com, dt number one watch company and we have got a new model, the dtx and from looking at the picture. Can you tell something different going on here, yeah, somehow they've managed to get new screen technology in china we're starting to see it show up on a lot of these watches it used to be a square watch would have just a tiny little uh actual display in The middle and there'd be a big barrier around it, but look we have a rectangular screen now in a tiny little watch format looks like this we're going to turn it on and check it out, but first of course i want to tell you where you can Get it i know some of you want it before you even see it from banggood banggood's got a buying link in the show notes. It'Ll take you to this page looks around 25 to 30. You know the prices, change and check for a coupon to get the price down, but somewhere around 25 to 27 um. Really nice watch you're about to see it also it's a dt number one watch and if you recall, dt number one is the sponsor of our smartwatch resource center it's, a free resource, it's, a google drive shared drive and you guys have access to it anytime. At, android watches either small or low uh case there's, some apps for android watches. You can download that aren't on the google play store anymore, there's all kinds of documents in there, a bunch of stuff and it's brought to us by dt number one.

So uh really appreciate that support and for those of you who are new and senior people, who've been here a while i've put this thing together now it's a running continuum of one minute: smart watch tips that really can save you a lot more time than one Minute it takes to watch it one minute. Smartwatch tips will get you over to that place too. All right with regard to the dtx and the specs. On this thing, it's a 1.78 inch high res full touch screen, display we've got they say: ecg heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, all the vitals uh ip68, waterproof bluetooth, 5.0. Folks, in a package under 30 that's really nice, you got blood oxygen and blood pressure from the diodes dual menu style. You know how you see the apps on there, that kind of stuff. What else speedometers reject a call call id display, that's kind of cool, auto light up the screen, but not a continuously, always on screen and other functions as well: it's, an ips 420 by 485 pixel with 326 pixels per inch resolution, so the 1.78 inch display is Going to be nice going to be really sharp 260 milliamp hour battery should give you seven days standby five days usage and take a couple of hours to charge all right, let's, uh look what else is in the box? Oh look at this. I i had peeled off the cover already because i've used it but forgot to put that back on, but it when you get it it'll be floating on the screen like that, and it is representative of one of the faces.

This is a bright white one, and there is a really nice bright white face you're going to see here. In a moment it comes with your choice of band when you buy it with the quick disconnect pins in a bag. We'Ll put that all together, the charger is a two pin charger dock, very simple connectivity right there, nice and strong, so easy charging a little bit of desiccant in there to keep it dry and, of course, a manual book with lots of languages, including english. We hope at the very beginning, take a quick look at this. Gives you the overview of how to use the watch. We won't spend much time on it, because you can always freeze frame it and come back pick up. Anything you might have missed, and sometimes there are some subtle points that i don't cover here's the qr code. You can scan to download the app, but i recommend using the link in the show notes, because that'll take you right to the google play, store and uh. That looks like well we're a little bit more in here: okay, heart rate detection and there's a warranty. They say and information you can put down and i think that's it there yeah so now, we're into other languages as well, which is awesome that it supports all these different languages. Okay looks like i got something to assemble for you and then we'll take a run through wow. Well here it is guys i'm really impressed with this watch.

First of all, the band is one of those really easy slip on metal kind for this particular unit i've. Just put the pins in and open it up and it's good to go. Yeah and it's really nicely constructed curved glass and when you fire it up press and hold the button check out the screen on this thing, it's amazing, you get the hello in bright, beautiful, colorful and there you go edge to edge pretty well yeah there's a little Barrier around it, but it definitely is way better than the square ones that have a black barrier at the bottom or or any of the others. Um we're going to take a look at this um yeah. Let me put it back on for you, because i want to show you a few things. First, off the bat yeah, you can see i've added on all last night, uh i'm loving this thing it's. This is a really cool watch, one of the things if you've been following. Oh, i didn't peel the plastic off this little plastic on the bottom side. There we go now it's in there solid too this it's so light. I don't even notice that it's on it's really i'm i'm very impressed with this one got to twist your wrist to light the time got a variety of bands in it. You got all these controls. You can go into. You know information power down right from there. You'Ve got do not disturb if you want to go into that mode.

You'Ve got all of these things. Your languages, the bright screen display, which we're doing vibration intensity, is settable your menu style, which there's a couple of different styles that you can use. Of course, the qr code for downloading uh, the tethering app your overall battery and system. Now what battery is about – and this is kind of interesting – it shows you your battery power and it has a power, a power savings mode that really can extend the life of the watch and just basically have it for telling time very sophisticated on a little thing. Like this, the overall system gives you your about your reset and again your shutdown and all the way back here, that's your different styles of the apps, which we'll play with later, and you have your brightness control and it's at the lowest setting right now, i can Crank it up and it gets like really nice and bright, but for the review i'm going to leave it down really low, so that's plenty plenty bright for us, find your phone when you're, tethered and again back here to the system. Stuff information, which was also in the system stuff and you're, going to look for smartwatch 8dc, whatever, whenever you're going to be tethering it and power off. So all of those are available when you come up that's, where you get to your push messages from your phone and when you go to the right. This is where you get your overall information.

Your step count against your goal: your calories burned against the calorie goal and your distance traveled against a distance goal, and all three of those goals are settled. The next page gives you your current heart rate shows you the last one briefly, and then it goes uh dark again, while it's measuring you with green diodes in the back and it'll, give you a heart rate. Reading there here's last night's sleep time and it's broken down into light and dark light and and uh deeper sleep right seven hours, even on that one and here's the temperature in centigrade or fahrenheit in your area and the weather forecast once you're tethered it'll pull that From the app on your watch and that's it here so weather sleep heart rate and by the way heart rate, you can get your chart on here, and this is a real actual chart that develops starting at midnight and it's. When you have it turned on. For this feature, it'll show you your heart rate throughout the day on the chart, with your average high and low all of that stuff, and that, just by swiping up from the heart rate, page cool stuff, but it gets even better there's. One thing that's really sold me on this watch it's over here. This is all of your stuff in a chiclet kind of a format. There'S two pages of this there's, your um step, count stuff that we already saw here are your different activities that you can do.

There'S, no gps in here so it's kind of light on that you have swimming in it, which is kind of cool, hiking, yoga, even elliptical and whatnot, and come back here on this. One i've got a listing of your last different activity, so here's a 36 minute walk or run or something that gives me basic calories, burned heart rate average on during that time frame and a little bit of stuff on on fitness, not a full on fitness watch. If you really are looking for something for doing mega fitness and a lot of detail, this isn't going to be it, you can get blood oxygen, though you know we saw the one panel with the heart rate and the chart that evolves with that, and this one Will, of course, give you blood oxygen again it's using the green diode technology, and we know that red, diode and infrared give you higher accuracy. So this is something you want to check that right reading to make sure it's correct for you. You don't have a chart or a summary when you swipe up. So you just get one basic reading here, but you'll see it again in the app this one. Coming back to that heart of the sleep time – and this is a tethered music player which we're not getting into, i guess because we're not tethered when you slide up it goes it gets that line up there again, you have alarms, you have a stop watch.

You have countdown timers, so a lot of stuff going on there here's your messages pushed, and this one is um when you're connected to your phone, that's probably find your phone and then, of course, we're back over here to your overall system and for settings information. So i skipped the one, the ecg one, and i really want to talk about this because it kind of really sold me on it. It does do a true chart ecg now i just simply touch it and hold it anywhere on the case. With my opposite hand, it does 30 seconds the first 15 18 of them is normalizing and counting the pulses. What you're seeing on the screen is a simulation it's, not your actual heart rate, but the heart rate chart that it's creating in the background there you see at 12 seconds, we start getting an actual heart rate that shows up the chart created in the background is A true chart – and you can transfer that to the app to check it out. Okay, so you solve for about 12 seconds, the actual heartbeat as computed from the pulses in the ecg different than the heart rate that we're getting from the optical diode that we took a look at over here and looked at the overall chart. So you have two different ways of reading heart rate in this, but the best stuff comes in when we get to the app and let's go over there now.

But i do want to point out the really nice beautiful screen that this thing has and the uh the watch faces that are available. We'Ll take a look at more of them at the end, because you can actually download some from the app too. This is the google play store, the app is fit cloud pro you open it. You can either create an account and log in which i have done, or you can just go in without an account, but you'll lose everything now it's in the process of syncing. The data you see all of that happening there step count for the day last night's sleep time has come in and you get the breakdown of it right here and you get your weekly and you can change the days and all of that kind of stuff. So that's here you have the overall heart rate and uh. I could start it from here. You have specific individual ones that you've taken and then, of course, you've got your highest average and lowest available. You also have that for blood pressure, although for me it's reading light it's on the low end, and i don't see a place in the app where you can put in your calibrated blood pressure. If i were say 135 over 90 typically i'd have to. You know find that difference and add it to the readings on here if this maps linearly to my blood pressure. Actually so always always always.

I say this all the time check the blood pressure on any device that you get against calibrated blood pressure that you get from your doctor or wearing a cuff or what what you trust. All of them has so far been low. But it says it's on the low side, but i know i'm not so this is off. I can start a blood pressure remotely from here. I point out these remote starting capabilities for those of you who may have a loved one convalescing from some infection, and you don't want to get near them. They can simply wear the device and you can hit start and you can get heart rate, blood pressure and then here's blood oxygen as well and simple, is doing that it's activating it on the watch it's not even showing on the watch. There'S, no vibration, there's no indication, except that the green diodes are turned on and remotely you'll get the reading of the blood oxygen and it runs it for about a minute so it's, taking a little while to get it here. 97 has been what it's picked up on me in the last few days and it's getting 97 again 98. You see it changes back and forth as it's going 99 and it's got 30 more seconds to run so just for giving you some basic information to flag. If there's an issue going on, you can get all three of those things immediately with that reading.

But this is the fun part ecg, but i want to show you one from here there you go there's the chart itself and i can scroll through it or i can show playback it gives you reference information about the ecg. You can tap here and get a export chart that you could send out any time you want to uh as a pdf, okay and all of that from uh doing it on your wrist um i take the ecg and, and then it can automatically transfer over here When you synchronize the whole watch ah, but wait, wait, wait! There'S more let's go back into here. Again. You notice, i could start directly from here and when you do something different happens. Yeah i've been playing with it a little bit between edits to verify this check. This out now i'm, going to take the device i'm going to start an ecg i'm going to touch it and it's going to get loud here, it's going to beep obnoxiously for 30 seconds. Sorry about that, you can always turn your volume down or off. If you don't want that to happen, um you see the chart developing in front of you. You see the countdown happening on the watch. You'Ll see now the heart rate coming in on the watch just like before got about nine more seconds to go when it's completed the uh app is going to show you something different that you won't see otherwise any other way and it's called measurement results check it Out the sad thing is once it's gone, it's gone and i can't see it anymore, so i always take a screenshot of this.

If you guys find out where it's hiding in the app, let me know, i got a health index fatigue, mental pressure, physical mental load and cardiac function i'm going to confirm that and i've done it. This is the reading right there. I don't have it in a report. I have my overall ecg report, but i don't have that detail of information really bizarre and i would love to solve that. So anybody check the show notes the comments uh. If we figure out how to bring that back, we will otherwise. I do the three finger swipe. Whatever your phone uses make sure if you start it from the app uh touch, the watch you'll get that defined detailed information, but it's gone as soon as you leave. Okay, so that's everything here you touch here, you get your steps, distance traveled your goal. If you've got one your weekly all of that's on here as well – and you see that we've got the um share thing. So any of these things you can share out is as well from all of these categories and that's everything except one button here. If you hit health measurement, it will automatically do all three of these simultaneously, not the ecg, but you can get an overall uh reading directly from here remotely. So somebody wearing this – you just have to hit that once to get a quick look at all of this data. Pretty cool up here is a little guy.

You touch that and you can start a walk run or hiking. I told you it's pretty lame on the device. You get a little bit more detail when you do it here and it ties to gps on your phone, but you have to take your phone with you. This should feed the heart rate information into this segment and you'll be able to track your sporting activities in more detail, as if you had a more sophisticated watch on your arm, the device is right here. A few highlights about this. Your message, notifications can be set. You can put on, of course, sedentary and drink water alarms. I'Ll come back to that you can set which uh uh or turn twist your rich to see the time and do the enhanced measurements with continuous monitoring. You want those set so that you get that heart rate chart that shows up on the band. Otherwise, you're not going to get that you can choose left or right arm 12 24 hours, all kinds of things shake for photograph and you can get dial settings and on here now they give you a selection of rectangular, uh dials that you can put on your Watch and you can have up to one new one on the watch, your choice and then, of course, when you pick one of them, it will download it from the cloud and keep it on the phone. So later, if you want to switch on the fly you don't have to reconnect to the internet and download it.

It takes a while to do, but i wanted to show you some results that i have here as we go through the bands. These are the stock ones, let's make it a little bit brighter, which one's brightness. Here it is uh how about ah let's make it up to there. So you can see the bands a little bit or the the watch faces a little bit better there's, a a nice blue one press and hold. We can come over to that x that you see in all of the literature, yeah it's good, good viewing angle on here as well. Come on over again, you've got this kind of a rect rectangular analog one a lot of analog ones, and this is one of the digital ones that one right there that i've downloaded. I really like it got calories and heart rate and checks the battery level and time in 24 hour or 12 hour mode, all of that stuff, so that's typically the one i run it with, but i did try some of these other ones: that's, fun and colorful. The 10 never changes. I thought that might be your minutes, but it doesn't it just says 10, with an analog watch over top of it. Some fancy graphics on here a lot, a lot of possibilities, so that's dials that you can select within the app under mine. You can tie this to google fit, so you can transfer your workout information over.

There set your goals. Your overall units we run is supported and your basic settings where you get your version account information set it up to run in the background on the app and all of that, and that is the app, and that is the band, and this is the buying link To banggood, where you can pick this thing up check and see if we have a coupon discount for you a lot of folks tell me your coupons, expire yeah. They do so they're good for like what the first two weeks to a maximum of a month. So if you like anything, you see, don't expect the coupon to be there. Two years later, all right, uh it's, available now really impressed with dt number one putting out a watch that does real ecg. I just got to give them a shout out, because so many of the other ones use the fondue app and you've heard me rag on them over and over. Even though they're the sponsor of my resource center i'm, not cutting them a break. Fondue does not do legitimate, ecg chart creation, but this one does because it's using this other app and as you can see touching the case, you got the plates on the back. It makes the complete circuit and it does a really nice job of it. And if you do it from the app you also get a overall synopsis, see there's the plates right here. The vertical plates with the green diodes on either side the charging ports, it's it's a really well made well designed watch and yeah i'd recommend it alrighty gang.