. We made this list based on our personal opinion and the hours of research. We sort this list according to its price and features. We have include options for every type of user. If you are searching for budget best, android smartwatch, then we list the product for you. If you want to know about the best prices and more information, you can check the description, links below so lets get started with the video. The fifth product in our list is garmin foreigner, 245 smartwatch with an accurate gps, a long lasting battery and the ability to track many types of workouts. The garmin foreigner 245 is one of the best sports watches. When synced with your android phone, the forerunner 245 can send or cancel emergency notifications at the push of a button. So youll have peace of mind wherever your next workout takes you, the garmin foreigner 245 is small and light, so it wont weigh down your wrist. During runs or feel uncomfortable during everyday wear or while youre sleeping and it gets the same, fitness metrics as garmins latest higher end gps, watches training status to track progress, training load to see workouts over a seven day period and training effect to measure anaerobic and aerobic. It also supports sleep stress, blood, oxygen, saturation and menstrual cycle tracking garmin even offers a foreigner, 245 music edition, which comes with onboard storage for up to 500 songs and syncs with spotify and deezer accounts. The fourth product in our list is fitbit versa, 3 android smartwatch.

The best smartwatch for android for those interested in advanced sleek tracking is the fitbit versa. 3. The next generation of the popular fitbit versa, 2.. The versa 3 standout upgrade is on board gps. Even when you leave your phone at home, the versa can track your location during outdoor exercise. A curvier larger display is welcome too, plus. The versa 3 has gained a great motivational workout feature active zone minutes introduced with the fitbit charge 4, and now a staple of fitbit devices active zone minutes monitors the time you spend in the fat burn, cardio or peak heart rate zones, while exercising your goal is To earn the ahas and whose recommended 150 active zone minutes each week again, you can use your fitbit versa, 3 for phone calls and speak to voice assistants for queries. But note you can only enable one voice assistant at once. The third product in our list is garmin venue, 2 plus advanced android smartwatch. The garmin venue 2 was already a stellar fitness tracking smartwatch. We consider it one of the best smart watches for android thats, both a capable workout, companion and stylish lifestyle device. The dollar 449 garmin venue, 2 plus introduces on risk calls and voice assistance, while it maintains garmins reputation for thorough fitness, tracking and accurate gps. The venue 2 plus, is now a stronger sell for those who want their smart watch to act as an extension of their smartphone, though garmin still lacks a large third party app store and continues to steer clear of lte support.

Embracing more communication tools is a major step towards mastering the complete smart watch. Experience nine days of battery life is the cherry on top. The second product in our list is fitbit sense, advanced smartwatch. The fitbit sense is the companys most ambitious smart watch. Yet it comes with more advanced health and wellness features than any of the best android smart watches. Not only does it have an fda approved, ecg sensor and blood oxygen reading, but the sense has the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature too. Aside from it being a premium health tracking device, the sense can answer and make phone calls when tethered to your android phone. It also has onboard gps, a native app store, alexa, google assistant and other tools. Youll find useful on your wrist. The google owned fitbit isnt. Just a brand with products for tracking our steps, fitbit devices, like the fitbit sense, show what it means to take a holistic look at our health. The number one product in our list is samsung galaxy watch 4.. The samsung galaxy watch 4 is our top choice. Among the best smart watches for android samsung ditched the active branding for its latest lineup, instead pitching a sporty looking galaxy watch 4 as the companys flagship and a classic version that carries on the luxurious characteristics like the physical rotating bezel. Thanks to a three in one health sensor, the galaxy watch 4 measures, heart rate takes ecg and reads body composition, and while it gets appealing samsung galaxy watch, 4 wear os features.

It still pays homage to tizen, making it the ideal accessory for the best samsung phones. In fact, a number of features are exclusive to samsung phones like ecg and blood pressure monitoring, if youre in a country its available. Otherwise, the one galaxy watch – 4 setback is inconsistent battery life, but as long as you dont mind, a daily charge, youll benefit from onboard gps and always on display excellent sleep, tracking and more alright guys. This was our todays video. If you find this video helpful for you, then like the video and if you come to our channel first time, then hit the subscribe button for our amazing upcoming videos be sure to check out the links in the description for the updated price of all products discussed.