So this is a fitness tracker and more and has lots of stuff on it with a 1.4 inch screen 320 by 320 resolution. You’Ve got 12 activity modes if you’re, 24, 7 heart rate, and you have your ip68 waterproofing as well 20 day battery life, which we’ll find out and lots more so we’re going to just unbox it today and then we’re going to go through all the features that Are on the watch itself, so let’s have a look, let’s see what’s inside right, so the model is in black and it says on the back and we slide around like so so it says: they’re black on the back. Let’S have a look right! Music. Here we go so that is the watch there and let’s have a look and see what else we get inside. So we get our little booklet, your user manual and your warranty cards 24 month warranty and you also get a cable. So what is this? So? We have a proprietary cable, which annoys me greatly, but most smartwatches are like that. So that’s it there – and this is the watch here. So a nice strap on it to start off with, and you can see the sensors on the back there and you can see here. It’S got swipe down multifunction button and swipe up for your control panel and it’s. A nice metal build as well easy to remove, strap there, as you can see and that’s pretty much it there and it’s pretty small size side of the 40.

Mil we’ll check that out that’s what it looks like there on your charger, poke with one back like so pretty strong magnet as you can see, it’s holding the watch as well so that’s good to see so that’s it so we’ll be back when we set her Up, let you know what it’s like and how it works, and i like kind of stuff when we go through all that later in review, so stay tuned, hello, it’s, jim from tech wasn’t back with the rp lsl, 2 smartwatch. So, first of all, we’re going to have a look at the arky app. So the app here will give you all the information here with your steps, your calories burns and your targets and all that kind of distance and the amount of percentage if you’ve got on them. So you can see there before his health, nearly four tails and steps. But if you pop into the app you can go back to the days like so and then be able to give you the information here on top. This goes for all the little bits and pieces that are in here. You can do the same thing with all that so it’s, really nice simple to use app and it’s um not too difficult to navigate through, and you put in your own fields as well and so on in here, you’ll have your battery level. So when you go home here, you have got all your information you’re, going to put in your data and all kinds of on your permissions which to which will allow you what notifications come true on the watch locations do come true on the watch.

It’S, a little text – it’s, not very rich, but you can still read, but you can’t reply, there’s no voice on this either. So if yeah you you’re not void for carbs and that kind of stuff, so it’s just a basic um one of the male um tracker and so on so i’m just going to cover up this map here. So you have got um a guide for your maps and if you do a route or only that, will give you an outlier if the map of what you’ve done, which is excellent – and you can do this for breaking and jogging, which is really nice and there’s. A lot of water sport as well and you’ll get a workout record at the end, which is really really cool, so that’s nice to see as well so i’m gon na go back onto that. So if you go into your distance you’ll see here as mentioned, you will be able to go through and give you a graph of the information that’s been tucked in over the periods of time when you put in the information there as well so it’s simple to Use basic app, it’s, really really nice. A lot of these trackers don’t come as an app as such, so this one does and it does everything there so it’s really really nice. This is the watch here now and it is a polycarbonate build. I said, metal. It looks like metal but it’s, actually polycarbonate, but it’s, actually very nice and sleek and it’s a nice simple watch to use so in here you’ll have the information like.

So you can see there. You have the same stuff, so you far seven will annoying and all matches up with the actor, which is important. I suppose – and you can go through it here so in here – you have a light sleep deep sleep will give you sleep, information, you’ve got your weather and you’ve got a breeding exercise here to take a break which is cool, so you can also change the face. There’S not many faces on and there’s no one to download and in here you’ve got your other options here. So with music you can play and pause music like so so we go on to the music player. You can skip and reverse our tracks, which is really nice, so that’s handy as well, and you can also find your phone too, and it will ring your phone just get over here and you go into settings so in here your watch face so the watch faces Are like so there’s only four or five inputs: um it’s, it’s, fine! You know it’s just the basic! So in here you have your stopwatch your phone phone and it will ring your phone. So let’s go so there’s. My phone in there now so that’s pretty handy to have as well i like that feature, it’s pretty cool and in your settings there you have. Your watch, face your brightness about switch off and reset so it’s, just very simple to use and we’re back into more.

Here in your notifications here, you’ll see all the notifications come up here like so, and if you go down to more again, you’ve got your account on stopwatch and find phone, your breed and training, and all that kind of stuff in there so that’s really about it. It’S it’s a simple to use: uh fitness tracker and it’s, really really nice and with the smart, remote control as well it’s, pretty cool um, so it’s so simple to use and it’s got ip68 waterproof one as well and it’s a 320 by 320 screen, but it’s A 1.4 and you can do pretty much basically on the bigger end, water screwballs, on a cheaper scale, and basically a lot of people are just using these fitness trackers now for step, count and all that kind of stuff. But you can get a little bit more out of this, which is really nice. The battery life is good, as i said, depends on what you’ve common information you’re coming into the watch. It’S a nice easy to read display as well. If your date, your time, you’ve got your weather and your heart rate, your calories, burnt and steps all that kind of stuff is there and distance traveled. You know it’s, pretty simple to use and that’s really about it. So if you’re into that you’re fine you’ve got your 12 activity modes as well, so depending what you do, there’s something there for everybody and it’s only going to run you around 40 quid which isn’t bad, considering it’s fairly solid.

I like the build – and it looks really nice on too and it’s – really clean it’s, just a basic, clean watch and it’s well worth the money with what’s on it and compared to some other trackers that are out there on the market today.