So about two days once you would get a video so be that to subscribe and hit the bell icon to get all the videos as a notification. So now without any further ado, let’s unbox, this Music yeah here let’s now open the box it’s kind of easy. Oh wow, nothing here and here we have the watch it’s like designed it for building it’s kind of nice and inside we have these traps a single pair of stuff and it’s nice, nice quality and let’s give it a sigh, and here we have the magnetic two Pin charger, it kind of looks like a good quality one yeah kind of, and here we have the manual you could study it in both english and chinese. Okay, this side – and here we have the watch slowly, take it off yeah, hear the sound guys satisfying yeah. Oh this is this really looks cool. It really really looks cool just check it out. It just looks like the apple series 6 watch, which is nice so guys. Now we have the strap on it, which looks really cool and now let’s power it on and yeah it’s already on. So the brightness is really good yeah this. This really really looks cool so now let’s look at the quick specifications. So when you swipe down, we have the menu and when you click back, it goes back to the home. When you swipe from left to right, we have the split screen and right.

We have this. The quick apps so take a note of this guys. All the sensors in this watch are fake, are literally fake, so don’t trust those, and here we have the quick menu toggle, which really looks nice, it’s nice it’s kind of different right. So we have the brightness adjustment here and the music controls and the vibration and the yeah. So here we have the menu it’s, the smart menu. So in this watch we have the four four menus. When you double click this button, it changes it, and now we have this wow this. This is the sports menu and we have this too yeah, and this is the last one yeah and the button and the scroll also works it’s really nice and the sound is really good, maybe satisfying so now. Let us see the overview of the watch and yeah in the right side of the watch. The there is the crown crown scrolling button and a mic and at the left side we have two speakers hope you can see that and at the back side we have few sensors and the magnetic port. Here few sensors and all the sensors are fake. So now guys my watch is connected to my ipad. So let us see the speaker quality. Let me keep this one. Music is so the speaker quality is really nice, it’s really really really nice. I hope you have seen the quick features of this watch and now let’s see the specifications of this watch coming off.

First of the battery of this watch, it has a 280 mah of battery which lasts for about two to three days with bluetooth connected to our device, and it takes about two to three hours of charging time from zero to 100 percentage. Next, all coming to the display has a 1.75 inch display gorgeous 1.75 inch display with a very smooth 60hz refresh rate, it’s, really smooth in all the all the styles menu styles, and it has four menu styles with crown working and the crown really works in all The places in this watch and it it also has the two tilt to wake up feature, but the thing is, it does not have uh, always on display that’s, the only you know, disadvantage in this watch, so if you prefer always on display, so don’t prefer this Watch but it has up to 30 seconds on screen on time in this watch, it’s really good 5 to 30 seconds, which is really good. Next off it has the heart rate, ecg, spo2 and many sensors in which watch so guys. Please don’t buy this watch. If you prefer, the, if you are buying, for you know the sensors, this has totally fake sensors, all fake yeah, so don’t prefer this watch if you guys are buying, for you know to checking your heart rate or ecg and yeah, and this is the first impression Of this watch and hope you have liked it if you want the full review, please comment below and i’m ready to put the fill video and if you want the more detailed specifications of this watch i’m ready.

To put please comment your thoughts and thank you for for this video hope you will support my channel.