For this year. First we’re going to show you our five best picks. Then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a garmin smartwatch we’ll put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started number five garmin forerunner, 245. Music is the thought of spending 500 on a running watch, making you ill, we wouldn’t blame you garmin’s, 4runner, 245. Music is likely the watch for you. If you’re, looking for a mid tier device, the garmin forerunner 245 music has onboard music support, a pulse oximeter virtual racer and virtual partner garmin coach programs pool swimming strength, workouts and galileo. The bigger missions from the forerunner 245 music are the lack of a barometric, altimeter and garmin pay. Also garmin makes you pay 50 extra for the version with music there’s a cheaper 4runner 245 model without music, but this model also lacks wi fi data. Uploads number four garmin forerunner 745, the garmin forerunner 745, is our pick for the best garmin running watch you can buy. Its combination of training and smartwatch features makes the 745 stand out as the goldilocks running watch from the company. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s. A hundred dollars cheaper than the forerunner 945, which some people might find, the benefits of which aren’t worth the 100 premium. The 745 is nearly the same as the 945. Only without offline maps, less on board storage and shorter battery life, the 4runner 745 features garmin’s pace.

Pro and climb pro modes training load focus, stats, heat and altitude, acclimation and, of course, now staple features in garment devices like body battery all day, stress, tracking, a pulse, oximeter, garmin pay, music storage and more. It also has a barometric altimeter, which the 735 xt does not number three garmin vivo active 3.. If you’re not worried about having the newest and best garmin smartwatch, you can save some money by opting for the vivo active 3. it’s, not nearly as impressive when compared to its successor, but it has a lot to offer. Most importantly, the unbeatable price tag makes the garmin vivo active 3 an excellent value pick. The noteworthy features on the vivoactive 3 include built in gps smartphone notifications, garmin pay, multiple pre loaded, sports, apps and 5 atm water resistance. The smart watch also offers stress tracking sleep, tracking and heart rate monitoring the battery will last for up to a week in smart watch mode and 13 hours in gps mode, as mentioned you’ll, be hard pressed to find all of these features at this price point number Two garmin vivomove hr for those who are seeking for a reasonably priced, hybrid, smart watch that offers a sleek and attractive design along with a good feature set. The fivo move hr is ideal. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of this model is its surprisingly affordable price tag, which is a nice bonus if you’re on a budget, this watch offers up to five days of battery life in smartwatch mode and an additional 2 weeks in regular watch mode.

While this is not a full blown runner’s watch by any means, it still has a lot to offer for the casual athlete who wants to track the basics. It will also track your sleep patterns and stress levels, it’s disappointing that this wearable is equipped with an accelerometer and 5 atm water resistance, yet doesn’t offer swim tracking. However, given that it’s, a hybrid smart watch with a screen that doesn’t work well underwater, it makes sense number two garmin vivoactive iv, the garmin vivoactive 4 might be a year old now, but it’s overflowing with features that make it a worthy upgrade from the previous model. You’Ll now have your pick between two sizes, 45 and 40 millimeters. The larger model gives you an extra day of battery life in smartwatch mode at 8 days, it’ll last 6 hours when it’s in gps and music mode music storage is now standard, which is something you have to pay more for with the predecessor. You’Ll have many of the same workouts like strength, cardio elliptical, training, floor, climbing indoor rowing and yoga there’s, now a pulse ox sensor to track blood, oxygen, saturation levels and respiration tracking to monitor the number of breaths per minute. As a result, you’ll have more insightful sleep data. Now that we’ve shown you the best garment, smart watches out there let’s talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one style and design if you’re going to be wearing the smart watch all day.

You want something that’s stylish and suits you. There are plenty of smartwatch styles to choose from, for example, you can pick between a digital and analog design. You might also be able to change the color of the band or the frame. If you select a digital model, you might even be able to change the display design. Most smart watches today offer several customization options before purchase battery life and charging most smart watches with color displays appear to last one to two days between charges and sometimes less than a day. So you’ll want to decide how long you’re willing to keep your watch plugged.