2.. If you want to know more about this, one just stay with me and let me show you so this is fitbit versa. 2. I have version emerald, copper rose im so interested in what is in the box, but before we go to that, i want to show you what producer offering on the box. What i can see here definitely offering voice control, store and play music, also offering fitbit pay that you can use in your cards and you can pay using your smart watch. What we have on one of the sites they say include small and light size of straps. So if your hands are small or large, you can customize to you using the long or small, strap thats, really cool what we have on another side, its amazon alexa, built in voice. It means that you can control alexa using your voice. We have also 20 by seven heart rate, tracking apps and notification. Sleep score. This is what i like most battery life of four plus days. It means that you can have battery for four days or can even lasting longer depends, of course, how you using what we have here. Theyre saying: thats, finitely, the same information inspired amazon, alexa beating. We already mentioned it, smartphones, notifications and apps. So i think so. We are ready now to just go straight away and open this box. What we have here, i can already see that you have information. What should include the box, which you can see is charger.

One long strap small one and your smartwatch, of course, so lets see that i have everything included. What you will find in the box is charger, long stripe, small strap. You can regulate for your hand, smart watch manual and instruction. I want to tell you that this strap is very soft, its super, its amazing, how its very soft for your hands – and this smart watch is super light. I used to it to apple smart watches, but this is very light now its very exciting moment for me, because im gon na put to my hand. This is very good amazing guys. Okay, like you, can see its already on my hands, i feel so good. You will feed the comfort of wearing it because really its super soft and very good material, the strap included. What i can tell you about this smartwatch today is. I definitely can tell you that you can always change your face of the watch. You can just download the app and everything what youre gon na do in this smartwatch. You will do it using your smartphone. So once you are downloaded the app thats how youre starting setup, you will need there setting up all settings what you can do in in your smart watch. You have as well here settings and you can do brightness contour screen time out. You can check that will be, for example, of on display mode you can as well controlling if you dont that will disturb you.

You can set up screen wake that when should be awake when youre moving, for example, by hands vibration control microphone off on what is shortcuts for left bottom alexa, blowtorch height rate octo. Of course, you can control also the active zone and, above you can restart your smart watch. If you would like this everything only you can set up here, i havent test, yet this smart watch thats, why i put on my hands and will stay for one week at least the battery will be gone and im gon na record. For you, another video to share with you my experience with fitbit versa, 2., Music. Today, of course, i can share with you my first experience with this one. So, like i told you its very light on the hands, you can feel really. That is really good design and on the screen, you have all information which you need to have like time, height rate. How many steps you have everything, what you need weather? Okay, you can also have bar notification up down. Like usual happens, you have in the smartwatch already extra size, so you can. If your exercises you can choose and you can start alarm its no problem. Timeout is as well if you like, listen music from spotify its as well. Whether, like i told you wallet here its the mod that you can add your cards and you can pay, these are if youre much more like these are tips find your phones.

This is the basic future which give you the smartwatch. Of course, you can install additional app or face watches. Everything is included if you were open, fitbit app on your smartphone, you can contour and set up your smartwatch, how you will love it as usual. I do maybe you are new on this video. I want to tell you, dont, forget, and click subscribe now, im going to show you more video like this one and for everybody who watching me all the time like. I do always our at link with the best price to this one. So you can definitely find the best offer if you want to purchase this feed beat versa. 2.. If you have any problem to find this smart watch in your country, or you have any additional question before you were purchased this one dont be worried im here for you, you can just comment below and i will let you know and find your answer. Thank you for today. I just want to tell you thank you and once again guys, dont forget to click subscribe button. Just now, if you did thank you very much and soon where comes new video with previous reviews, which i recorded, especially for you for my subscribers, and you can still continue watching me, maybe you will find some good offer for you. Maybe you will like another video. Maybe you will like my videos more so this everything i doing, especially for you.