I think it fits my style and just fits me better, because Im so big as far as my hands and my wrists, so because of that, I think it just fits me personally, a little bit better, and so this particular device, like I said, Ive, been using For a month and Im, a normal user Im, not really someone thats going out doing extreme sports working out constantly using Triathlon settings in here and all those sorts of things Im. Just using this as a watch, a media player and for a few other things and so design and size wise, like I said, I think it fits really well. Prior to this I was using a series 7 with the size, 10 band, and it looks okay, but on my wrist I actually feel this is a little bit small, because my wrists are so big and my hands are so big. So if I bring this in here, typically on this Ocean band, youll see I use the second or first rung so when Im using this, it actually feels like it fits properly. It doesnt feel too thick to me, even though its pretty large it just feels like an average sized watch or a normal size watch that fits me proportionally well. If I bring in my 14 pro Max youll see here that yes, its pretty large, but in my hands it actually looks like a normal size phone. So because of that, it just seems proportionate to me a little bit better and I actually think this looks a lot better in person than it does on video or in photos.

Ive had someone talk to me about that? They were a little bit disappointed that it was sort of shiny metal, but its actually more of a matte finish than it is a gloss finish, so you can see its matte titanium and I really like it. Many people wanted to have it in sort of a black finish, but I think this looks great is sort of bare titanium. As far as the overall look, maybe theyll change this in the future, but I do like the overall design, the thickness of it. The way theyve got the crown guard here, the button, the action button and, of course, the speaker and sensors. So all of that combined, if I was to change anything, it might be this back plate here. It just doesnt seem to match color wise, but you dont really see that a whole lot. I would like this maybe to just be black overall, but either way it doesnt really matter as its not something youre looking at constantly as far as the weight. Initially, I thought it was a bit heavy, but because Im using this Ocean band with it, it doesnt feel too different than using this regular Watch series 7 in stainless steel with a stainless steel band on it. So I sometimes would use it with the Nomad, Titanium or stainless steel bands and because this is so heavy, they come out about the same, maybe even a little bit lighter with that band on it.

So I really dont notice the weight and the extra bands such as this one or the other band that I have here, the woven nylon. This makes it feel nice and light its, not something that I even notice. It is not a light watch, but I got used to it very very fast, so I dont really feel it on my wrist anymore. As far as the watch bands, I do like this ocean watch band. I had one of the others ordered originally one of the velcro bands, but thats still on back order for some reason, so I havent tried that one. I have tried the Trail Loop and that one works pretty well, but I do like that. It works with all of these bands without a problem, and it actually looks a little bit better than I would have expected with these other bands, so you can use it with whatever band youd like if youre coming from the 45 millimeter, it fits no problem. Youll see it fits works. Fine sometimes I use this band and you can dress it up. It will look a little bit Goofy with a gloss stainless steel, but you could get the matte finish as well and youll see here. If I put this on, it fits as well, so it actually looks a lot better than youd think with some of these glossy bands, and this gives you an idea of what it looks like here. So if I was to use the stainless steel band now its extremely heavy, I can feel that weight, but in general I think it just looks much better in person than it does when you see it in any of the photos or videos.

So let me swap these back so pretty much any watch band that fits the larger Apple watches will fit the ultra without any problem. It just may be a matter of taste at that point as far as durability. I really dont worry about that at all, because well, this is titanium, so its pretty strong just in general, and then of course, this is sapphire which Ive found in the past doesnt, really scratch Ive banged it into concrete into bricks. On this watch here you can see the series seven and theres no scratches you could scratch it with a diamond and while some have tested it to be lower grade Sapphire, either way it seems to hold up just fine. The glass Ive had scratches on the sapphire. I have not its also got a little protection around the outside edge. Youve got a little lip here. If I bring this in close, you can see the lip where it sort of protects that screen just a little bit, which is really nice and then, of course, being titanium, its just super strong and a very durable metal. So I really see no issues as far as durability, even if you drop it on the floor, maybe some of the ceramic Parts on the back here would crack the ceramic case on the back would crack if you hit the right material, but in general I wouldnt Expect you to break the this very easily now the display on this is really great.

Not only is it larger, 49 millimeters, but its also flat so thats something I really like it just looks better. In my opinion, its flat, of course, youve got. The different watch faces available and its super bright. In fact, when youre outside you can see here how bright it is, it goes up to 2000 nits, just like the latest iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro Max, so no issue seeing it outside whatsoever, and then, if you need to, you, can switch it to night Mode when youre outside, which is also really nice, and then, of course, you have the other buttons assignable. I assigned the action button to just bring us up to workouts, so I find that I often use this to go for a walk, Ill use it with air pods and go for an outdoor walk using the Apple Fitness Plus workout sessions. Where you just go for a walk with them, and it actually sounds like, if you have it in transparency mode with the airpods, sounds like youre walking with them something I find that I use all the time time to walk its really nice. If we go into here, youll see time to walk, you can just find one episode that you want to listen to and walk along with it. I find no issues with that. It connects fine, no Bluetooth issues, Ive used it with cellular again no issues there. It works really well. Ive had no issues with connectivity and its just performed.

As expected, you can see how fast it is as well as far as performance, so the software on this I think, theyve gotten really right. Ive had no bugs and as we go in well just go to camera remote opens up quickly on my iPhone. If I go back over, go to Compass again, everythings, just nice and fast with the latest chip in here. Of course, I havent tested out the depth app. You do need to go into water for that, so it will sort of activate automatically. If you set that option, if you go into water, it will sense that, but just using this in general has been really nice. The larger display makes it easy to type so four times four I can type on this, even though I have larger fingers, and even if you had maybe capacitive sensitive gloves, it would be okay for you, you. It does pick up your audio quite well, so whether youre on a phone call or maybe youre just dictating text. So if we go into a message, we go ahead and tap on the microphone now its picking up everything, Im saying and it seems to do a really good job. In fact, it may do a better job than what the iPhone does youll see its adding punctuation on its own, its keeping up without a problem, and it in general does a really great job. Ive had no issues with it whatsoever, and so I think this larger display is going to be much nicer for some people that maybe just need to see things a little bit better.

Since all of the text is larger, you have more screen real estate and also its easier to touch the different touch targets when youre interacting with it. If we go into music, go back out, go into weather its just really nice to use something I really enjoy using compared to maybe the older versions. As far as battery life, I usually put it on the charger at night, but it barely uses any power. This has been off the charger since about 9 A.M, this morning or 9 30 and were at 9 92 percent and at this time its 2 45 PM. So it barely uses any power. If youre doing a workout Gets You Through the day and it will get up to 60 hours with the latest version of watch OS 9.1 in low power mode. So if you really need to conserve power, because you need to save that to get back to a charger, you can turn that on. Although I dont recommend this as it disables a ton of features. But if you need to get back to the maybe charger you cant youre out in the wilderness somewhere – and you just need to make sure you can save every bit of power, it will get you up to 60 hours. According to Apple, I havent been able to test that, though another thing that this is great at is accessibility, so with accessibility. You can mirror this now, of course, that works across all the different watches.

Now that support it. But if you go into your settings, go to Apple watch mirroring you can mirror this on the iPhone so well wait for them to connect, takes just a moment and you have the option for it to mirror and then you can control it as needed. So as we scroll through, we can turn the crown here and go down to different apps. Maybe we want to go into music well go into music and it works seamlessly. It works really well and its great for accessibility users. So I think this watch will be much better as far as that goes not only if youre visually impaired, but maybe its just easier to use on your phone because of all of those features and options. I think this is great for those who may be visually impaired, despite it being more Extreme Workout focused. So I think this is a really great option for a lot of people and when it comes to the price, yes, its eight hundred dollars but thats, something thats. Actually cheaper than they had with the titanium versions and ceramic versions of previous watches, so you had aluminum stainless steel and then titanium and ceramic in the past. This is titanium at a cheaper price. Its larger has more memory, has more battery life and is of Great Value. I think at 800 compared to what we used to get with the titanium watch at over a thousand dollars, so no its not cheap or inexpensive, but I think, given the competition, this is phenomenal as far as tracking you, outside with things like that with the compass You can use backtrack, its got dual GPS antennas and much more so, Im really impressed this year with the Apple watch Ultra and after using it for a month its something Im actually more excited about than I was with the previous generation watches.

I just found them to be a bit Bland, not really my style and Im, not mad, that theres, not a round version of this. I really like this design now just seems more durable. It just seems to be something that fits me personally, a little bit better. So I cant wait to see what they do with this in the future. Of course, I dont know that youll need to upgrade every year with one of these, but if youre thinking of picking one up – and maybe you have one from a couple years ago – an Apple Watch and youre, considering something maybe a little bit more nice or something That can track a little bit more information. I think its great with that, and so I use it just for regular everyday use using it as a watch with music with weather and sometimes going for a walk, not really any any extreme sports Ive used it for bike rides and thats about it. Maybe Ill use it a little bit more in the future, but at least I have those things available and, like I mentioned earlier, it works great for calls. People can hear you well and Ive, had no issues Im really impressed with this, and I think this is some of the best work Apples done in a long time. The software feels very solid, no problems and Ive had no crashes or anything battery life is great and more now, if youve got an Apple Watch, Ultra or youre, considering it Id love to hear from you in the comments below.

Of course, if youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper Ill link it in the description like I normally do and if you havent subscribed already please subscribe, and if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like, as always thanks for watching. This is Aaron Ill, see you next time, Music.