So you open the box like this, and then you find your watch lying down here like this. Your charging cable is this itll, probably be in the packet. So your watch is packed in this phone case and under is use theres a user manual, so it it tells you in it tells you the manual in five different languages. Number one. English number two dutch number three french number, four spanish and number five italian so its so it contains a smartwatch changing charging cable user manual on a warranty card, its touchscreen. It has a wrist, strap multi function, button, yeah, charging contact, heart rate and a heart rate. All right center – and this is thats a product, so the model is the ls02. The screen is 1.4 inch, tft lcd display original resolution 320 times 320p bt version, bt5, sensors, heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor, battery life, 200, 260 steam miles; ah, ah battery life up to 20 days operating temperature 20 degrees celsius, 45 degrees celsius, 4 degrees, fahrenheit, 113 degrees, Fahrenheit ip rating is ip68, so that means you can have a shower with this wash your hands or swim with have a bath with it sleep with it or even swim with it. The system compatibility is android, 4.4, ios, 8 or and higher ios 8.0 or higher data sync platform or keyfit app watch body dimensions, 48 times 36 times, 12, millimeters, 1.989 times 1.42 times. 0.47, 20, millimeters, 0.79, Music. Nine inches wait.

What trap included is 38 grams. Slash 1.34 us getting started wearing it for mac for maximus, so lets just read the notes at least watch that on your resume for data collection of the heart rate sensor and its supposed to be worn under your wrist installing the orki fit app, you could read That yourself, actually long press the multi function button to turn on the watch and use your phone to scan the qr code on on the watch screen or below this. Let me know below today to download and install the or keyfit app for data. Sync, this service was solving your phones, app store. No practical operation may vary slightly from the description above. Please refer to in app instructions for guidance and operation functions, activities, heart rate, so you just wear it. When you sleep under your wrist weather, it tells the weather of the day and the next three days, music control, breath training, uh, stopwatch timer alarm clock said sedentary romance Music, so this is just another. Now lets actually go to the better part, go to the watch. So this is the watch, so it basically tells the real time it. This is like 90. It tells your heartbeat steps, one four, four, no calories and how many kilometers you went and starts here blood pressure here – and this is your sleep monitor. This is the weather, trigger, breathing break and back to the normal page, and then, when you swipe up go ahead, you can find this pitch you.

So this is step status, bpm, blood pressure, sport, so look. It basically checks how long youve done the sport for and yeah, and they also have has vibrations, Music weather yeah back to the north. Sleep sleep, oh message notice, so it gives you a message. My notice is turned off. Music is connected more. These are the settings you can either change the watch face from here to me. I like this one brightness about the watch: version v001996, max 78, 2, b7, 26, 35, 35, 45, 37, 40 and switch off and resetting the watch, which i wont, do and then more stuff like stop, watch and uh countdown. If you want to sit here for one minute, five minutes or ten minutes, just click that if you want to do it for longer just for another round, just use this outside and then yeah find phone breathing training Music. But if you swipe up, you can find your phone brightness as well. Do not disturb settings and Music its, not really here um. I think you should have more things, but i havent checked all of them yet so now lets pack the watch back in bye.