Guy. Welcome to best pick in today’s video. We will break down the top 5 best budget smartwatch in 2021. You can buy roll down to the link in the description box below to know more information and latest price update, subscribe, the channel and like the video, if it helped you out in any ways, then hit the bell icon for getting notification. When we upload the new video thank let’s, get started Music starting up our list with the number five we have, the amis bib smartwatch, the amazfitbib smartwatch is a fitness watch that is packed with appropriate features and comes at an amazing low price. It is not as feature packed as the more expensive smart watch, but it is an amazing starting choice if you aren’t sure if the smartwatch lifestyle is for you or you are looking for a budget option, its design resembles the apple watch and is pretty attractive for The money it asks and will blend in with pretty much every style. It has soft silicone straps that will fit every wrist size without putting a strain or any slight discomfort. It weighs just 1.1 ounces and on your wrist, it feels like it is not there but don’t confuse this with low quality, its polycarbonate matte plastic and 2.5 d, corning gorilla, glass touchscreen can take a beating, and on top of that, the device has ip68 water and Dust rating from the elements the device is available in black grey, green and orange, and the strap is a standard 20 millimeters.

So you can swap it easily for a different one. Depending on your preference. There is no auto brightness feature, but you can easily control it to your liking. It gets very bright, making it very useful. During sunny days, the amazfit bib smartwatch has a three axis: accelerometer gps, glonass barometer and compass. This is a good amount of sensors, thanks to its convenient os. It syncs in an instant with any smartphone that you want. Its interface is very easy to use with its simplicity. You can access your email, calls and messages by just swiping on the main face to the interface, the gps, pedometer and the heart rate monitor work pretty well with the included me fit app, so you can track all your activities, keep record of your pace and heart Rate and set goals overall, the manufacturer has promised a 45 day battery life with regular use which the amazfit smartwatch delivers. It is the definitely best for the budget buyer up next at number. Four, we have the ticwatch e2 smartwatch. The ticwatch e2 may not be a really feature, packed or a pioneer in the market for any technology, but considering its price point. It is one of the most excellent smart watches out there. It is subtle and it will blend in with any style, and it is mainly aimed at the casual user that does not need more advanced features and technologies. The watch has an interesting display. That is a big selling point because of its build quality and performance.

The screen has a 1.4 inch oled panel that has incredibly vibrant colors and crisp details thanks to its 400 plus 400 resolution that translates into 287 pixels per inch with just the display. The ticwatch e2 could have a higher price because displays with those specs are apparent. Only in high end smartwatches, the ticwatch e2 has an unconventional mediatek, dual core processor, with 512 megabytes of ram and 4 gigabytes of internal storage for apps and wireless syncing. Surprisingly, the processor works very well, and rather quick and smooth fitness features on this. Smartwatch are very good for a budget smartwatch. It has a heart rate sensor that is reasonably accurate, built in gps and the pre installed mob fitness app that tracks basic vitals and details about your fitness and health. The features work pretty well with other fitness apps as well, so this can act as a part time. Fitness watch as well battery life is really exceptional in this watch, as it can last about two days and takes very little time to charge on the number three. We have the polar m200 gps running watch for those that are always outdoors, love sports and want something durable as a smart watch, i would suggest the polar m200. This is one of the most impressive devices out there delivering a great heart rate, monitor that immensely accurate. It has great smartphone connectivity and accurate tracking. While it is a little bland in terms of design, it will deliver you great performance.

I wouldn’t say that the polar m200 is hideous in any way, but it is a little bland and boring in terms of design. It has two buttons in total one on each side, and there is no touchscreen here on the back of the device is located. The optical heart rate monitor, like i said it is more of a running or fitness watch that you can take out when you go to the gym or on your hikes. It can be worn casually as well, but not as much as the samsung model. For example. Then again, if your style is a bit more sporty, then it is excellent. The watch face is one inch large with its circular shape, and it is extremely visible. Even in the brightest of days, the whole thing is just 0.5 inches thick and weighs about 1.4 ounces. In total, making it a bit too large for business attire, you can easily detach the face of the watch from the band, which is great for charging the device from the usb port or the metal contacts. This means that you won’t need to carry special cables around to charge the device. The power m200 connects via bluetooth to both android and ios devices seamlessly, and it is excellent in that regard. You can check the polar flow app that is great for tracking your workouts and plan them. It has great training programs to get you in shape, which i am a big fan of the senses all worked great and i found that the gps signal was great.

The battery life of the polar m200 is flawless at about five or six days with normal use. Music at number two we have the samsung galaxy watch active. This smartwatch from samsung has a lot of features packed in a beautiful design that comes in a super, affordable package. On top of all this, you got samsung quality and assurance to give you peace of mind. Even though you are shopping in the shaky budget range, the samsung galaxy watch active is just one year old and it shows its modern design and premium vibes that its more expensive cousins have. Of course, it doesn’t have everything that the high end models have, for example, it lacks a rotating bezel, but i think it fits well with the overall design of this watch, as it doesn’t feel as sporty and more of a versatile style piece. It is also lighter and thinner thanks to that so no complaints there, the body of the watch, is made out of metal and feels pretty durable. It has two buttons on the side, which are very easy to find. The watch come with black blue rose, gold and silver, all of which look excellent overall it’s, designed with a silicone band, which is rather comfortable even when the weather is hot and humid. Of course, you can swap the millimeters strap for anything else without any problem. The screen is a 1.1 inch, 360 plus 360 resolution that is pretty usable even under direct sunlight.

I should state that it is also water resistant down to five meters and is ip68 rated, meaning that you can have plenty of fun combined with the swim tracking features. It is equipped with an exynos 9110 chipset, with a dual core processor at 1.15 gigahertz clock speed, which combines with the 750 megabytes of ram. It works rather smoothly with all the apps and the wear. Os works wonders with a good selection of apps. All the fitness and health related features work properly without any compromise, and it delivers about two days of use without any problem. The last product on our list is the fitbit versa light. While this smartwatch might not have all the features, it is one of the most functional ones in the market and as the name implies, it is a great fitness watch. It provides an excellent battery. Life has some interesting color options: health tracking sleep tracking and a lot more packed under its hood. If you have seen the original fitbit versa, you will see that it is very similar to the light in terms of design. They have both a ‘ millimeter screen and both are just 23 grams in weight, but some things set them apart. The first is that the fitbit versa light comes in different and more playful color offerings. As this one is available in white, charcoal lilac, marina, blue and mulberry, some are more vibrant than the others, and you can choose whichever fits your personality and style the most.

The second difference is the setup for buttons, as, besides the large on off button and the back button on the left side. The original versa has two additional buttons for playback controls. I can say that this one is certainly a good looking watch and feels good. It will deliver comfort on your wrist and you will forget that you are carrying it. You can also swap around the band quite quickly if you get bored with the color, the fitbit versa light might be cheaper than other options in the market, but it doesn’t trail behind in tracking it delivers great exercise tracking and it has class leading sleep tracking. That makes it a beautiful device to use it tracks, sleep cycles accurately and delivers you intuitive data about them. It maybe doesn’t have the most advanced app offering, but it is amazing, in my opinion, as it delivers a simplistic experience.