, Your budget is low, but you need premium features.. So this is the Beat XP Vega X, which I have been using for a long time.. It has a big round: AMOLED display high brightness high resolution with 60Hz refresh rate.. You also get the easy tap technology, Bluetooth calling which connects to your Android phone or iPhone with one tap and helps you make and receive calls.. So how is this Bluetooth calling smartwatch, and how was my experience in the last few days Lets check out with this watch.? So this is the box of Beat XP Vega X. It looks very attractive.. On the back side, you will find all the features written on the top.. You will find all the documents warranty card and some stickers in the box. You get. The Beat XP Vega X watch and a premium looking magnetic charger.. I really liked the charger.. It is very different and of high quality.. It sticks to the bottom and you can keep the watch flat on your table and charge it.. The most important feature of this watch is its design and build quality.. It has a round dial which looks very beautiful.. It has a metal construction which makes it more premium.. You get a functional digital crown, which I will tell you about later.. Additionally, you get a button and a mic.. You also get a microphone and speaker on this side.. The bottom is also very premium.. It has a glossy metal construction and you get sensors in the center.

. The strap is also of high quality. Silicone material., The glass on the display is also curved.. I have been using this watch for a long time and I can say that it is very comfortable to wear. And it will look very beautiful on your hand.. It is very easy to pair this watch with your iPhone or Android.. You get a QR code on the box, which you can scan with your iPhone or Android phone.. You will get the Beat XP track app on scanning.. You have to pair this watch with your phone.. After opening the app go to the device and tap on, add device., You will see your watch here. Tap on it and confirm the pairing.. Now your watch is paired and it is ready to use.. The most beautiful feature of this watch is the 1.43 inches Super AMOLED display.. It is round in shape and the bezels are very thin.. The Super AMOLED display has a peak brightness of 500 nits.. So you will get amazing outdoor visibility.. You will also get to see the viewing angles of this display.. This is a high resolution display and it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz., So you can easily scroll through the menu and you wont feel any lag.. This watch has an always on display and three different modes.. One of them is analog clock and the other two are digital., Which will save you a lot of power.. If we look at the UI of this watch, it is very good.

. It is very easy to use.. You can enter a passcode in it., So that no watch will start using it.. I have kept a simple passcode here.. It is 0000.. The digital crown is a functional one.. You can enter the passcode by pressing it.. You have to scroll through the menu., You can also scroll through it.. The UI is completely lag free with a 60 Hz refresh rate display. And the chipset inside it gives you a lag free experience.. You can activate the sports mode with the second button. Swiping from the top to the bottom. You can see a control center., You can access the settings here.. You have to connect your phone to the watch. App.. There is a QR code for that.. You can adjust the brightness of the display from here.. You can also use the find phone and do not disturb modes from here., And you can see the local weather. Swiping from the bottom to the top. You can see the phone messages. You can set all the notifications from the phone app.. You can open the individual applications by swiping from the right to left or left to right.. There is a shortcut for that.. There are 5 different styles in the menu like list style, cellular, rolling, kaleidoscope and roller style.. These are also good styles.. You can set any mode from these and use it on your watch.. You get a lot of health features in Vega. X.

You get a heart rate scanner which will monitor your heart rate 24×7.. It will track your sleep and tell you about the quality of sleep.. You get 24×7 blood pressure, monitoring and SPODO.. You get breathing exercise option which will synchronize your breath.. You get stress, monitoring, feature which will tell you that you are tired and need relaxation.. You get activity tracking option which will close the rings to keep you motivated.. You get cycle tracking option for females to track your menstrual cycle.. You get a lot of health features in this watch.. You get an alarm. You can control your phones, music from here.. You can check out the local weather and keep an eye on its other parameters.. You can use the camera of your phone as a shutter button.. You get a find my phone option which will track your phone.. You get options like stopwatch timer world clock.. You can keep an eye on the stock market. If you invest in stocks., You can add your favorite stock here.. You also get a proper calculator here.. You get 100 plus sports modes in this watch.. You can access them directly from this button.. It will fulfill all your sports requirements.. You get a proper dial pad and contacts option. Here. You get Bluetooth, calling with the easy pad technology.. You can connect your phone to the watch with one tap of the Android or iPhone.. You can also pair your call with one tap of the Android phone.

. This saves power and time. Lets check out the performance of the Bluetooth calling.. I have added a contact. Here. Lets call it.. The number you have dialed is currently busy.. The number you have dialed is currently busy.. As you can see, the speakers are of good quality and the loudness is also good.. You can easily make and receive calls on this. You get the AI voice assistant in the Beat XP Vega X. You can tap on it and say whatever you want to say., It will work as your virtual assistant.. You can call anyone or do anything. Lets check out the application.. It is the same for both Android and iOS.. The first page is for status.. You can see your daily steps. How many calories you have burned? How much time you have worked out? What type of training you have done? Your heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen level, sleep stress, monitoring, weight.! You can see all these things here.. Then you get the device option. Here.! You can see the watch face. Gallery. You get 100 plus customizable watch faces which are cloud based.. You can download the watch face from here. Whenever you want., Then you get the notification settings option here.. You can take any notification, you want on the watch and you can turn it off. If you dont want it., Then you get the reminder of incoming calls. Anti loss reminder do not disturb mode sedentary reminder and many other options.

. You can set the raise to wake feature here.. You can add the stocks you like in the stock market here.. Then you get the option of ME here where you can set your goals.. You also get 128MB storage in the Beat XP Vega X. You can store your favorite songs here.. If you dont want to connect it to your phone, you can use it as a standalone device for music playback.. You get IP68 dust and water resistance in this watch.. You can take it out and bathe it in the rain.. There shouldnt be any issue.. You get A GPS technology in the Beat XP Vega X. It can track your route with the help of your phones. Gps. You get up to 5 days of battery life with normal usage.. If you use it with heavy calls, it gives you 2 days of battery life.. I have added its pricing and link in the description box.. You can get it for Rs.2299. In the launch day. Offer. After the launch, the price will increase to Rs.3499., But if you use our coupon code, you will get it for a lower price., But if you want to buy it on launch day, this is the best time.. You will get this watch for only Rs.2299., Which is a good price for this watch.. I liked this watch for the price.. It is an amazing smart watch.. It has a metal body, a superb display and a Super AMOLED display.

. I got to see many great features in it.. I liked this smart watch a lot., Because at this price point it has such great features like a metal body, a digital crown., A Super AMOLED display with good brightness and Bluetooth calling.. It is difficult to get all these things. If you want to buy this watch check out the description box.. I hope you liked todays video., If you liked it, please like and share it. And subscribe to my channel..