com. I got a smartwatch box here for you and guess what it's gon na be a fun. One really looks nice from the pictures that i've been looking at. I'Ll. Show you those in a minute let's, see how it is really whoa there it is. We got the one with the green dial. I was hoping for that. Okay, it doesn't pop out that way. I'M gon na take the card out there. We go and there's the watch unit itself. It'S got a little cover on it, which we can pull off. Wow it's even got a little raised spot there. I wonder what that's all about we'll find out. Okay, let's get the cover. Oh a little. Tough. There we go there, we go simulated watch face on here and before we get any deeper let's talk about this one it's called the bakey e11. You got it. There comes to us from banggood got a link, of course in the show notes for you, roughly about 55 or so, and hopefully, we'll have a coupon for you, too, stake to claim of this one it's a bluetooth calling watch and it has a luminous style, which We don't see very often on these, especially if it's a smart watch where the screen can constantly change right, but this one's got a luminous style. Look at that and it's got local music playback as well spec wise here's. What we've got um it's using bluetooth version? Four, i wish it was five five gives us a little better connectivity, sound lower power level, but this is 4 it's got a 128 megabytes of additional storage in it.

Now for music and you'll be able to tether it. Bluetooth 4 to your earbuds. So as we're seeing these emerge, 128 is like the minimum that's about 30 songs. You can carry with you and not need your phone. Around 256 is about middle and we're, really waiting for you know: half a gigabyte or a full gigabyte of memory. So you can start taking more of your music library with you, but for a basic watch that's attractive that you can actually take some of your music along with you. This is it h, h band, which we've reviewed many many times. This is a good tethering, uh, app and that's. What tethers here we got. Bluetooth call heart rate, monitor blood pressure. All the standard stuff, multi sport modes are included, yeah sedentary reminders, brightness the music player it's, a 1.28 inch ips 240 by 240, so it's a basic, not high res, but just basic screen looks like they're trying to balance features versus price in this one 230. Milliamp hour battery 15 day standby time, three to five days, usage time, it claims and there's your dimensions and everything. So as we dig deeper in here, we've got this massive metal band that's. What the the is shown in all of the product. Literature! Oh and my pin is starting to fall out here, it's of course, removable and you could put different we'll take that out later put different bands on it. If you want to, and it comes with a charging dock.

Oh i haven't seen docks for a while. Most of them have wires with the magnetic coupling, but this one doesn't usb on that end, charging pins on that end, it's, pretty lightweight, actually that's going to make up for it, though uh looks like we snap it in place. Wow. Is this a flashback or what wow okay not terribly excited about that? It makes sure that the knob is out because it's not going to go in without the knob being well it's, just a push button, so you don't have to pull it out like the old watches, but it does separate the watch button from the watch. So you can't cycle it while it's in the charger. Oh some unique and interesting stuff there, users manual chinese and english. We hope there we go and by way of jumping in here, there's the h band qr code, you'd scan that gives you a few of the screens that you'd see and some basic information about how the watch works we'll be running through all of this actively on It in just a moment, but just in case there's a little thing we miss or something you want to review closer i'd like to show you the pages of the uh. The manual that you can freeze frame here on youtube to take a closer look. If you need to sleep, time is talked about heart rate and then there's blood pressure again now with blood pressure, always take that with a grain of salt, um it's being done, you know without a cuff, and so the reliability of the data is somewhat questionable on All of these devices, so we put a disclaimer in there saying just to treat it as a toy, give you some guidance, but definitely don't use it as something valid for assessing your health wow lots of text on this one.

This is uh. Somebody really spent some time. Writing we've got a few little pictures in i'll here about the app and there you go: okay, uh, yes, okay, it was we'll we'll, put it all back together here and charge it up for you here. It is on check it out. Look how nice now i had to pull out a bunch of links all from this one side, there's an equal number on that side. So this whole thing can be made a much smaller or larger, depending on your arm size when we tap and hold the button that turns the watch on this particular model's got this beautiful, green bezel and a coordinated green face that launches automatically when you turn it On i'll show you a few more faces in a moment when i swipe down got a bunch of different commands alarms. This will uh notify your phone if you've lost it, do not disturb your basic information it's. The e11 is the model that we've got here. A couple of more things – i guess this is a broadcast for the bluetooth and there's your date and power level, basic things that you need to know when you go either right or left you loop around coming over here, i can do a blood pressure reading by Pressing it now, it takes it a while. It looks like a thermometer but it's, actually blood pressure, so we're not going to belabor it, but you see it does a whole percentage all the way around.

Then it gives you your systolic over diastolic here's, our heart rate it's, showing you your lowest and highest and it's, creating a chart i've had it on just a little while, but you know this is 24 hours, so you really can monitor. This is a real chart. Now you can really monitor your live heart rate continuously nice big digits, to see the actual current heart rate. I really like this one it's it's it's well done last night's sleep time. Basic stuff shows up here, step count distance, traveled. All of that shows up there and then you're back to your watch faces now. This is fun when you swipe up you're into this music player thing. They put a thing, an mp3 on here, i'm gon na pull that off and use it from now on, because it's a great way to test the speaker check this out Music, i don't think it's copyrighted either so google's not gon na get mad at me. You hear it all now. You can also change the volume Music there's a few places. It sounds like it's distorting a little bit let's. Try it all the way up. Here we go Music, all right, isn't that fun so that's an example of what the speaker will sound right. It covers a great range you've got good volume control right here. You have the ability to set it to play whatever music you have on your watch. You can transfer that from your computer up to about 30 songs or you can make it a remote player for your phone or you can set up and tether it to earbuds, and you choose it from that selection there.

So that alone is a really really nice feature of this extremely beautiful dress watch and that you get to by swiping down the last thing is: if i press here, i get into the whole app drawer, where you've got your different sports running, walking, hiking basic kind Of stuff that'll coordinate with your standard pedometer there's your step count, sleep heart rate, blood pressure. We went through all of those here's where you can do your calling with contacts and a call log set that whole thing up. Get your text messages sent from your phone alarm clock, stop watch timers, music. There we go again find your phone it's got the female cycle stuff, because the h band app supports that, if you're a female or if you put in a register as a female and track your partner's information, you can get that on your watch as well. Remote photography and overall settings where you can change the brightness and look it's nice and bright and we're way down at four crank that puppy all the way up and you're going to easily see this outside all the way down and indoors it's going to be pretty Tame at night, still a little bit on the bright side, let's leave it at four that seems to work, set up an auto lock. These are the switches that you can set on the app or here you can do your heart rate, monitoring and blood pressure. Real time monitoring you can set up heart rate alarms, so, if you're exercising too hard, you go into that zone it'll, let you know a disconnection alert.

Uh turn your wrist to see the time and, of course, setting a sedentary alarm. That'S beautiful that it's on the watch, so you don't have to be tethered to your app just to make those changes. There'S the download your dial settings. Oh yes, we're going to go into that here in a moment, messages, information and clear the whole data. Now, speaking of i guess, we could go in from here, because it's, a long press and hold on the watch faces to get them to activate so go into dial settings there's your first one. We saw that here's another nice one there's, only four, so i'm going to walk you through them. This is pretty nice and very colorful. As you can see now two things you can do with this. In addition to the stock faces that are installed, you have one that you can adjust with a background picture and change it around the way you want and the other one you can actually download one face from the selection that's on the app i'll show you, those In a minute, this is your customized, when you can change that background and you'll have just a digital thing, and here is one of the faces that i downloaded that i really like from the server, and i think that coordinates pretty nice too it's kind of a Camouflage green with a more of a lime green anyway, lots of good information on the watch, as you can tell let's check those faces out when you're over in the h band app, which we're not going to go through extensively.

We'Ve shown this many times. I have no data, but you can see the categories it's just starting to populate here, but all of it does not do blood oxygen by the way. I didn't see that on here or heart rate variability, but the app supports that for other devices ecg all that none of that and there's the female thing if you've set it up for that you'll see the uh where you are in the cycle thing. But what you can do is hit more real time. Heart rate real time, blood pressure right activated from the watch remotely is available and you go into settings and you get all your basic settings again we've covered that before. But i want to take you over to the dial settings and just show you in the more faces. You'Ve got quite a few different faces that you can choose from and any one of these you can add to the watch as well. So lots of categories, lots of capabilities, analogs, digitals, really nice stuff, okay, that's, the one we just chose and that's what's going to be on the watch until we change it and of course you can select whatever dial you want directly from here. Let'S go to that dial, 3. nice bright. One then look at the angle that you get with this watch too i'm impressed it's a decent watch for a bluetooth calling watch. That is definitely a very dressy device. It comes to us from banggood one of our favorite partners.

Here, they've always got creative watches. This is the bakey e11 and oh, the luminous dial i got ta show you that you know this magic trick right, get yourself one of those ultraviolet uh flashlights, and that will make anything that's a luminous glow. So here we go there's the watch, what's luminous, what's, luminous let's, look at the no. This is all just reflective silver yeah there. It is the little dot at the top. That is what glows in the dark so yeah. They were able to put it in the description. Actually, it is functional. You know, if you're in bed, you have it in the do not disturb mode or whatever, and you really want to know which way is up on your watch. You'Re walking down the hall and you think you might fall off that that little dot's going to glow you set it by your nightstand. You need to find your watch that little dot's gon na tell you where it is so get yourself an ultraviolet flashlight. They got them at banggood, just after you're over there uh just search on ultraviolet light wow. That is fun. I haven't tried it like that before it really messes with the camera. Anyway, there you go that's part of the deal too. Your little extra luminous dot is on there. It'S got the music player built in uh. What more could you want? Really nice very dressy watch check it out in the show, notes and hopefully have a buying link for you and we'll see you again soon.