com temperature watches it's been a while since we've actually looked at some of these. We had a rash of them at the beginning of the pandemic last year, 2020 uh and then they kind of subsided well, here's, another one. Coming back by the way we do have a playlist at, just tap the playlist button. You can see all the different watches we've reviewed, that have temperature thermometers built into them, but this is a new one and figured we would bring it in and give it a look. Okay, the bands are separate here. They are white one this time and the little module is right here before we go much further. Let me just tell you a bit about it: it's, a bakey gtr dash, h, real time body, ambient temperature detection, immunity, heart rate blood pressure, monitor so forth, uh so it's. Basically, a health band as opposed to a fitness, one it's going to be something you can use for real time: temperature, uh detection and so forth. It uses the wear fit 2.0 app we've reviewed that a lot body temperature ambient temperature, both of those and immunity monitors, support. In addition, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. All the key things in this coved world that we'd be interested in uh, recording again a a heads up to be uh, careful that you check the parameters of all of these. If you get this one to make sure that they're, accurate on your body, everybody's body is different, different skin color, different thickness, different hairs on spots and whatever on your arms.

So i can't attest to the accuracy only to the fact that it records this information. From your body and it's up to you to verify it more functions on this thing as well are in here you got remote cameras and stuff, a 1.8 inch ips 240 by 240 screen with a 200 milliamp hour battery they're talking standby time about 14 days. Seven days, one week of use two hours to charge it with the magnetic charging cable, which we're going to show you right now, hiding in here in this little cover, is a two pin connector, which will attach right there once we take it out of its little Wrapping guess we could go ahead and do that nice that they wrap it all up pretty for us, oh, but it's magnetic look, there's no buttons on it at all. It'S got a cover over all of the different sensors here. Take that thing off too oh it's going to be obstinate all right. I'Ll get that later. When i put the band on let's, keep moving. Oh wow, look we get an extra metal band as well cool, so you got a a nice silicone band, quick release and a metal wraparound type van, all in the same package. Awesome here's the little manual in chinese and hopefully in english, halfway through it's starting right here, smartwatch, it says wow. Those are big digits on there for showing you your temperature. Oh they got fancy with their font.

Look at that almost not readable, uh here's, the fine print and again for those of you new to the channel. I always try to go through the manual and get it close enough that you can freeze frame it on your youtube and read it if you need to there's our tethering app that you can either scan the qr code directly here or you can use the link In the show notes to go over and download the app from the google play, store and install it on your phone it's through your phone that you'll tether to that app over bluetooth with bluetooth turned on both the watch and your phone and uh that'll. Get you your connection, so all the sensor readings that you take with your um and we're into another language here with your watch will be transferable, then uh to the app let's get it all assembled well here it is on and it comes up fast. I'Ve already turned it on uh. No need to show you that when it's off you just press and hold the screen and it'll light up for you, but i've wanted to have it on for quite a while. Now to let it stabilize to my body temperature, which is giving me is 97.9, you see the icon up there of a person with a thing to their forehead. Now it's, not using infrared like this, is it's actually using a little sensor dot on the bottom right.

There next to the heart rate, stuff charger, removable bands – we talked all about that, but i want to keep it on, so i can keep that temperature up to show you another aspect of this watch. This is actually a watch face. One of the few watch faces that come with it and i'm, not sure that you can install additional ones. I don't think so they were adjusted. Okay, so you've got the time it says body temperature down here. If, however, i press and hold er no can't, do it that way that gives us the version. Um well, let's we'll get to it when we get to it. How'S that i'm going to show you that when we take this one and we scroll to the left you're getting last night's sleep time if you wore it to bed one more you're, getting your step count, distance travel and calories for the day, one more and you're Getting a simple training thing that when you activate this, will give you your average heart rate and calories and uh elapsed time and then you're back to the actual watch face. So one two three additional panels and with this one now down and up goes the same way if i go up i'm going to loop through one two three pages of stuff and then back here or i can go backwards, which leads me to settings which takes Me here where i could mute this so it's not going to vibrate, i can change the overall brightness level, hello, brightness, oh okay, it's just doing it on the fly, see that there's full brightness and there's, the lowest so let's make it a little brighter for the Video – and this is what i'm getting at switch styles, i want to change from that one to ambient temperature.

You notice it's in fahrenheit. It normally boots up in centigrade, but when you connect it to the app and you set the app for uh fahrenheit, it will switch, shows you water drops and it says ambient temperature and guys that's, not really the ambient temperature, as you would measure, if you walked Into the room with a thermometer, this is somehow deriving it from being close to your skin, but estimating what the environment is around you and even leaving it on a table overnight, which is why i don't have any sleep time. I forgot to put it on sorry, but it sat on the table in 70, roughly 70 degrees, and it was at 85. when i put it on it's heated up to 89.6 and that's, obviously lower than my body temperature. However, it's not true ambient outdoor temperature, so i don't know really what you're getting there in terms of other faces. You just have some regular stuff with no temperature on it plain stuff, with nothing on it and then we're back here to our body temperature, which is where i'm going to leave it. Because that's the stake to claim of this watch. It seems to be pretty accurate, but at the end, we'll do a real test with it. So let's go through those apps. When i go up, i can get into heart rate testing. I can click to measure and it'll go into a a testing mode, obviously it's using the green diodes for everything.

Doesn'T have the red ones and as it tests this, it will record it on the watch and then you'll be able to transfer it to the wear, fit 2.0 app and there you go and it'll continue and eventually settle down and stop. Blood pressure is similar in that it's, going to give you a reading there. Blood oxygen is similar and that it'll give you a reading. Now those three basic core things come to you from green diodes on the watch and then you've got this new thing immunity. This is a kind of a percentage and it's based on an algorithm and it's, showing up in several different watches, and i presume it's the same algorithm and yeah the jury's out on that one. In fact, they haven't even had the trial for the jury to weigh in on it's something new uh check the information that comes in the app about what immunity is and what the categories are and what the meaning is. If you get a reading, it takes a long time it's a one to two minute test. We'Ll, look at that in the app here's that training thing where you can do walking running and cycling: skipping badminton, basketball, there's, no gps on any of this swimming as well. So that means it must be waterproof. You basically just get time and uh step count and that kind of stuff messages. If you have yourself tethered and there's any pushed from the phone show up here notice, you got to go way into the app door to get to your messages, there's, no scrolling up down, left or right to get to it easily.

Sometimes it comes up. Sometimes it doesn't weather doesn't really work well, it's, not supported by the app and therefore you're, not seeing it in the watch, so there's a little disconnect on the weather. Although it shows here, you've got a player that would play music that's on your watch if you're tethered to do that, you've got a basic timer that resets itself. If you leave the time you can pause it, you can do this, you can reset it there and, of course, if you leave it and you come back into it, it resets to zero and the rest of the settings, including that mute. We told you about the switching style resetting and power off very simple watch. You basically have heart rate blood pressure and blood oxygen and immunity to cover all of the biometric stuff as well as on this one. You have temperature, so let's. Look at the integration of that into the app which is really more where the magic happens. We'Ve reviewed, wear fit 2.0 many many times so i'm not going to belabor it. But i do want to show you that when you're in and you're connected and every watch connects with a different set of squares this one because we do have immunity and body temperature – those are showing up here. In addition, fatigue is part of the app that's, not part of the watch, but it's covered. What am i talking about? Well, let's, go into measure when i get into here.

One single measurement will let you automatically using the green diode calculate the heart rate, the blood pressure, the blood oxygen and the fatigue level. I touched the blood oxygen or got too close to it, so you can see it's doing a continuous every hour measurement. I could do a single testing or real time measurement will leave the app constantly running, showing you that – and this might be the right one to do that on it'll. Do it on the other ones. Blood oxygen, of course, is what we're concerned about when it comes to covet 19 and ability to breathe and whether or not you have an emergency situation. We'Ve all learned that so far until that whole thing goes away and we've all got herd immunity we're still concerned about that and uh when it gets down to what i've heard about 88 or so that's. When things start to get critical and you need some help. So it's in the process, now of doing its analysis of blood oxygen to get the baseline uh information at 94 with me, rhythmically, breathing and not inhaling long enough. It took that measurement and it's, starting over again so it's, going to sit here and go over and over and over and live update on what it's, giving as the current blood oxygen reading by bluetooth. With somebody wearing this watch and not even know, what's happening in the background, so this is one to consider if you have somebody convalescing isolated in a room trying to work with making sure they get through whatever it is, that's, ailing them healthy, but still being able To be monitored by a loved one and it gets to the top, and it starts circling again now: it's not recording any of these but it's showing it to you live right there.

This is the regular hourly recording that you can refer to for reference. Okay, i got ta close that i could do a single testing, which probably would be recorded same thing, happens for all the others. Here'S uh accumulating accumulated heart rate readings which seem reasonable look when it gets down low it's, giving you a warning slightly lower and i imagine it would do for high heart rate as well. Blood pressure, most challenging of all, is to get an accurate blood pressure with these devices, and you can see it's all over the place. I really wouldn't trust these for blood pressure use the cuff if anything, use an abnormal reading or even a normal one as a trigger that you might want to get a more of a professional reading with a cuff or a trained professional and finally, the fatigue. Man, look at that i'm. All over the place. 30. 35. 17. Yesterday was a lot better 43. I don't know that might have been when i didn't have it on yeah. This is late at night right up till midnight. Remember i forgot to wear it and left it on the table so it's giving me. I hope low is best it's, giving me a 43 and the other times when i was wearing it down, 10 and so forth. I can do a single testing here. It'S a 20 second test, so let's just check it out nothing. Changes on the watch. In fact you can't do fatigue testing on the watch there he's gon na you know.

Usually it comes up right away, but if it's kind of out of sync of not knowing which way is up, it gets confused. So there we go. Yeah look lower is better i'm at 22 for fatigue, which can only be measured from the app in this area. But when you get back here to these squares beyond fatigue, you get your weekly report and then you got that immunity value, and this is a continuous reading, it's showing me in the neighborhood of 60 to 80 i'm at 73, a one click measurement here's, the gauge 73 is high 60 to 85. Normal is 35 to 60, so i'm high immunity in this case higher, is better 95 would be a great strong immunity. How they're deriving this? What it's based on is magic. I have no stake in knowing whether or not you could believe these numbers so use it for entertainment, folks, really just entertainment like playing a computer game and finally, we got our body temperature. I love this pulsing icon that's, pretty cool we're at 97.5 on my arm. As we speak, and it looks like 97.9 to 95 on the low, with an average of 95.5 there's, the numbers from when i really got started this morning, here's yesterday, i played with it, took it off, played with it some more. So it realistically is measuring something it's not giving you fake data, saying i'm at 97.5, currently and that's what it's actually showing and wow did you see it just flipped to 99.

99? That was interesting. Okay, now it's saying 97.7. Let me get a calibrated thermometer thing and let's check right here on my arm to see how close this is to reality. So i went over to cvs and i spent my hard earned money and 30 percent discount to get this nice calibrated high end um infrared thermometer designed for measuring things. People in the ambient environment that's all in here it's got a back light. There we go. You see the picture of a person it's set up to do a body reading. This is live and still going so i'm going to come right up here, get an inch or two away hit the button 95.0 that's. What the watch is saying how about down here? 94.8, how about on the inside of my arm error? One okay, let's! Try it again right here, ah what's going on! Try it right here! 96., so you say mr ticks it's reading low. This is higher by a degree and a half. Well, look at this it's constrained. The sensor is buried underneath the watch, which itself may have a little bit of heat generation going on, but it would be more like i'm wearing a sweater or something. So. I would probably need to measure this with cloth over here, because the ambient temperature outside is cooler than my skin temperature. Therefore, my skin is probably cooling down i'm going to point it at my forehead right now, press the button and 98.

9 up on my forehead. Are you seeing that i hope so there you go 98.9 interesting, huh um? How about right here, on my hand, 96.2 and i'm sitting 97.9, i can't validate that it's right or wrong to the tenth of a degree, but i get a gut feel that it makes logical sense. It could be right how about ambient let's uh change this mode turn the light on that's just plain: am ambient that's measuring an object and that's measuring a person so i'm going to switch to ambient and just point it at the sky and 75.0? That sounds right. That looks uh matches the thermometers that i've got around here and i can't see it on here by itself. But again, if i come here to settings change the style to ambient and select it ambient temperature, 90.3, 75 way off way way off and 93 obviously is way lower than what it's giving me for my body temperature, which is still measuring the body temperature. Even though i changed the watch face to ambient so don't believe the ambient be questionable about the blood pressure. Heart rate probably is realistic, um and temperature yeah. I think it uh, you know until you get 104 degrees or something 100.4. I really can't tell you: if it's going to measure high temperature that would be of concern, but in a standard skin measuring model, it seems to be pretty close to right. Okay, all right! That makes sense.

I love it. You guys uh. I'M. I'M. So reading your comments before you even send them um. I know you got all day so do i let's switch back here to the body temperature. You know what this is showing body temperature? Oh, it stopped wait a minute what's going on. Ah, i took it off and it's not wow. I thought it would just start reading ambient temperature we've got some stuff on me there, but it's not it's, not reading anything. I got ta put it back. Wow, well, that's interesting. All right draw your own conclusions. It'S doing body temperature, but you know what okay i'm, you still with me, i'm, going to put it on my forehead. There i've got it on my forehead we're, going to give it a second while we're doing that i'm going to use my other hand, because i know you want to move on in life and tell you that you can get this from banggood it's called the g T r dash h real time body ambient temperature thing uh looks like an apple watch, lightweight removable bands, you've seen it all check. The show notes should have a coupon discount for you there and strap it on wherever you like, as you can from the app do. A real time measurement 97.9 that's the same as i got on my arm. I would have thought it would be higher because that got me 98 point something now i dropped to 97.

three wow. Well, you just got to get it and play with it for the 30 35 bucks, it's it's fun as a toy just check it out, see what you get pass it around the dinner table and let your family play with it. Anyway, you get really big digits centigrade or fahrenheit um yeah. I like it. I don't swear by it, but i think it'd be a fun little thing to play with all right.