If that is an analog watch or a smart watch, they can smart watches cake problem, but now, especially in terms of looks on your wrist first theyre, not really the best looking ones and second coffee generic ojatena, they all look almost the same. How do you make your personality different, which is why your traditional watchmakers they are entering into the free of smart watches? I was really really happy. They get what people want from a smartwatch. They know what people want from something on their wrist and i think they also know what to put, which is really smart and what is a total gimmick, and i think titan has landed a big punch in that department yeah. My past titan key smart, a smart watch that combines beauty to legacy, watches from the good old days and the functionality of a truly cutting edge modern day, smart watch accuracy from precise sensors and a price that will make your wrist and your bank balance very. Very happy but savali it, the knee sorry, smart watch players and the market hundreds and hundreds of more smart watches. Is this the smart watch to buy one savvy savage answered in the next few seconds now before i dive in pura, kapoor review or tess karenges watch. Go and ill tell you all about my adventures, heres what the unboxing experience is for the titan smart after buckholt and youll see the titan branding welcome to titans smart world.

So so far, so good lets see right inside being on a watch. Car dial there, which feels very premium in the hand its made out of metal, feels and looks solid, yet its very, very light to hold silicon straps. On the left hand, side these can easily be installed easily and can be replaced also easily. You can also get other colors usb charging cable here with a proprietary connector with additional paperwork and some information about the watch, a qr code bf for the mobile app to help you get started. So things are easy: great unboxing, pretty premium for a smart watch at this price, a ball sorry low, bouldering – that this is the best smart watch under 10 000 rupees, our ah prices here, eight thousand nine hundred and ninety five, which is absolutely fantastic but lets see, Does it manage to be the absolute best at this price to keep competition both Music lets start off with the design? Arguably i think some say, but our deciding factor about the smartwatch should look subscribe. You dont want to wear something shabby on your wrist. At all times needs to look premium. You should feel good should also not look like every other smart watch in the market. Yeah behave, their titan is actually hitting the nail on the head. Watch dial is made out of aluminium, looks and feels very premium, and despite the size, both the light head weighs just 48.2 grams and the design language totally different from all the other generic ones that are out there absolutely towards the display most important component of a Smartwatch is the screen smart device and titan has got this right, also, 1.

32 inch tft display, which looks beautiful lot of sheen and premiumness in the titan smart 360 by 360 resolution. He gets pretty bright indoors. Also outdoors also works well. Coffee responsive as scrolling feels very smooth, not at all jarring im cheltenham towards the features you hear the real meat of things when you actually want to buy a smart watch. The actual features i think the biggest one is alexa is built in my demonstration. How well this works alexa? How are you alexa how to make hot noodles? Okay, that was pretty impressive, but thats, not it im gon na do this. You can even ask alexa to do things like book, a cab for you recipe, while youre cooking, so lots of good functionality out there youre using your wrist to the best ability start on a multi sport tracking, the ana. You can track metrics for 14 different sports using the watch. It can even measure your stress for you theres. Of course, sleep tracking and heart monitoring, also spo to monitoring also and for women theres, even period tracking on the titan smart. But you the age of features and some watches have them some dont have it, but there are others who have it whats, the biggest thing to expect whats extra in the titan smart title: smart mayhem x sensor a metric for vo2 maxi. What important a maximum oxygen uptake, co actually read: kurta by our bodies, the physical activities have very intense activities like running or sprinting.

This gives you your vo2 max a complete fitness powerhouse here on your wrist, okay, its a smart watch, so its a given functionality up for notification, melanie music control, maliga play pause of songs malega. You also get camera control, so the watch acts as a shutter button. Perfect for group shots where you can just adjust the phone at a distance and then just do this. One great thing titan smart drive is which also has hydration alerts, yannick theyre, also very busy with their work. You usually forget to drink water. You actually coffee buddy problem. You can set the titan smart to actually give you periodic reminders. Also, usually you know you need a third party app yourself connectedly, but is me it is actually built into the watch. So nice touch titan. The most important part is the trikia kasari. Sensors are very, very accurate if whats critical in a smart watch afterwards is garbage in garbage out of the data itself is bad, so while the watch can track so many different metrics app is really really nicely done. Both interesting nice ui, you can swipe through different menus, get a complete overview of your overall health and fitness data. You can change the watch face from the app 100 watch faces plus and that you can choose from you can completely customize the titan smart and truly make it your own. Now lets come down to one of the most critical parts battery now the biggest problems with all smart watches is the battery.

Most of them cannot get through a day. Some can get through two or three days: titan, smart choice, battery life. Here this is good and if you take use all the sensors for running and everything else, you will still get. We got eight days of battery life minimum so verdict, i think great features. Wow factor was a chair. Good looks different from everybody else. Very good build nice metal build. I started off in the beginning if people are claiming that this is the best smart watch under ten thousand rupees, i think titan is almost there definitely very high on that list. Logarithmic of fitness goals, you have not been able to keep to it snap up this one. It will keep you right there dont wait. I have a feeling age of watcher is going to fly off the shelf because thats just the start of the year. A lot of other exciting products are going to be coming in 2022.