Apple is really pushing smart watches. They continue to make improvements year over year, but the series 8 it is the smallest upgrade yet. But honestly, no one with the series 7 is thinking about buying a series 8.. Firstly, because the series 7 is still a great Smartwatch and because hardly anything has changed. The most noticeable difference is that the colors, green and blue are no longer available, but silver is back again for the stainless steel models. Everything is, as usual, black silver and as I have it here, Gold Titanium has been discontinued and is only available on the Apple watch. Ultra ordinary watches are round with angular elements. The Apple watch is a square, but anything about it is rounded. The transition between the glass and the case is so good that you almost cant feel it especially on the stainless steel version. The build quality is remarkable able and the water resistance of 50 meters definitely underlines that it is an exceptional classier little computer. The display has become 20 larger compared to the Apple Watch series 6, with 40 thinner bezels and a 50 thicker glass. Even the display from the 41 millimeter Apple watch is so big. Now that I never felt like, I wanted a 45 millimeter model thanks to OLED and perfect black, you cant really tell where the display begins and where it stops. Readability is even in bright Sun possible thanks to the 1000, its brightness. This is the best smartwatch display, and I do like the always on feature quite a lot.

You can always see the time and thats kind of part of what makes a watch a watch. The countless pre installed watch faces are highly customizable from Ultra minimalistic to playful or functional everything is operated by a touch spot, theres, also a digital ground for the fine settings or a long list. I use my Apple watch primarily for four things. First, pay with Apple pay. Second, as the alarm, the gender vibration is silent, but clearly noticeable third to read incoming messages and sometimes reply directly to them and fourth for Fitness, be it for timers in the breaks between sets, steps or the Steep cycle every now, and then I find the navigation With the Apple watch also handy, the Apple watch can do an incredible amount of things. There are thousands of apps, but in my eyes these strengths lies more in the things you dont have to actively open like the continuous pulls measurement or the blood oxygen data, and now there is a new thermometer. I take my temperature every day with a within starometer, but why do I do that? Well, professional athletes? They do that too to see whether they go into an over training or if they get ill and Im, not a professional athlete, but I can benefit from the same logic and a few weeks back, I almost had a blood poisoning, but I could see it before It happened because I check on my temperature every day the Apple Watch series 8 can detect temperatures, but not the exact value.

Only changes but thats perfectly sufficient to tell women how their periods are going. But theoretically, in combination with the blood oxygen measurement, you should be able to detect Corona and other diseases. Officially Apple says nothing about this. Instead, this year they talk a lot about the crash detection in the event of a car accident. The watch can call the emergency services. The processor in here is the Apple S8, and this is actually an apple, S6 and thats, not a problem at first, because the performance is great at all times, but if Apple had switched from the current 7 nanometer to 4 nanometer like in the a16 or the Qualcomm W5 gen, 1 Im sure the battery life would be even better than it is. The series 8 lasts just as long as the series 7.. In my case, I got about 2 days out of it thanks to the new faster, a charging pack, its enough to charge the watch only briefly, while Im showering and thats enough power for the whole day. Again, however, because Im used to the 30 day battery life of a wedding scan watch and the Android competition now also manages several days, I can see the greatest need for optimization at this point for Apple. Nonetheless, it is important to empathize again. I never found myself in a critical situation and two days is really okay. Considering all the functions conclusion. The Apple Watch series 8 is officially the smallest upgrade in the history of the Apple watch, no improvements in the processor non and the battery life.

None and the display, and why, because apple, is way ahead. Sadly, the prices are also way ahead of the competition. Now the cheapest Apple watch is 500 euros, that is 100 Euros more expensive than the series 7, which you can totally buy. If youre, not a woman and you dont care about the thermometer, I do like the stainless steel model, but the price difference is where way too high, but Apple should not rest. The competition is not sleeping, and now they have a head start, but maybe it will decrease in time.