This time is between my original Apple watch, Ultra, which we have right here on my wrist and the latest Smartwatch that Ive done on my author Channel, which is the h11 ultra Smartwatch. If you want to see a full unboxing and review of either of these items, then make sure you check out my previous videos on my all sorts Channel make sure you subscribe just before I get started. Make sure you follow me on one of the social medias. Above are those sneak peeks and what to expect and also and as always make sure you subscribe and also hit the Bell notifications, you want to upload any video youll actually be notified, so with this h11 Ultra Smart Watch, how will it compare uh by the looks Compared to the original Apple watch, and now I know the operating system is different, but I just wanted to show you the differences between both of these as they look pretty similar. If you want to see any other videos, let me know in the comment section below shall I do a tear down of this, like I did with the zda ultra Max. Let me know in the comments anyways lets start the real versus fake Spot. The Difference between the Apple watch Ultra and the h11 ultra smart watch any ideas which one is which well this one right here is the real Apple watch Ultra. This is the h11 ultra Smart Watch, so lets take a look at the design now, first, things.

First, is I dont know if you can catch this on camera, but the h11 ultra is just a little more darker than the Apple watch Ultra. I dont. If you can catch it on camera, but its just a little more dark and its a little more lighter on the Apple watch Ultra you do get the antenna lines going around its much more light on the Apple watch, as you can see, and its a darker Line on the h11 ultra the antenna lines that goes on the outer of the screen right there, this one here, so it just stops when it gets to the crown and the power button, but it goes all the way around its much more dark. You can see it properly on the upper watch Ultra when it comes to the h11 ultra its a bit more lighter theres still antenna line there, but I dont know if its any use on this watch so overall, looking at it like this, you can see they Both have a 1.92 inch display board get to the features of both of these later. This is just purely the look of the design. As you can see the round, they have both have rounded edges. You saw my previous real versus fake, with the Apple watch Ultra. You would know that the upper Ultra has a nice curved screen, but with the previous one it was much more edged, but this one, as you can see here, its pretty curved, like the original, as you can see so lets, go to the crown button and the Power button pretty much identical, like I said, theres a little difference compared in color, but overall theres, not a lot of differences.

Switching it 180 to the Spore Bond and, as you can see here, just the mic at the bottom is a little more bigger than the h11 ultra the speaker Grille circles as well speaker. Holes are a little more bigger than the h11 and same again with this mic at the top inside of the watch buttons. As you can see here, you got your serial number and uh youve got your. I dont know if you can actually see the trademarks, but you havent got anything in the h11 ultra now taking a look at the back, so the only thing did theres a couple of differences. Now the h11 ultra does have real screws, which you have right here. If you want to see a tear down of this watch, let me know in the comment section below the same thing I did with the zda ultra Max that got destroyed its only the same again with this one. Let me know in the comments, so the differences are, of course, with Apple watch. Ultra you get the logo, you dont get that on the h11 ultra. Also, the sensors are a little bit different. You can see circles in the sense in senses, Apple watch Ultra when it comes to the uh h11. They are circles but theyre, not in the outer its like a double a thick layer Circle, as you can see the black ones, four ones its a bit. Little more different on the h11 ultra, so thats another difference and also the text around the sensors are in a different shade as well and a properly different font.

But we do have Push uh watch band, push buttons to take the watch bands on and off so that is the looks uh design on the h11 ultra and also the Apple watch Ultra so far so good. Now this video is surely just to show you what the h11 ultra light compared to that watch Ultra now. I know this Apple watch Ultra is more just over 700 pounds or 800 pounds, depending on which one you actually buy with the watch band or whatnot, but I just want to show you what both of these are like when it comes to features. Of course, the operating system is much better on Apple watch Ultra, but you get what you pay for in, like I said in every other video, so let me show you in the next clip what the features are between them both and then well switch them both On and Ill just show you what the operating system like is, but on both of them and show you how they both perform. If you havent seen the unboxing review, if you have then good, if you havent, then make sure you check out the unboxing review of the h11 ultra and the unboxing of the Apple watch also just to get a bit more feel on what both of these brushes Are like, and if you want to see any other videos with either of these watches. Let me know in the comment section below what a real versus fake video should.

I do next, as you can tell, with all of the ultra smart watches, Ive done on my previous videos. Let me know in the comments, so lets take a look at some of the features between them. Both the Apple watch Ultra has a 1.92 inch retina OLED display with a resolution of 502 times 410. It has a sapphire crystal glass, with the always on display. H11 Ultra has a 1.91 inch HD TFT display with a resolution of 320 times 386.. It has a 2.5 D curved full fit twitch screen the battery on the Apple watch. Ultra is a 542 mAh battery coming to the h11 ultra is a 450 mAh battery lets power them both on just to show you a bit more features, and you would know what the both are like at the end of this video. So when it comes to power on both on youve got Apple logo on the Apple watch Ultra and a hello logo on the h11 ultra, it does take a bit more time for the Apple to boot. Up so well just wait for that, and here we have it. So here is what it looks like with the watch faces and, as you can see, you have got a little bit of a thick bezel around the h11 ultra just going to zoom in to show you a little bit better. So, as you can see here its much more smooth when it comes to the Apple watch, as you can see with the seconds um, with the second hand seconds hand, it runs much more smoother compared to the h11 ultra.

As you can see right there, Apple watch Ultra does have a little bit of a bezel around, but its much more thicker on the h11 so pushing the crown on the Apple watch. Ultra it brings up the list menu now pushing in the h11. Ultra same again brings up the list View and lets take a look at some of the features on the Apple watch Ultra. As you can see here, youve got the app store. Let me just show you some of the features on the Apple watch Ultra and then well. Take it to the um h11 Ultra, so youve got the app store, youve got Apple Stores, Well, audio books, blood oxygen and pro you probably can get it on the h11. Ultra, let me just tell you the the new one, so you got the compass cycle tracking the new feature on the upper watch. Ultra is the depth where you can take it underwater find devices thats probably same as the h11. You got your email app, which Maps medication that tracks the medications that youre on memoji. You can set that up on the upper Georgia, your social media, apps messages, music, noise as well. Your mp3 player now playing your phone app photos, reminders remote settings showcase siren sleep, Spotify, stop watch, timers tips, train line, voice, memos, walkie talkie, which is a new feature. Ive tried its really really good wallet, weather, workout and world clock. Now you get a animation as you can see right there and it does have a lot of sport modes, but Im pretty sure the h11 ultra has more.

So that is the menu and the support button on the Apple watch Ultra coming to the h11 ultra. You wont get as much apps on this one, but there is a few apps that actually are different. So you got your sports modes. Uh sport record heart rate, spo2, step pedometer, breath training, sleep, dial, call, record contact, calendar weather camera, music, Voice, Assistant, GPS, positioning alarm, stop watch, um calculator, youve got a game as well that you dont have no games on the App watch. Ultra youve got your timer raised to wake option as well find my phone bright screen, which you can always put always on display, which is good. A new feature on this h11 Ultra is the temperature. If you want to see, if that really works, check out the review on this – and I will in that video – it shows you if it actually works or not. We try it three different times just to see. If it works properly, you got your business card. We chat your social media apps, which you can put uh time zone. This is a new one that gives you a time zone of all the countries which is cool uh. You got your QR code to download the app and youve also got settings. So, as you can see here, the operating system is much more different compared to um the h11 ultra when it comes to the Apple watch, Ultra thats, why Im not going in depth on the operating system, because its much more different on that approach also compared to The h11 ultra lets take a look at some of the shortcuts when you swipe it down.

Youve got your notifications on this one. If you swipe it up for your notifications, lets swipe it to the left. Youve got you, you can change. Your um watch faces on the Apple watch when you swipe it to the left. You have your shortcuts. Your step, pedometer, uh, heart rate and whatnot swiping. It up will bring your shortcuts, which you can have right here and when it comes to the um shortcuts. On the h11 ultra, you got to swipe it down right there for the price of the h11 ultra. I would say if you want to spend too much money on the Apple watch Ultra. This is a pretty decent smart watch that looks like the Ultram performs really good. I have got more of the ultra smart watches so so far this is a decent Smart Watch to have. If you dont want to pay the exertion amount of money for the original Apple watch Ultra anyways, I hope that answered a lot of your questions. If I missed anything out, let me know in the comment section below and Ill be happy to answer your questions.