m, and I thought I would make this video different as I am reviewing the Apple watch Ultra. So today I decided to be as Ultra as I could for this review. I am heading to the studio, but I started off around 7 A.M. I worked out in the morning. I did a bit of a hit workout. It was a combination of intervals of bike, sprinting and a lot of ab work. So Im super unenjoyable. My legs were fried and then after that gave link a three kilometer walk and we are having breakfast right now. Ive probably already hit my workout threshold for the day, but I will push myself Im going to try to be ultra or as Ultra as I can. As this is what this watch was made for for people that do extreme, not that I run marathons, ultramans Iron, Mans, triathlons, deep sea dive or do any Off the Grid stuff, I am just a regular person that likes to work out, maybe more so than the Average person, I would say, probably more than the average Tech reviewer um Im kind of pumping my own tires but heres. My review on Apple watch Ultra lets be real, its orange so obviously thats. Why Im reviewing it? So the Apple watch Ultra a bit of an interesting name, as I initially thought it would be called the Apple watch Pro. Because if you look at Apples lineup, we have the MacBook Pro airpods pro iPad Pro devices for a smaller subset of people that are either enthusiasts or actual Professionals for the use case of those pieces of tech.

The ultra is an interesting name, Im interested to see if that kind of passes on to other things, the MacBook Ultra. So essentially, what were getting is a pro device for those pro athletes, or I should call them Ultra athletes, for example, the ultra distance marathon runners that need a smart watch that the current series or generation of Apple watch, so series 8 cant quite handle yet, and The biggest things that come to that are the battery and, of course, the feed percent and since Ive been using the ultra, even though I did charge it last night, when I took it off the dock at 7am, that has been the biggest Improvement and my biggest Detractor or criticism of the OG Apple watch even series 8. Those typically have a day, maybe even a day and a half of battery life. This is consistently lasted me at least two days and youll see by the end of this review. When we come back from all my activities that this will still have at least 50 percent of battery, that can make it into tomorrow. The second thing being the design its a 49 millimeter watch face, so its the largest Apple watch ever created it doesnt. Look too big on the wrist, but the thing that I really notice is the chunkiness and I am coming from a traditional watch which is quite chunky on its own. But this things sitting on my wrist. I still cant get over how large and how thick it is.

On the flip side, though, it is made out of titanium, so it is really light on the wrist. You actually dont feel its heftiness, its lighter than my watch, its actually very similar to an aluminum Apple watch, its nice and light its. The only finish that you can get it in and on the side. They have some extra additions, which are the crown guard to help protect the crown to make the buttons easier to press. So you have the classic Crown the multitasking button and on the other side, you actually have the new action button in that orange, which you can map specifically to different options. So I have mine set to the traditional workout button, but you can kind of change that, to whatever your activity or to whatever you need it to be to increase the rugness theyve made the display flat and the titanium lip kind of wraps around the outside. To help protect it from side glances or accidentally smashing your watch against something, while youre rock climbing doing something rugged doing something, Ultra and, of course, to match my orange addiction. I did get the Alpine Loop in Orange. This thing is really rugged. I should have got actually medium. I do have the large band here, but it is secure. This watch is not going anywhere. It is uh stuck on my wrist, so Im gon na finish off breakfast Im gon na head to the studio, video and do some more workouts remember.

I said Im going to be ultra for this review, so I promise after this I will not be sitting well see what we can do so catch you guys in the studio next, okay, so back in the studio now – and this is where I actually have series 8 chilling and off the top of the battle show some b roll because were here, theres no better place to do it and, unfortunately, Im sure you heard my microphone was a bit fuzzy on me. So Ill just do a bit of voice over and show some b roll as Im here in the studio. So there is a pretty decent size difference between series 8 and Ultra, along with the straight glass and titanium lip around the ultra, to help prevent hitting it and, of course, to just provide some protection to the crystal. The ultra also has its own unique watch face, which has a handy thing like this compass that rotates to be honest, its a bit too busy, and I just change it to the Nike watch – face a bit of a Texan but uh. The Nike watch face is available now across all Apple watches. The biggest question, though I did get, was the band, so you can, thankfully, Rock any sort of band on the ultra because it uses the same rail system, so you can use the cheap rubber band or I guess, cheaper and vice versa. You can technically use the Alpine Loop or any of the ultra watch and on a series, 8 or any other Apple watch time to hop into workout number three as well and Im doing that through Apple Fitness plus its a yoga class Ive been trying to add More of those to my workout routines, good for the rest of the day before I get to my last two workouts Im, just gon na do actually some work here.

Im going to try to close. My third ring, which is the stand, ring so well shoot, b. Roll for the ultra all standing up on the stand up desk and I will catch you for workout number, four, which will be my strength. Workout lets keep it up with the Ultra review and moving on to workout number four, some strength stuff, something that Im actually a bit more versed in better than my yoga workout theres. A couple features, though, on the ultra that I know that I wont even touch on or use that are really useful for those Ultra workouts for those Ultra marathoners for going off of track. So when you log press the right hand button you have your emergency mode almost and from there you get three different options of either siren, which is quite loud. You can actually hear this. I will quickly turn that on the second one is compass backtrack and especially if you are off grid and not anywhere with actual roads or locations to mark yourself, you can start to go through the different Compass sub points and if you ever want to get back To a certain point, say, you know a certain Waypoint. You can actually track back through the compass app, so super useful. Once again, if you are going off the grid in my life, Ive only probably been off the grid fully Off the Grid, maybe two or three times and without cell service, maybe a Max of 15 to 20.

. So not that I would use that, but its super useful. I know – and the third feature of course is emergency SOS calling, which is super handy, so you can now call through GPS or satellite. You dont actually need any cell service, so those are features that I probably would never use great to have, and maybe even that last one, the SOS calling its something that I hope to never use but its nice to have that there so lets hop into workout Number four for the day and hit some strength stuff, so workouts at number. Four done. I honestly got caught up doing a couple. Emails might have eaten some food and Im just actually later ready for workout five Im heading to my soccer football game being Ultra workout. Five – I got this oh, so I just kind of kept the watch on the inside technically not supposed to happen, but uh workout, five in the back so sitting back down here after 14 hours. Again it is 10 27, so 10 30.. I have tried to be ultra today, so Ive done five different workouts. I have burned a total of almost 1800 calories, 231 minutes of exercise and I just got 12 out of 12 hours on my stand goal. Fourteen Thousand Steps 12.34 kilometers and 10 flights of stairs climbed. If that is not Ultra, I dont know what else is and its funny enough, though, that um I swapped out the band to the rubber for my last match of a soccer, its still something that uh you still technically should be wearing for some sports uh.

The Apple watch, not just the ultra, but in general there are some sports where youre just not allowed to wear at any wristwear. So maybe thats one thing that I have to say not really criticism, but I guess that depends what sport you play. I will also say, after doing five of those workouts, I feel like I still havent scratched the surface of the ultra. I havent done enough to Warrant its name, even though I got soaking wet at my game, the most wet that this watch actually got was probably in my shower, the deepest diving Ive done. Maybe in my life has been 10 15. If Im lucky, 50 meters would be pushing it so Im, obviously not a deep sea diver. I know that this has its official certification, but just comparing it to uh. I guess this is technically my dive watch. This has a depth rate reading of 600 meters. Two thousand feet, so it is six times more able than this Apple watch Ultra. I definitely do think that the Apple watch Ultra is great, though its a welcome upgrade. I really think people that will benefit from it. The most are maybe a smaller niche of people for myself. I think the regular series eight or you know what to be honest, the SE just some awesome value. It still has heart rate. You can still track pretty much. All of the same things that I tracked today with the SE I will say maybe the best features of the ultra has to be the battery life, so were still floating around 60 percent.

Any normal Apple watch, probably with all my activities, would have been near dead by the end of the day, so I can rock this tomorrow without charging it. I can track my sleep stuff if I want and not have to worry about this running out of juice and the second feature that not a lot of people talk about when you rotate the crown, it actually goes into a night mode sort of view. So this is actually really great. Looking at stuff, like the name implies at night, the screen isnt glaring in front of you, you can just glance at content and it doesnt kill your eyes too much, but anyways. This has been the Apple watch Ultra. I am fully exhausted. I hope I was um Ultra enough. Do I think that this watch is worth it for 800 us a thousand Canadian. I think this is actually very similar to a lot of other Pro Apple products. A lot of people will still buy. It. Will they actually fully utilize it to its full potential? Probably not the battery life for me has to be the biggest winner at two plus ish days. That has to be the biggest take home, but remember there are smart watches out there that last a week that last 15 days that last close to a month, so not saying that the Apple watch is the best its just improving on what currently exists. So I hope you guys enjoyed this um thats it for me.