You have all of these different controls for alarms, find your phone. Do not disturb you name it. You also have the ability to do a blood pressure real time. Heart rate, with a chart that develops on here and shows you your heart rate with a scale at any time. You want to big digits that shows you, the current heart rate, your highs and your lows and so forth. You also have last night's sleep time and, of course, your pedometer step count four or five different uh faces, including one you can customize and another one that you can download, whichever one you want from a server which is awesome, you've got a music player in here. That'Ll play right from the watch. If you want and it's good and loud pretty decent, you can also switch it. You can play music from your phone bluetooth connected through the watch or through earbuds that you tether to it that's all built into this one.