Please do not forget to wear your mask and take your vaccination as soon as it is available for you. Today we are going to review a q, fit w9 smartwatch with inbuilt microphone and speaker for hands. Free bluetooth calling it has sp auto sensor, it has heart rate tracking and many more feature. Remember. This watch comes at only three: seven, nine and india rupees. So without further ado, let’s get started. So today we are going to do the unboxing for a cube. W9 watch so just came in on the specification. It looks very good watch because it has a blue calling functionality which you would not get in any budget. Smart watch less than 10 000 rupees. So this is a very good buy for me, but then we will have to check out what are the features they are offering. Are this accurate heart monitoring, sensor or s202? So i just got this, so i thought i would do unboxing so look you can see if it is completely packed now. I have not opened it at all. Just cut it here and there is a bill inside that’s it you keep it aside for now. What is the bill, so this company gets one who gets only three to one for this and finally, 79.51 580 rupees goes towards taxes, okay, so this is what what the box looks like. We have youtube calling pairing some options: i’m, not sure why they are given it in the outside box, but uh we’ll check that out uh, and this is the box.

This is how it looks. So we see all the specification of the box. It says: 799. 79999 it’s 8 000, but yeah it’s it comes. It comes around 4000 rupees to you, let’s see it has ips display 1.33 inch screen weather notification, everything which you see all in all the look. It is a black color, so there was another color of gray, but i thought black would be better and i think we can anyway change the straps whenever we want so let’s do the unboxing completely. So this is the box again after removing the polythene, the protection that it came with, and this is what it looks like. We have a watch with strap, i will say very minimum packaging they have given. They could have given a big packaging. The straps are okay, and so it looks of good quality, but the texture could have been better and it has the sensor at back just launched so but yeah. This is what some information is given. Then we’ll keep this one aside for now, then we have this user manual given and the charger, so we don’t get any charging brick, but we get this. It looks like this box has been packed by someone by hand it’s, not it doesn’t look like packed with the details, so it looks like someone has packed it with a hand, but okay, i think at this point uh at this price point. I think we can spare that okay, i will continue using eq fit watch for some time and would give you my review soon.