I think, is okay enough for their first foray into the smart watch world, and let me put my password in thats the frustrating thing about making videos about. These is continually you have to put your put your PIN back in and all that stuff. So I like some things about this. I, like the continual heart rate tracking I like the size, I mean when you compare it with something like this: its a tremendously smaller watch, thinner profile when you put it next to the Galaxy watch 5 Pro.

There are some differences, but for what you get for 350 bucks really I wish it were a little zippier. I wish it were a better battery thats one, my biggest complaint with this watch. The battery life just is not good and youll, see that, in my other video, my my review on it. If I were to bought this with my own money, I would take it back like this is not something that I feel like is a complete watch. For me to use on a daily basis now, if you really like the pixel stuff, if you want to get one, I mean, if you you can get it to last all day, mostly, I mean you have problems with different features, especially sleep tracking heats up about 20 25 of the battery and then youve got to adjust some other stuff. If you have the always on display on that, kills the battery too theres just a lot of compromises just to get this to last 24 hours. The band is okay, the quality, the build quality. The construction is good. I think it looks nice enough. I have this little Chrome, bezel styling from rinky on here. I do like the way it looks. I think it makes it stand out and yeah largely. I I think its okay. The biggest thing is battery life, if, if it would last longer, if it would actually last me 24 hours without having to turn certain things on and off, to take advantage of the different features that the watch has.

It would be a different story, so this is my ideal watch. The Galaxy watch 5 Pro. I love this one. This has really changed my mind about Android, smart watches and if you were going to get a pixel, a pixel phone or any other Android phone, and you want to use a smart watch, this would be my pick now over in the Apple world that thats a Complicated story because well I mean I guess you could get the regular Apple watch and you save yourself some money, but its not going to last you a whole long time and thats why I never wore my Apple watches, because the battery life is just terrible. Its been so bad for me, but better than the pixel watch, so I would get about a day and a half out of it. This one I get about three days three days all day all night and I think thats pretty good. I can use sleep tracking, a fall detection, high heart rate detection, low heart rate, detection crash detection, all the different detections you can possibly think of, and this watch I really like a lot and also I really like how big the screen is. I, like the big landscape. I, like the sapphire crystal display the build quality on its nice. This watch strap is actually grown on me and its also super lightweight like this is a really lightweight strap at first I hated it, but then it kind of grew on me.

I, like the big crown on here. I, like the dedicated button which I had mine, set up for my stopwatch, and I liked it its better for phone calls. You can actually kind of hear and make phone calls a little bit better on here, usually Im not usually calling people, but if my wife calls me Im driving something like that, so I like it, I think thats cool and this one right here. I love the way it looks. I love this subdued look. I love this kind of desert tan wash band. I dont know what the official color is. I like the two buttons, the microphone feedback. Making phone calls is okay, not as good as the Apple watch. Ultra Im kind of expecting to see some sort of a Galaxy watch Ultra equivalent that I think maybe might come up beginning a next year, at least from what Im hearing thats total speculation and rumor. But if it does, I will totally buy it. I like this one, I think this is the best watch Samsung has ever made and if youre interested in getting a watch for the Android world, I think this is it, and these two right here, I think, are pretty comparable in most day to day features, except For, of course, this is the ultra and its funny. They swap names because Samsung always does ultra and iPhone always does Pro. So you get the pro watch with Samsung the ultra watch with apple and both of them.

I think they did a great job. I think these are both Stellar products. Really I do and I dont even like smart watches for the most part, and then this is honorable mention its okay uh. If you just want like a kind of pedestrian thing, I dont, like you, have to pay for the Fitbit subscription, which you need for a lot of Fitness tracking stuff ten dollars a month after the first, you get the first six months, free, thats, okay, but I Would not pay ten dollars a month for it. So after six months, this watch is going to be mostly useless to me anyway. Im not going to be paying for any of that Im. Glad Google sent it out to me, but if I bought this watch I wouldnt keep it. I would take it back and these two guys, I think, theyre worth it, even though the ultra is very, very expensive for me, its finally worth it, I mean its in my price range, but its one of those things where most people I would not recommend buying An 800 phone watch just so you can get all day battery for three days but Im not going to wear a regular Apple watch. So I like the bigger screen. I think it has enough extra features that goes along with it to make it worth the extra price tag, but again were talking a seriously seriously expensive watch. So thats kind of my thought process on these three watches that I know its not the greatest review in the world in the history of mankind, but just kind of my thoughts Ive been using all three of them.

I use this one for several weeks. I used this one for several weeks. I use this one for a week and a half Ive used them all day long with my primary watch on my primary phone and thats kind of what I think about them, so yeah thats. All I got if you have any questions or comments about these, you want to know more about them. Then please sign off in the comments section well discuss it maybe Ill make more follow up videos, but this is pretty pretty much. My Collage Video for the three watches and to discuss them here.