So i appreciate for you being here today and today i was planning to review this watch that i had for you today, so basically watches oh wait. So, basically, coaches have been in existence for such a period long period of time. So since way back then watches have been in existence, but technologically watches have come into life, and even now we have issues on smart watches and which is the watch that i may have today. We have a range of watches. We have analog watches. We have others that analog watches, i know analog and digital watches for today. I want us to review this. This is a smart watch, as you can see it has the charging and that its a smart watch as you can see it, has this cool nice outlook, as you can see, hanyon and lao for basically, i think its from china. It had a very nice price range, which i think most of you guys will appreciate, and now that were moving more and more into the tech space. We have such research, which help us to trace our data and to look upon it and do all sorts of of data research and taking of our data. So when i try and fit it, you can see it with this rubber. It has rubber handles the rubber handles fit very well on my arm. So when i try to fit, i think you can fit. You see how its glowing at the back so for detecting my heart rate and all that it you have for it today.

22 millimeters of size, so when i i fit it on it, has this cool round outlook and immediately i fit it on you can see it has only one button. This is the button that normally we use for tuning our analog watch, but in this case well be using it for various factors. So when i fit it, it fits very well on my arm and you can see its a very nice and sleek watch. So when you scroll to the right, it takes a breath two minutes and measure search of data, because basically i came to learn that data is a very important thing in our lives today and in most cases, data basically is what may be may is only true Key thing that may help us stress on what we want, so, as you can see, the work is just like this, its just a simple watch. However, it is a smart way so in this watch im able to receive my messages through here, im able to trust my heartbeat rate and every sort of thing time you can see. This small love sign here is for the heartbreak. The footsteps that ive taken today and all that you have today so as i can continue, you can see that this watch also has when you scroll on to it its just like a smart screen when you scroll, it shows you the weather conditions of the day And all that you have, which is the basics that maybe we are required just to know and things like that, even when you look at it its just a nice outlook grounded in shape, although there are so many watches which have around it and others with with The box icon for the like, for example, the apple watch, but this one is just a hyunja watch, basically from a chinese or rather japanese company.

That has been very favorable. I dont know one thing about kenyans, with chinese or japanese watches, but i think they also provide a nice range of watches and they also provide a nice range of products that maybe fit into the economy of now and also each and every time i review a Device here is the ones that ive managed to acquire, maybe basically for my friends or they are my own personal gadgets. This one, on the other hand, was my friends idea and i came to impress it having nice features, as you can see as i scroll up on it. So i will encourage most of you guys to keep track of your data. Keep track of your steps daily steps; it also keeps track of your heartbeat range in case. You are this guy who has lets, say like some heart conditions, or rather some biological problems that need to be addressed. I know of people with asthma or other people with other illnesses that need to dress their heart rate and heart conditions. So for this watch of today, as i review it, i can show you how the the great aspects have come to so it has been. We have been using this watch for close to one for one year now and the watch has been performing very well. It has been able to dress the footsteps. It has been able to dress the heartbeat threats. It is a nice display. Once i get a notification, it shows me once i get a call its able to show me when a call has been received from it.

If someone had called me now, we could have shown you guys how it is so this watch. This is the watch that ive reviewed to you today. I know that its a watch that will be liked and appreciated by more you see the uh up, bitrate and the downbeat rate and noise for that green, green, green sign there. You can see so for this channel. I thank you all guys for the support that you have given me been giving me all this right. I promise to be more and more consistent, more and more more content will be coming away, especially in the technological content. I will be passing more and more content to you guys, please dont forget to share my videos subscribe like like share and subscribe.