The reason that the i330r is so exciting is because, if i turn it on you’ll see it’s a color screen computer, but it retails for less than 300 pounds, and that puts it in the same price bracket as a lot of other computers that don’t have color Screens, if we take a look at the unit itself, you can see you’ve got a relatively small gauge style body, but still with a decent size screen. There are two buttons on the side to navigate through the menu systems and, if i turn it over, you can see another really nice feature is it’s got a rechargeable battery as well. All you do is connect the usb charger up to those pins and finally, it comes supplied with this. Nato strap, which is great, and you can see it’s a nice long, strap as well, so no problems to fit around a dry suit or a thick wetsuit. You can see that the screen is very similar to that of the i70 and in many ways that’s what this is a paired down i70. It doesn’t have air integration and it doesn’t have the compass, but other than that. Pretty much has most of the other features that the i70 has to navigate through the menu systems. All you do is push both buttons at the same time, and that takes you into the sub menu, and then you can simply push these up and down arrows to cycle through the different functions and settings to select something all you do is where you can see The little green tick it’s possible for you to just go in and hold the arrow down, and that brings you into the menu beneath in this case we’re in the gas menu and again i can cycle through the three available gases and to set the first gas.

Simply hold that button down again and it brings up the gas mixture which you’re able to set to come out of the menu. All you then do is hold down both buttons again to go back to the original screen in terms of battery life. You should get around about 30 hours on the i330r, which is excellent means you might even be able to get away without having to charge it on a live board holiday bit like the i72 and another nice feature of the aqualun computers is that they connect wirelessly Via bluetooth, all you need to do is just ensure that, through the menu system, if you head into the utilities, part hit the tick to go in, you can see. You can also change the brightness, auto dimming and bluetooth and if we select bluetooth, make sure the bluetooth is on and then double push just to head back to the original menu. And now we can connect the computer to an app and that’s a really useful way of changing the functions around. We fully expect the i330r to become pretty much the most popular dive computer in this price bracket straight away and there’s. No question that it’s an amazing bit of value for money as a new computer for a new diver or to replace the one you’ve already got.