So this watch is a follow up. I actually reviewed the ticwatch 3 pro last year and it was a very good watch. I liked it, it works with ios and it also works with android. It has more functionality with android because, of course, it uses wear os, which is a google operating platform for the watch itself, but the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. This is their latest iteration. Its still got the two screens, its got, the underlying normal looking digital readout and then its got the oled screen on top of it as well its supposed to work up to three days in smart mode and up to 45 days in essential mode, which is just Kind of that little lcd readout like an old, traditional digital watch, it has gps, so you can use that to track for, like your running and your routes and all that stuff, you dont have to worry about carrying your phone with you and its really comfortable. I actually enjoy wearing its got. A nice watch face its got a band right here. Oh look, its out of the box and itll fit most peoples wrists, so were gon na dive in and take a look at it closer talk about it is it any good? Is it worth it all that jazz that we typically go through and well discuss it in this video, but before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel.

Thank you for being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell if you want updates when new videos come out now lets talk about the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps Music. All right here we are with the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. Looks fancy very similar looking to the previous models, all the features listed on the back its got wear os, so its powered by google, its like the android of watches, qualcomm snapdragon 4100, its a nice zippy, powerful processor. It works great for the watch mil standard 810g. So its good for different climates and temperature changes and shock resistant up to 72 hours of battery in smart mode 45 days in essential mode, ill, elaborate on that later, over 20 plus professional workout modes to include ping pong. So if you love table tennis, this is a watch for you, ip68 dust and water resistance same as your phones that have that you can take it underwater. You can swim with it thats important, especially for the workout modes google assistant, thats, nice. You can use it and talk to it that way, and also you get the atrial fibrillation heart detection, stuff and fatigue assessment. You can do that built in gps for your running and jogging, and all that stuff you like to do outdoors built into the watch and dont need to rely on your phone dual display with customized colorful backlight.

So that gives you that look of the traditional digital watch from like the 80s and the 90s. We all love so much your g shock and your casios all that good stuff google pay its got nfc, which is fantastic, got your sleep rate tracking heart rate. Also. It does your oxygen saturation, which is fancy and over a thousand different watch faces on google play so theres a lot going on here and oh yeah. By the way here, it is so ive been enjoying using this for about three weeks now, its a really nice watch. Youve got the gorilla glass here and its also fingerprint resistant. So its not going to look like trash all the time and then, of course you can, you can cover it up to take it back out of smart mode, so youre good to go. There thatll help give some battery but very easy to use traditional navigation swipe from the left to the right you get to your google assistant. All that jazz will give you your google feed its very helpful. I do enjoy that swipe to the right. You get your widgets get your workout stuff, your workout goals, your weather, and here we go well swipe up from go back to the home swipe up from the bottom. You get your notifications, whether thats text messages your twitter, all that jazz and then swipe down from the top. This is where you get to your settings. You got your quick settings right here and then also google pay, which is nice and go into your settings, and you can adjust stuff in there.

Like your display, your brightness, your sound all that cool stuff now well go back. You press this button right here and its going to take you to your apps youve got google translate in here. You got voice messages, timer, weather spotify, which is really cool ill talk more about that later, but you can use spotify from your watch and dont need to use your phone. No, it doesnt connect to the internet. What it does is you download your music and playlist and then you can listen to those directly through bluetooth, because this has bluetooth and you can connect it directly to your earbuds got the play store there. Google pay a hand washing thing. If you want to do that, and you cant trust yourself, but you get your heart rate stuff, your fit breathing find my phone, which is very helpful by the way calculator calendar theres, all sorts of great stuff on here that you can use and is at your Disposal all the modern smartwatch stuff you would expect and then ta da you can press the bottom button here to go. Dont worry my heart rates, not 156.. Sometimes sometimes it gives you a weird reading like if its not situated and seated properly. This is something just to make you aware. My heartbeats not 156 beats per minute right now it just it just pegs out at a high number whenever its weird. So here we go all the different workouts weve got here.

Well talk about this more later as well. You can start them very easily, run, walk indoor run, cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, all sorts of great stuff and then its nice and comfortable its got a traditional rubberized smart watch band on it. That is comfortable. You can wear it for long term. Its easy to take on to take off and put on, and then theyve minimized this stuff on the back its not like the watches of old, where it sets up super high on your wrist, very easy to use built in microphone here. So you can talk to it for your google assistant, all that jazz charging port very simple and easy to use bam. You just pop your little charger on there, like that it doesnt come with the charging base and overall ive been impressed with it. So theres, not an extra band in here ill go ahead and show you whats in the box, but its not a lot honestly since ive already taken these other two things out pop this out and then basically youve got some silica gel and a manual. And then you get your charging cable and the watch so thats about it for all the up, close stuff lets go ahead and talk more directly about the operation and what its like to use the watch and the experience that ive had with it. So with the watch ive enjoyed using, it, ive had it for probably about three weeks now: ive tested it out extensively other than the running, because i cant physically run uh im not allowed to im all beat up and stuff, but if you were to run it Will work great for that? It also works with swimming with cycling, with walking theres all sorts of different workout modes theres over 20 on here.

So whats great, is you just press the bottom button and then they pop up here youve got outdoor run outdoor wall indoor run, cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, pool swimming high intensity interval, something i dont do much of rowing machine, elliptical, machine body, mechanics whatever. That is trail running mountaineering, yoga, football, basketball, pilates, taekwondo, badminton tables and skating. So if you want to get your ping pong on, this is the watch for you, so ive enjoyed using it its got the heart rate sensor. It does your 24 hour heart rate monitoring. It also does the monitoring for the atrial fibrillation, which is the latest and greatest trick, that these watches do apple watch. Did it first and now youve got watches like the withings watch. Youve got this one right here. It works. Well, i havent had any atrial fibrillation. So i havent been able to test that out, but im led to believe that it is a product feature that works. Also, your oxygen saturation spo2. You can check your oxygen saturation. It will monitor it throughout the day as well heres. The thing this watch is supposedly going to last you up to 72 hours when it comes to using it on smart mode, which is when it looks like this right here so well, go to smart mode. It looks like this: it doesnt look like just a little digital readout screen like a traditional old 1980s casio, this right here it drains more battery, and you can even see when you shake it around, like the lights, will come on when its in monitoring mode see.

There we go so whatever its monitoring all that stuff it uses more battery. It reminds me a lot of if youve ever seen, apollo 13, if youre old enough to have seen that, if youre young and you havent seen it go watch it theres a part in the movie actually its like the whole second half of the movie when theyre The when theyre in the lunar module theyre flying back from the moon theres a problem because one of the oxygen cylinders, didnt get rotated, it froze and it blew up. It lost a lot of their oxygen and also their power generation their batteries. So they only had a certain amount of battery to work with to get them all the way back to earth. Well, when you have a battery powered thing like this, just like your phone, the more things you use the more battery it burns up. So if youve got the heart rate on youve got the sleep monitoring youve got the oxygen saturation, all that stuff youre running up the tally on how much battery youre using its not going to last you three days. I have the 24 hour monitoring on with the heart rate, not on the oxygen saturation and mine lasts me about two and a half days. I didnt get three days out of it. It probably could, if i turn the other stuff off, but then whats the point right. So the more things you turn on the less is going to last, but im im happy as long as it gets at least two days, because then that lets you know you can go to sleep and you can actually use the sleep tracking thats.

One of the things i absolutely hate about the apple watch. Yes, you can do sleep monitoring, but it doesnt have a two day battery. It has an all day, 18 hour battery, which only someone at apple could come up with the all day, 18 hour battery expression right, theres, 24 hours. In a day. How are you supposed to use sleep, tracking and work? You got eight hours of work. You got eight hours of sleep, you got eight hours of everything else, 24 hours, not 18 apple, so the guys over at moboy, solid on the battery life and thats one of the things you get here. It will last you with all the features on at least two days, its not gon na get you three. But if you minimize that youre good in essential mode, it gets you up to 45 days, which i guess, if youre off the grid and you dont need the other features and youre not connected to a phone or i i dont know. I dont know why you would really use this for essential mode other than absolute emergency, so like, if youre out and about you, forgot to charge it for two days. You realize you dont, have much battery left, go ahead and throw it on essential mode. You can at least get some of the basic stuff to last you until you can find a charger. It does come with a charging cable, its very simple and easy, its just a little little semi circle.

Looking thing its got, two prongs attach it on the back: there plug it in it doesnt again, doesnt come with a power bank thats how you charge it and i i like the watch ive been enjoying using it its pretty flush and thats. One thing i appreciate here: it doesnt have a big bump on it, so when its on your wrist, its actually pretty comfortable ill go and put this on real, quick while im on camera, the wrist watch band should fit most wrists like i dont have the most Gigantic wrist in the world, it doesnt come with two bands: its not like apple, where you get a smaller one and a larger one. I dont have the biggest wrist in the world and ive got one two three four five notches left. So if youve got like gargantuan hands and wrists, it might not be that comfortable or that great for you. So there are other bands you can get for it, so you can always check that out and you can get aftermarket bands for it. So thats something thats. Nice, if you want a leather one, you want to change it up very simple, very straightforward, very easy to use you get the swipe gestures, just like on your android phone or your iphone. If you swipe from the left to the right, it takes you over to your google assistant. If you swipe from the right to the left, it takes you over to your different kind of widgets and stuff.

You get your monitoring for your you. Can you can set that up? You can have different things there, but typical things like weather, also, your activity, monitoring for your exercise, stuff, like that swipe from the top down to get to your settings, swipe from the bottom up to get your notifications, which is nice, because you get your text messages. You get your twitter notifications, your facebook messages, all that stuff. You can check it. You can reply to it from your watch, so thats nice as well. One thing that i do really like on here is: you can use this with your earbuds. You can connect your earbuds to it. It has built in bluetooth, you dont need a phone. You can use this for spotify without a phone and thats really cool, because if you want to go for a run thats one of the things ive always hated, you want to go out for a cycle. You want to go for a run whatever youre going to exercise outside, i always hated having to carry my phone and my little sleeve on my arm. Carry it in my hand, carry my pocket whatever you just want to go out and exercise. Well, the nice thing is: is you can connect this directly with your earbuds connect to your spotify account and sync it download your playlist or your songs go with it on the go on the watch, and then you can use that for the source for your music.

You get eight gigabytes of storage, contrary to popular belief, nowadays, thats actually quite a bit when it comes to the world of music, because youre, probably rocking about three or four megabytes per song. In addition to that, it also has nfc. It has google pay built in, so you can go up and use your contactless payment. Google pay bam check out, use that wherever its accepted and available so theres a lot of stuff here, very modern, so im gon na go through a couple. Other things your built in gps, that works out with your exercise, stuff, you do your routes and you can see where you went. You can check all that stuff later and it also has over a thousand watch faces which is convenient because when youre on the home screen, all you have to do is press and hold on the home screen. And then you can change. The watch faces on the fly, theres lots of different ones you can choose from and then you can go into the wear os app on your phone to select additional ones. So a lot of cool stuff here, its a very enjoyable watch to use its very lightweight. Very very casual looking its not too shiny, limited bezel. It unfortunately doesnt have a rotating bezel. I really like that on the samsung watches. Maybe tick watch can have that one day, maybe its copyright or trademarked i dont know, but very nice built. Well.

I think the price is fair: 299 dollars. It comes in less than the apple watch, which is a very appealing and then also its competitive, with the samsung watches. If youre in the android platform as well, so good, solid watch, i think its worthwhile. If you want to pick it up, plus the built in gps, a lot of people really appreciate and its just another option out there, that you can consider in the smart watch space, whether its on android or on apple with the iphone, which is primarily what ive Been using mine with so i like it, i think they did. A good job, looks nice, nice screen on it and fancy and all that good stuff. So thats all i got if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down.