com, as many of you have noticed, temperature is something that's starting to show up on smart watches. This one no exception. Yeah ever since uh we've been more focused on health and survival, we've looked at the different things that could help us in that region and uh. Yeah temperature is definitely something worth considering: we're unboxing an interesting little little plastic uh unit. That does do temperature and there's the probe and a few other good things and it's actually called the bdo yep it's a bdo real time. Temperature watch it's got heart rate, monitoring and seven different. Smart sport modes as well comes to us from gear best and we're. Going to take a dive into it first, i want to show you the main features and some of the basic specs it's got gravity sensor for the pedometer action, the heart rate sensor and, of course, a thermistor. Yes, there mister for temperature monitoring got the basic um stuff that most of these watches have. It has intelligent camera control. The find your phone find your watch. All of those you can get pushes from your phone um as well and long battery life, five days of daily use and a 20 day standby time and remember it's doing real time, temperature monitoring as well um ip67 waterproof. Now this i haven't seen before let's take a moment. It says the what the ip67. This is their definition now of that rating, that it can be used for short term water activities in shallow waters such as swimming pools or seaside swimming, but it's not suitable.

For other wading or deep water activities under the flow of water, such as diving, diving, showers, hot springs, saunas, etc, in other words, gentle submersion in water, shallow water would be okay, but not pressure, not pressure from swimming or diving. Okay now notice, please rinse the water and dry after use in seawater, so i don't know i've looked at this one i'm, not quite sure, but it sounds like you actually could. You know run water over it, while you're washing your hands up to you, ip67 bluetooth calling uh just gives you phone call reminder you're, not able to answer and make calls with it, but it does do blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. Okay, anything else, battery size, 1.3, inch, Music, the band length and so forth. Okay, we have a band, we have a matching band, we have the unit which is really really light. It says press and hold for five seconds that's, because there's absolutely no button on this. One well yeah: there is right in the front, but i mean no side button and you got to press and hold. It come back here to stop to turn it on um, and that means that the battery will run down over time because it's always sensing on whether you're pressing there's, no on off kind of a function inside. You do have a two pin charging connector that mates that way and it's coated. You see the dots inside of here and there the pins go in there, so you can't mix it up with another one and you can't not get it right.

Even if you go backwards, it's going to make you do it right and then a little manual that comes along with it in multiple languages, of which english should be in here as user's manual let's, take a look overall description. It'S, a tft display heart rate indicator front back, strap. Obviously the straps are removable how to charge it it's going to tether to the h band app. It looks like there's an h there. Oh here it is hard spot. I don't think we've ever used the hard spot out, so you can scan the qr code and download it or look in the show notes. We should have a link there for you to download it directly from the google play store here. Are the uh color pictures of the main interface a few of the different watch faces and the temperature information? Oh, my goodness, okay product parameters – and it looks like the last page of the english manual didn't, get stuck in there right, uh, main functions, and precautions are on that page as well, and the warranty card is on the back. If you want to send that in so, and then we go into other languages, okay, i'll be back when i've got it all charged up and put together for you well i'm, really impressed with this thing already i've got it on i've been using it for a While and yeah it's uh it's got stuff, i never even thought i'd ever see on a watch.

Okay, we just moved from a watch face to temperature and you notice it's dropping already, because i just took it off. Oh, you have to cycle through everything to get back there, we go 91, you see it all dropping quickly over here and that is supposedly uh. My uh long term body temperature and what's dropping here is the ambient outdoor temperature and uh yeah it's, all tied in with the temperature spot right there. So let's go through this a little bit. Um temperature here is in fahrenheit, as you can see i'm able to change that from the app another screen i've got is my step count: calories, burned, distance traveled heart rate happens here with a green diode and, of course, you'll get your beats per minute. Here then there's a sports section, long press takes you into it. You have run, walk and cycling, oh and fitness, okay and swing wow and then back that's. Basically it no gps, nothing really fancy there. I'Ve got weather in fahrenheit or centigrade and it's cloudy, partly cloudy over here might rain so it's tied into your location on the device itself on your phone. We have a relaxation thing which lets you do one minute, no two minute or five minute: inhale exhale and it's pretty cool, but this one you haven't seen before i bet it's a metronome. When i press – and i activate this – it gets here and then i tap it once and it starts now.

You can't feel this, but i sure can, can you hear it? Maybe if i touch the phone hang on a second is that does that work for you? Could you hear it translated anyway? It'S got a strong vibration. I'Ve set it at 120 beats per minute. So if you're, jogging and you've got a stride, you want to go for, you can set the pedometer. The bad news is you have to set it in the app ahead of time. You can't do it on the fly here, but it's monitoring, the heart rate and it's, giving you a uh, a metronome here and it's timing that so that is a really nifty little invention. I like that. Metronome in here you have messages pushed from your phone inside of other we've got a remote camera when you're tethered you've got this and i'm, not sure i think that's, just a stopwatch with three laps times. You got your battery power and i've been using it like crazy, there's, the qr code to download the app. I really want to talk to you about this app. This is an amazing app and then you got power off and then of course, you're back over here with a back button, long press to get back to your watch faces, and we do have a few different ones, here's that colorful one and again you got your Body temperature and your um outdoor temperature here there's a kind of a digital one with the temperatures down at the bottom, easier contrast to see here's another version of it with the heart rate in the lower right hand, corner and that's the one i like that's, the One i've had on, i have a temperature here here and i have heart rate let's.

Take a look at that app now hard sports. I got a challenge for you guys. I know a lot of you are pretty good at digging things up and oftentimes. I want to reverse engineer an app, in other words, we look at a band and then the band has an app that it tethers to and then we're stuck looking and working with that app. This app has got so many interesting features that i'd, really like you guys, if you have the time to find other bands and watches that use hard sport as the app i want to bring them in. I want to do a review because i'd really like to have more devices tethering to this app than some of the other crazy, useless apps that are out there let's open it up. You get an interesting picture to begin with, and you get a login page. If you want to later at the end i'm going to uninstall and reinstall this, because i want you to see the setup but not right now, i want to go through some of the data that i've got on the watch. Let'S use it while we're in process – and here we go. This is your opening page, which you'd normally land on. You have icons up at the top and you can reorder them here. If you want to so you've got your overall sports. It'Ll show you, whatever day you want, you can select calories, your weather and your uv, setting strong uv right now and potential rain in my area.

All that is tied in with this. This is a one where you can see your steps and when you did it over the 24 hour day and some other information that goes along with that and again, you can get weekly and monthly and you can export all of that on any of these pages. So you got the first one i swipe over. This is going to be sleep time. I haven't done that yet so i don't have data. I don't know what it would look like on here, but that's the page here's, the cool one where you've got temperature and you can do a one time – measurement i'm, pressing this and it's going to go for 60 seconds and in the meantime, on the band itself And now you can see, on the left hand, side the ambient temperature, which of course it's not 92 degrees ambient, but it's measuring ambient near my skin surface, while the one beside it that's flashing is the one that's actually going to be my body measurement now, i'll, Be back when it's uh gotten down to zero okay we're about there and boom it flashes. It shows me 96.26. Is my body temperatures calculated by the band in a one minute cycle, so pretty cool got the same kind of thing with heart rate um. I can do an on band instant measurement right here, here's my low and high, that it's that it's measured so far, and i can flip it up and show you my one week, heart rate data and my 24 hour average and you can see it's starting.

I can't expand it but it's starting to itch a little bit across here for when i've been wearing it so far. Today and of course, you could get daily charts on here and you can come back and review those all you want was there anything from here? No, the body temperature doesn't do the same thing as it does on the heart rate, but you do have that one time temperature you can take there and then you've got this other log area, there's no data yet, but supposedly you can put that on and again You press here and you can reorder the things any which way you you like for your particular use or eliminate some of them if you're not going to be doing sleep time, for example, okay, when i flip up there's my one week, average last exercise stuff and Of course, we went into it to show you that so a lot of interesting ways to stratify the data there here's exercises you can do an indoor or outdoor run and it's getting my gps location in my map. Right now i can do outdoor running or indoor running. I can do walking and i can do uh. Do writing in this section and you'll see the gps on the chart and, of course, if you have your band with you, when you exercise using the app it should transfer over the heart rate information for you now we get into the actual band itself.

You can set it up for all these different things: here's automatic temperature measurement. You can turn on metric or imperial. Actually, you turn off metric to get to imperial and that's. Why we're getting the temperature in fahrenheit? You get your messages, alarm clocks! You can do screen saver time sedentary reminders and when you want to to do them, it's, not just on an incremental basis, if you want to on days of the week reminding for water, your wrist screen light is turned on i'm wearing it. On my left hand, so when i twist it and i notice it – hasn't been working so i'm – not sure what's going off i'm going to do that and i'm going to hit finish i'm going to come in here and i'm going to do that and i'm going To hit finish – and there may be uh – do not display times affecting it as well, so now it's working again, okay, temperature taking a picture here we go with the metronome. You can set it for whatever you want and guess what gang. If you want to practice that breathing exercise stuff, you can go down as low as 10 beats per second and it'll just go every 10 seconds and you can inhale and exhale, but they already have a thing in there for inhaling and exhaling. So you could use that if you want to, but you can go up to 240 so for those of you that you know, use a pattern to run with or something you can set that and get into the metronome, and you know like really keep it going.

Keep it going find your bracelet clear, the data firmware upgrade you need to do when i got mine. It was waiting for an upgrade and i definitely want to do that. It takes a while so leave some time for doing that. Here'S a cool thing. I got some of your guys's eyebrows going up now see in that fancy red circle for strava. This is one of the few apps in the world that will integrate with strava and google fit so that you could transfer the data that you collect on this over to these uh third party apps, that a lot of people like to use so high high marks For this app, in particular, for being able to do that, um third party transfer information, customer feedback, section app stability settings so that you can make sure it runs properly in the background and not always lots and lots of flexibility with it. I'M logged in as a visitor, but if i log in and create an account, i can do all kinds of other account, binding and all sorts of stuff working with friends, uh, just a lot of a lot of capabilities in this app, so um yeah. If you guys can find other bands and watches that tether to this app, let me know in the show notes: i'll try to bring them in and we'll see what else we can get with this thing, and it looks like it's focusing on you know, temperature, which Is valuable and metronome, which is something brand new? Okay, i think we've covered everything in here.

We'Ve shown you, the different um watch faces the way the temperatures work uh all of the different features in it is not a touch sensitive screen. It has one button at the bottom: you tap it to cycle and you long press to go into things that require that um and other than that yeah. You turn it off uh, pretty much the same way and make sure you keep it charged because you press and hold long on that button to turn it back on again so we're looking at a device called the bdo real time body temperature watch. It comes to us from gearbest and we've got uh the link to get to this buying page in the show notes and using that link helps us out here at smartwatch ticks. So we encourage that about 25 26 dollars. If i can get a discount, coupon i'll have that do early order order early, though those coupons don't last forever, as folks are finding out once they run out of the 20 or 30 units at the discount price, or they exceed two weeks three weeks. Something like that, then it pops back up to uh the higher price so take advantage. While you can, whenever we're reviewing a new watch to uh check it out and if you like it go for it all right. We'Ll see you again soon and thanks for watching gang, so let's look at hard spot from the beginning. Like i mentioned, i just uninstalled it and reinstalled it when i open it for the first time.

I get, of course, to use my media and whatnot and there's a login capability there's a variety of other options. Here you can go third party or register now, or a free, login and free login. Basically, just gets you in without setting up an account good way to test it out, decide your gender. I was mail last time. Let'S do female! Now now check this out. You got your age, you can just set it here and it's, showing you over here sophie it's easier for you to work with your age than your year. You can do that and here look. You can switch to metric units as simple as touching that and a nice five foot, four female and let's change the weight to 99 pounds best interface. I have ever seen on getting things set up. You can set up all the permissions. You can go to quickly set them, it tells you what they're all about and why you need to set them up for app stability, settings very advanced and then you're into the overall app, which we've already talked about. So high marks i give for this particular app. I hope we can get other bands and watches that use it and one more time gearbest in the show notes.