What you need to know about the Huawei watch buds its priced at 449, pounds in the UK with no pricing or details available as yet on a US launch that makes it Hawaiis most expensive Smartwatch putting in more expensive than the Huawei watch. Gt3 Pro and watch 3. design wise, it comes in either matte silver or black case colors partnering, up with removable 22 millimeter straps youve got a 47 millimeter size case which measuring at 14.99 millimeters thick, making it thicker than Apple watch Ultra full context. It weighs just over 66 grams with the case alone. The watch has an ipx7 water rating and an ipx4 one when open, which means its not suitable for swimming and immersing in water theres, a single Crown button and a 1.43 inch 466 by 466 resolution. Amoled display matching the display featured on the 46 millimeter Huawei watch, GT3 the front of the case to open and release a case lid, which reveals the bullet style earbuds. The buds can sit and charge on either side of the case and can be used in either air Huawei says the hinge can withstand over a hundred thousand openings and closings. Each Bud weighs roughly four grams and offers active noise cancellation as well as an awareness mode, and there are touch and gesture controls to just listening modes playing pause, audio handle calls and Skip tracks, but it doesnt seem to support volume. Controls currently running features wise youre. Getting most of what weve already seen on the Hawaiis, most recent watches theres profiles for outdoor and indoor running, as well as running courses and plans.

You can set up interval, training sessions and customize data fills, and you also have access to running insights like a running ability, index, training, load and Recovery information. You can pay external heart rate monitors to it, sync data to Strava officially, but it does seem to lack route importing and the Dual Band GPS, sport that you do get on some other Huawei watches battery life is three days of both watch and earbuds together and Seven days in a power saving mode, the earbuds can deliver four hours of music it with no ANC and three hours with ANC Music. So we do have to talk about design, because, ultimately, that is the real story here. The fact that Huawei is managed to create a watch that you can drop a pair of buds or you can store away a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Now my biggest concern with this watch was: how thick was it going to be because the idea of having a little compartment that you can store away kind of truly Wise air buds? Its somethings got to give in terms of that design and actually surprised to find that its actually not a really chunky watch um. You know Ive kind of measured up against some other smart watches and, as you can see its not really really chunky, it is definitely a bit on the bigger side compared to some other kind of Slimmer, smart watches that you can get and actually, if you kind Of look at what are other watches around it around this price are a little bit more expensive.

Then, actually, it kind of sits pretty well, and you know the the size of it isnt, something that massively bothered me. I think, from a random perspective. Obviously, there are other Huawei watches that work. A bit nicer for running the oil watch, GT Runner its lighter its got polymer case. This has got a metal case. Youve noticed that weight a little bit but its you know ultimately its been fine in terms of running with now its not a design, thats kind of you know, screams running. You know, youve got this kind of strap here. Thats kind of a more classic kind of watch strap the case. It kind of conjures that kind of more traditional watch style kind of design, but ultimately its been absolutely fine. I mean youve only got one button here and you know. Obviously you know another live watches you getting kind of a couple of buttons um, so youre really kind of relying on that touch screen display in terms of that interaction. The touchscreen display, like a lot of the other Huawei watches, is very, very good. You know vibrancy brightness, the color kind of um accuracy as well um. It can stay always on during workouts as well. So if you want that option, you do have that option. Obviously it will thatll hit the battery life more, but yeah. I think the main thing for me is I was worried about how thick and how heavy, maybe this watch would be that wasnt really a concern.

It definitely isnt that kind of sporty feeling watch like something like the Hawaii watch GT run. I would say also some of the models of the Huawei watch GT3 as well in terms of embracing that kind of um kind of lid design. When you kind of open it up to get those buds out, I think it works pretty nicely Music, okay, so into the run test and from a kind of run, tracking experience its very similar to what Ive experienced in other Huawei watches um. You know, in terms of you know, being on Harmony OS that software, so its a similar feel in terms of the UI and interface similar kind of features. You know, in fact, you can kind of um create interval. Training on it. Youve got similar kind of features in terms of the modes. The running modes and youve got the kind of running courses which are quite useful for kind of beginners and getting grips getting to grips with um running and tracking. Your runs. Um youve got some of the running metrics or Advanced, more advanced, running metrics from the kind of GT Renault, its kind of spread out to the other watches as well. So things like running ability, index recovery, um advice and kind of training load as well um its the kind of things that weve seen. I mean its things that youre mainly missing. As far as I can see, youre not getting the Dual Band support that weve seen on the most recent Huawei watches, and I dont think you can import routes into the watch either.

As far as I havent been able to do it in my time with it. So it looks like maybe thats potentially missing from um the watch buds, but in terms of the watch itself in terms of run tracking, its been pretty solid overall Ive always found it pretty good um, although I watches in general, in terms of kind of distance tracking. Those kind of average uh kind of things like pace and theres kind of core running metrics and stats its held up pretty well heart rate monitoring has been okay, as well kind of the steady runs Ive done um you do have the ability to pair external heart Rate monitors, which is something Huawei, is kind of rolled out on its most recent watches as well. So that is a good thing to see here too, as I said, you miss out on the Dual Band support from the looks of it, and you know I havent seen massive. You know differences in terms of what Ive seen and the other watches that Ive tested it against. From that point of view, so from the kind of run tracking experience, it feels very familiar, or mostly the kind of things weve seen or seen, supported on other horror watches from a run tracking experience. So from that point of view, I think its pretty good in terms of using those earbuds and how they work and how they you know. First of all, theyve stayed put theyre, very, very small, but actually they havent budged in terms of my use of you know in the runs Ive done, Ive done, indoor and outdoor runs with them now and theyve been relatively fine in terms that fit sonically and how They sound they sound pretty good.

I mean, I think you know the ancs be very good when Ive used them indoors, um, you know best in class, but it is very good because youre getting a very kind of close seal, you do have some additional buds to make sure that fits is exactly Right, but actually they do kind of disappear and theyre very discreet in terms of wearing them. You do have the ability to change between kind of saying the active noise cancellation, awareness modes um and you do have an EQ there that can change. Youve got something better kind of suited for kind of voice. Uh kind of added boost, something thats a bit more balanced and you see you do have a variety or you know, scope to change, how the buds sound and for me they sound, very, very good. I think theres enough power there. I think its a good level of bass. I think theres detail there as well. So from that point of view, I dont have you know kind of many qualms. You know the controls. Obviously, you have mix of kind of touch controls and these kind of controls. I think they work. Okay, I think, in terms of the double Taps, to kind of um change between or playing pause or to accept a call. Hes worked. Only fine youve really just got to make sure youre finding The Sweet Spot. Once you do find that its generally find the triple Taps. I find it a little bit more challenging to do when youre running um and even on the kind of buds themselves.

I think you know its not fantastic and you can customize those controls, But ultimately you cant control the volume which I think is a little bit annoying uh. You can do it from the um watch itself and youve got some features on the watch. To give you better control there buds, but in terms of the onboard controls, as far as I say, You Cant customize, to use them for volume, controls but see the controls are fine. I think not perfect for running, but I think ultimately, theyve worked generally. Okay. I think sound Wise, Its very, very good Im, very, very surprised that these kind of small bars deliver very, very good. Well, all rounded audio performance and ultimately, theyve stayed put for me and my runs um. As I say on a treadmill when Ive gone Outdoors, running with them as well so for me or positives in terms of the run tracking experience so far, um the terms in terms of the performance of the earbuds as well in terms of using the earbuds and How they interact with the um case and how you know the the features and the software Works between the two I think work pretty well, the other thing to mention really battery life. I think it pretty much lives up in terms of that watch and earbuds um performance in terms of the earbuds themselves, I would say maybe its a generous in terms of those battery estimates. I found that it dropped with ANC on on um.

It dropped by 50. After half an hour – so you know a 25 sorry and 50 for an hour, so not quite a three hours. I think that Huawei kind of claims, um so yeah, I think ANC off youre, probably gon na get better performance uh. But generally, I think, if youre, using both regularly its kind of three days, you can go longer than that you cant go longer than that, potentially, if youre using the earbuds a little bit less and youre, not charging them on a regular basis. Well, I think well mention the charging when they have kind of run low, and I put them back in the case. They do charge very very quickly. Um run tracking seems to be very similar in terms of the battery drop off of the GPS. Its kind of three three four percent off a half an hour. It runs its kind of what expects or Ive seen from other Huawei watches so yeah battery life. You know you are taking a bit of a hit in terms of that um with the ANC on. I dont think quite adds up to what Huawei claims, but in general its been okay, itd be okay, for maybe an hours worth of running. I dont think youre going to want to go further than that. I dont think they have the capacity to go for that, particularly if you have ANC on um when youre using them, and then we have to get into that compartment bit itself.

So essentially, youve got this one button here you press that opens up the um lid here of the basically the screen. You can pull it up and youve got the two air buds in there now. Another thing I was writing about was, you know: are these buds initially going to just fly out during runs or if youve got a kind of youre out running you decide you want to put your earbuds in and you open it up mid Run. Is it going to be an issue in terms of doing that and actually Ive, given it a kind of good shape, test in terms of kind of runs, uh and pretty aggressively as well, and those buds kind of magnetically kind of do stay in place? So that is a positive thing and thats something I was generally very worried about. The other thing you have to kind of sacrifice in terms of the design is the level of waterproofing, so the other Huawei watch is a kind of waterproof in general up to kind of 50 meters. You can swim with it. You cannot swim with this watch and also you dont want to get it near water uh, any kind of any kind of time possible. Really. I have accidentally taken it in the shower Im. Just used to having my watches on going showering had been absolutely fine when Ive done that its kind of giving you a warning that you know you, it will know that you, the water, is, is or its been exposed to water.

It will say you need to quickly kind of dry out the case. What Ive had to do is Ive opened up the case. Ive managed to kind of dry down with like kind of a towel or some kind of tissue and its been fine and the Ive done that a couple of times actually and its been fine. In terms of operating after that so yeah, you know that is a downfall. You know the fact that youre getting a lower waterproof frame, but only because youve got that kind of design. Where you know, ultimately, you wont get into that pretty easily in comparison to a normal watch, thats, something that youre going to have to ultimately sacrifice. But in terms of that kind of you know design the case design. The way that the earbuds kind of store away its been absolutely fine, it doesnt, add massive amount of thickness, which is something I was massively concerned of um and yeah. It feels like a Huawei watch, uh watch in in most ways its not very sporty looking, but you can change the strap out and put something more sporty on it. If you want and youve got a nice kind of well built watch here, and it feels in line with the Huawei watches weve seen so far so yeah design wise um yeah, not my cup of tea in terms of looks, but I think you can make it Feel a little bit more running friendly in terms of changing the straps youve got a great screen and the kind of design and in terms of adding that compartment has worked generally in my kind of initial runs.

Are there and you know the buds havent fallen out of the case at any point, um either Music foreign thoughts on the Huawei watch Buzz is that I mean I think initially. I thought this was very much going to be a gimmick and you know: is it kind of design or smart which design that for Smart Watch design sake but Ive kind of warmed to it? A little bit more over time and in terms of my use and I think, from a running perspective, I think it actually works pretty well and in the runs that Ive done so far. You know the fact that it doesnt really massively compromise on the design. I think that was the biggest thing for me. You know isnt a really thick watch it hasnt made. The Huawei has had to make a thicker case to accommodate it its still a little bit heavier than some of the other Huawei watches cases. So from a running perspective, maybe you notice it a little bit more, but ultimately in terms of how its managed to store away those buds without really looking like it. Those air buds in here its done a very good job. The run tracking experience feels very similar to what Ive experienced in the Huawei watch. Maybe it doesnt get the full experience that youre getting in all of Hawaiis watches, but I think the core experience feels very similar and all the kind of new updates that benefit runners is kind of there represented in these watch.

The thing really comes down to its price, and this is expensive. This is the most expensive Hawaii watch that you can buy right now and if you look at it from that perspective, you could obviously buy a cheaper Smartwatch and a pair of truly wireless earbuds, with a smaller enough case that you can carry around with you and Ultimately, you would get more battery life. You would probably get similar in terms of that audio performance. I think as well, so it really comes down to. Are you willing to pay that amount of money really for that that case and that compartment and that kind of ability to have those earbuds there? As I said, I think the battery life does take a bit of a hit in terms of using the active noise cancellation thats, something that I didnt absolutely love and obviously the battery life is less than what you get another Huawei watches as well. So yeah. I think its a lot to pay, for, I think, a very clever design, a design that doesnt really show itself um, and you know you know Hawaiis shown that theyve managed to do it in a very elegant and discreet way. I think for me for a ronas perspective, I think its a lot of money to pay and I would ultimately probably buy a cheaper watch that offers a you know. Strong running watch experience that you know you can get uh. You know a cheaper Huawei watch office, similar experience and then pick up some air buds, I think, can give you maybe not the best better than uh sound qualities that youre getting on these earbuds in here, but I think, ultimately, very good.

Uh experience youre going to get ANC, um youre going to get bigger battery life. I think ultimately, and less of a drain, um and youre, going to get a case that you can. You know particularly kind of probably you know, store away um as well with no issues really in a running belt or in your pocket, so it really comes down to. If you want that, all in one design, I think why were showing it its executed it in a very good way. Um it just really comes down to if it could, if it was a little bit cheaper, maybe closer to what the other Huawei watch prices come in at then. Maybe theres more of a an argument here, but obviously youre paying for two devices here, two very good devices I think um. Would I spend that money on on it? Probably not. I think if it was a little bit less, I think I may be a little bit more easily swayed but yeah plenty more testing doing it, whether you know seeing whether those buds are going to stay put, whether theyre going to still deliver that sound over time. Whether theyre going to stay secure in that case, theres, not you know, were not going to see any kind of wear or issues with that case over longer testing, and hopefully you know you can show that it can justify paying that extra amount of money so yeah Its been so good so far, Ive actually quite enjoyed using it um having those earbuds easy at hand, uh where sometimes Im always kind of scrambling around you know theyre there and the battery life generally has been good enough for me as well so yeah.

Those are my kind of initial thoughts. My writers perspective on the Huawei watch buds. Okay, so there you have it. Those are initial thoughts on the Huawei watch Buzz and if youve got any questions about this watch, while were testing, do let us know in the comments, as always like And subscribe hit that little bell to find out about our latest videos and yeah.