Welcome to another honest review video. Today i have this k10 from keyslack yeah. The brand name is its a bit difficult to understand how to pronounce it k. I e s. L e c t key select. Anyway, there are two things i was confused at the beginning: number one 1.32 inch semi amoled. What is semi amoled ive done some digging, and this one is amoled and number two here. It says motor vibration. I didnt know what is motor vibration. You cannot make any vibration without any motor they should have written like there is a haptic motor inside a very good quality, haptic mode, or something like that. Well, i have spent 49.99 us dollars for this one and my main purpose was to find a cheap amoled panel based smartwatch, because i have reviewed a lot of smart watches in this channel and most of those are lcd panel based. So many of my subscribers regular viewers that they have made comments like why dont you go ahead and do some review on some amoled panel based smart watches here it is here is k10. This one costs only 49.99. I think the price is justified, because this is my second unit. I have been using another one for almost 30 days now. Im super excited and super happy super satisfied, so i have bought this one to do this review. Well, lets start from unboxing, but before that, if you find this video helpful, if you like to watch videos like this, then please click on the like button yeah like button, is actually over.

There. Click on the like button and subscribe to this channel share the love. Well, lets start from unboxing. I dont really know what comes next im just doing my best, even though im so stressed. Okay, here are the things we have got inside the box. Actually, we didnt get this one inside the box. There is an offer going on. If you buy this smart watch, they will give you this smartwatch band as a free gift. So i have got this one as a free gift. I am pretty happy because the quality of this one is also very good. Inside the box. You will get a user manual, a charging cable yeah. This is a proprietary charging cable and the smart watch key select actually is a part of xiaomi. There is a big chain of xiaomi products and this one belongs to that chain. So i dont think we have to worry about warranty, quality and many other things, because this xiaomi chain is very big and they always offers good quality products anyway, the band it came with is a tpu silicon band. This one is also a very good one very comfortable, and i dont have any complaint about this one as they have already provided a second band. I dont think we have to worry about the band yeah. The quality of this band is really great amazing. Premium class quality and when im wearing this smartwatch, this smartwatch band offers super comfort im so happy with this one.

Well lets talk about appearance, design and build quality appearance yeah its a bit generic these days. There is nothing special to talk about. There are two buttons on the right side, but there is one thing very special: this smartwatch is manufactured on a very slim metal body yeah. This is metal, this is aluminium frame and at the back this is ceramic. I have no complaint about build quality and its a very, very light. As ive mentioned earlier, this one comes with 1.32 inch amoled panel. This is a 360 by 360 panel and it looks gorgeous dark is pretty dark, white is very bright, colors are vivid and vibrant. I dont think there is any option to complain about this display panel. This display panel is as good as many other 200 us dollars. Smart watches display panels. This display panel is protected by a 2.5 d touch screen. This perfectly protects the screen edges and makes it much more fashionable actually its a pretty hard to find the bezels yeah. There is a bezel around the display, but the bezel is not that thick and you wouldnt notice the bezel thickness at a glance, so the display panel is well calibrated and even under harsh lighting condition. This display panel is very much visible before we pair this key select k10 with our smartphone. I have to mention that this one comes with 330 mah battery, which offers almost 30 days of standby time. Actually, i have managed to squeeze around 15 days.

I know im a power user and i cannot expect anything more than this, because other smart watches of this price range with amoled panel and heavy usage wont go beyond 12 days. So 15 days is good enough. For me, this one actually takes 100 minutes to get fully charged with its provided charging cable. There are two buttons on the right side. The top one is actually dedicated to power and menu. The bottom one is dedicated to workout moon. You can select between 13 different workouts, there is running walking, cycling, climbing spinning bike, yoga, skipping gymnastics, badminton ping pong boating, sit ups and yeah free. You can use this one for sleep time, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring and heart rate monitoring. Well, its time to pair this smartwatch with our smartphone, there are a few different ways that you can bind it or pair it with your smartphone. Actually, you have to download the application named gloryfit. If you dont know how to download it. There is a app download qr code, just scan this qr code, and you will be able to download the application. The application glory fit is available both in apple app store, its very easy to install this application and to pair this smartwatch with your smartphone is even easier, just open the application and then go to device if you have a k10 nearby or any other smartwatch nearby. Your smartphone, which supports gloryfit application. You will see all those smartwatch names in a list im gon na pair.

My key select kitten with this smartphone. Just click on the name and its paired from the application you can select. Your watch faces. There are tons of watch faces if you wan na play with watch faces. You can play with this one whole day, but let me quickly select one. It takes about a minute to sync the watch face with your smart watch, but the process is very smooth. You just select your watch face and click on sync, it gets synchronized. Look at this black is totally dark. Black means black white means bright in most of the budget. Smart watches black means yeah its, not black, its some kind of gray, dark gray, but this smart watch this one can reproduce black through black thats the difference. Well, we have talked about appearance, build quality battery display panel. What about the features? There are quite a few features like heart rate monitoring this one has 24 hour, auto heart rate monitoring. There is another feature: thats blood, oxygen monitoring, yeah. You can select time period from when to when, and the interval like every 10 minutes or every 20 minutes or every one hour, but still this one also drains battery people, sometimes ask me like: if i buy a smartwatch for 50 us dollars, can it provide correct Heart rate, or will it provide correct blood oxygen data? I think this is a stupid question, because these are not medical equipments. Even if you spend a few hundred dollars like 300 or 400 us dollars and buy a smart watch, no brand is gon na, provide you 100 guarantee, but what i have experienced after using this one for almost a month yeah this one offers a very accurate, almost Accurate data accuracy of this one is better than many other in its class.

Sorry, not only in its class beyond its class. So i think this one is reliable, but if youre gon na rely on a smartwatch for medical purpose, then i dont think thats a good idea. Well, there is no microphone. There is no speaker, so you cannot receive or make phone call through this smartwatch, but there is a call reminder option. If you allow gloryfit to access your contacts and phone call data, then you will get call reminder when there is a call you can reject the call with a key its the same for sms and other application reminders. What you have to do is to just allow this glory fit application to have notification access to those applications. Well, what do you think about this ki select? K10, please let me know in the comment section below and if you want me to review other products from this brand, please make a comment, and let me know in the comment section which other products should i review from this brand then ill try to buy one And, of course, i will do a review if you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please subscribe to this channel and support honest content. I dont really know what comes next im just doing my best, even though im so stressed out.