But let me just clear a few things up right now in a lot of ways: the galaxy watch 3. Both versions of it for that matter are very similar to a wearable that you can actually just go out and buy right now. Music, see ticking away inside both versions of the new galaxy watch. 3 is samsung’s, exynos, 9110, dual core processor and that’s clocked at about 1.15 gigahertz. Now, if that sounds familiar, wow good job that’s, exactly the same processor that’s currently available in samsung’s galaxy watch active 2.. The similarities don’t end there either the batteries inside the 41 and 45 millimeter versions of the galaxy watch 3 are identical to the batteries found in the 40 and 44 millimeter versions of the watch active 2., in other words samsung basically just gave its existing watch compute Platform, better bodies and to be clear, these do seem like better bodies. Unlike the galaxy watch active 2, the watch 3s have a bit more of a classic aesthetic and i think they’re pretty nicely underpinned by what might be my favorite flourish in any samsung device. Ever the rotating bezel, which allows you to navigate menus and select options on the watch screen itself, i’ve gone on the record in the past saying this is the single best interface choice that samsung has probably ever made and i’m sticking to it for this year. It’S, especially nice, because samsung just skipped it in the watch actor too, and it kind of seemed for a while, like they were going to skip it indefinitely but i’m glad this thing is back if you’re a long time, samsung wearable fan you’ll, probably also notice that The watch 3 is quite a bit lighter and thinner than the last galaxy watch, which, in fairness, makes sense.

We did get that thing a couple years ago. The versions that samsung is showing off now are surprisingly sleek and i’m. A fan of this look, it might even be enough to get me to reconsider living with the apple watch. Except you know, the exynos is a pretty old chipset, so maybe that’s a bit strong for me to say credit where it’s, due though samsung does seem to have done a pretty good job fleshing out the watch. Threes software platform you’re now able to track up to 40 different kinds of exercises, seven of which are detected automatically and the remaining 33 you can just sort of toggle when you’re starting to do pull ups or squat, which is kind of nice. Samsung also adds some tools here that i think runners are going to find particularly helpful there’s. What samsung calls a new digital running coach, which sure that sounds pretty good. I don’t know that i would necessarily want to wear something this kind of ornate. Looking while i’m going out for a run but it’s nice, that you have the option, you do also have the ability to customize your displays to show off your pace. Your current renderation or your heart rate, while you’re out racking up the miles and samsung notes that you’ll be able to check your vo2 max on the go, which is huge if you’re, the kind of athlete who really really cares about making sure your body is working.

As efficiently as it can, while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing oh and there’s one new feature here that i sincerely hope that you never actually have to use samsung built automatic fall detection into the watch as you’re moving through the world and going about your Day, if you happen to take a spill, the watch will notice if you’ve taken a spill and have stopped moving, it’ll prompt you and if you don’t, respond to that prompt it’ll start reaching out to emergency contacts. Now this is not a terribly new feature. A lot of leaks suggested that we were actually going to get this in the watch threes and they were right and we’ve seen, features or something like it in quite a few other smart watches. I think the apple watch is probably the most prominent example, but i’m, not too hung up on samsung being slightly late to this party, because it is a genuinely great thing to have and speaking of incredibly helpful health centric features. Samsung has also added the ability to monitor your heart via ecg and blood pressure monitoring to the galaxy watch 3.. These kind of heart focus features are very near and dear to my heart, and i know i just kind of walked into that because last year i had an atrial flutter and i only really knew what it was, because my wearable saw it and told me that I should probably consider going to see a doctor i’m more or less fine.

Now i think, but i wouldn’t have known what to do. Were it not for that feature and i’m personally, very pleased that more people are going to get access to it. The only problem is that ecg feature and the blood pressure monitoring are only available in south korea that may change. Samsung has not formalized what its plans for these features will be, but let me just say: i’m kind of crushed all told samsung seems to have strike a pretty good balance in the new watch threes. We have the classic look. We have the bezel, which is again just like the best way to interact with the smartwatch period, and we have a proven computing and battery system that we’ve seen and watched before and genuinely quite light. New software plus these health centric features sweeten the deal quite a bit further if you’ve been watching our videos or reading our other stories on engadget.com, which i strongly recommend that you do. You might know that i’m, not a huge fan of what samsung has done with the galaxy note 20 series this year, they’re kind of unfocused and a mess, especially the regular note 20. But i have to say i don’t feel the same way about the galaxy watch. Threes, they maybe aren’t the most dramatic physical updates, but they work. They have better software they’re slowly at least starting to get features that really really matter to people who care about their health and i’m.

All for it. If the galaxy watch threes have peaked, your interest you’ll be able to pick one up starting on august 6th for ‘9, that is, for the bluetooth model. There will be lte variants that almost certainly will cost extra they always do. We don’t have that pricing as i’m. Shooting this video, if you somehow haven’t, had enough of samsung’s unpacked or all the announcements coming from it. Please check out the rest of our samsung videos on youtube today also check out our full written coverage on engadget.com. We like to go into what i personally think is just a little too much detail, so there’s going to be a little something there for everyone. If you have feedback about the way we’ve handled anything throughout this whole thing, let us know down in the comments or email me at beatinggadget.com.