Let me help you out a little bit hey. My name is leonard youre, watching the product review and thats me so, like i just said, both these watches are extremely costly. The garment venue 2 comes at a price of ‘9 euros, whereas the huawei watch d still costs 380, so both watches are pretty similar in that department. Now, before you spend 400 euros and cant decide whether to buy the garmin menu 2 or the huawei watch 3. This video is for you so today we will split this video up in five different parts. Point number one will be the battery life point number two on my list is the sport mode and the accuracy of the health and gps tracking number three will be the specs and design number four. All of the features that we get with these watches and as for less, we will talk about the navigation now before we jump into the video. Please leave a like and consider subscribing if youre new to the channel also click the notification bell to always be notified. Whenever i upload new videos, it will help me tremendously in the youtube algorithm now with that being said, lets start with my first point on the list for me and probably a whole lot of other people. The battery life is an essential feature. One really wants to charge a smartwatch every day. Now, with these two watches, you dont have to do that. Well, maybe not every day, but every other day now the huawei watch 3 will last for about 2 days if youre wearing it 24 7.

You have the heartbeat tracking on spo 2 sleep trucking. If you have the brightness settings on like 50 and if you do a workout every day with gps, the garmin viney 2 lasts a whole lot longer with 11 days it lasts 5 times longer than the huawei watch 3.. So the clear winner in this category is the garmin venue too, but one little side note both watches take about two hours until theyre fully charged. That was the battery life and now lets head over to the accuracy of the tracking area and what sport modes they have to offer now. Clearly, the biggest difference between these two watches is the accuracy, since both watches have about every sport modes. You can imagine, starting with running and cycling, over to warden winter sports and even running courses on both watches. You can set goals, for example, if you reach a certain distance or time well, you do can play around a little bit more on the garmin menu 2 and change the accent, color and change the data screens and what is displayed while youre running but thats. The only difference right here, the bigger difference, comes in a tracking accuracy. Both do very well in keeping track of your heart rate during the day or during your workouts. They almost gave me the exact same heart rate. As for the step counting, the water watch 3 was a little bit better, as it was only off by like 1 and 1 000 steps, whereas the garmin view 2 was off by like two to three percent on average now thats, not a big difference.

Both do very well, but we have to be very precise if you want to compare these two super smart watches. My pace on the garmin view 2. Compared to my polar h10 chest, pin was a whole lot closer than with the warwick watch 3 and gps, wise or even the bearing calories are about the same once again now in this category. I would actually give both watches a point, since both do very well, but the garmin range 2 has a slight advantage so that i have to give the point to the garment point. Number three on my list are the specs. Now the garmin vinegar 2 may be a little bit too big for the taste for most people with 45.5 millimeters. But actually you can get the garment mini 2s, which is the exact same watch just a little bit smaller, but anyways. The venue 2 has a 1.3 inch amoled touch display with a resolution of 4 16 by 4, 16 pixel and an always on display function. You also have a pretty nice textured silicon strap with a quick release function. It is water resistant up to 5 atm and you get the corning gorilla glass 3, which is known for its toughness and durability. So you can drop the watch and dont have the fear of a broken screen or any scratches. As for last, we have a stainless steel, bezel and a hard plastic for the case. The warming watch 3 is even a tiny bit bigger than the garmin with 46.

2 millimeters. This one weighs in at 54 grams has a big 1.43 inch almond touch display with a resolution of by 466 pixel and, of course, an always on display mode. It has a stainless steel case with a caramic button and a floor, elastomer strap, but of course we can swap that out anytime. We want to with the quick release function. The wobble watch 3 has 16 gigabytes of internal storage and a whopping 2 gigabytes of ram. Now both watches are, of course, compatible with ios and android are water resistant up to 5 atm, and i guess i have to give a point, or i have to split this point up. So both will just get a point over in the specs area. Well, thats. Already it for the specs so lets head over to some features so at first we will talk about the garmin menu too, and after that we will talk about the wobble watch 3.. So the garmin viney 2, of course, has an all day: heart rate, monitoring and spo2 tracking, as well as the stress tracking, which are all working just fine. We do receive all kinds of messages to which we can honor quick reply. Unfortunately, we cannot answer any calls, since we have no internal mic or speakers so for that we will still need our smartphone with this watch. You also get a whole bunch of customizable watch faces, which even has some motion to make them more fun to look at as well as we have a weather, widget, a music player body battery and a respiration rate tracker.

One thing we have to mention before we head over to the water watch 3 is that we have two physical buttons on the side of which the upper one either takes us to our sport modes or to the quick panel and the lower one takes you to The settings and the watch faces now. The wireless 3 has two physical buttons as well, of which the lower one is customizable and the upper one either takes it to the app menu or back or you can use that one to navigate through your messages and zoom. In and out so, just like the garmin viney 2, we have an all day, heart rate monitoring, sleep and stress tracker, a sleep tracker, music player, a weather, widget and breathing exercises. Now, unlike with the garmin, we can receive calls and answer them right on the watch. Since we do have a built in speaker and a microphone, but unfortunately, we cannot reply to any messages, not even a quick reply, which is a bummer. As for that, we have the huawei app store with a small variety of useful apps and a skin temperature measurement. Before i forget, both watches have an alarm timer and a stopwatch, and i have to give this point to the world wars 3, simply because it has a few more features and the armrest calls, and now, with that being out of the way lets get to my Last point: the navigation: it clearly is better on the wildwatch 3, simply because you can either swipe left and right up and down, but you can also use the rotatable button and you have a customizable button.

I mean both watches are super responsive and you have no lagging when you open up apps, but i have to give this point to the world watch 3. now, folks. That makes 3 points for the garmin and 3 points for the wow watch and i think its a fair score, since both watches have its weaknesses and strength, and i guess thats it for the video. I hope you liked it if you did smash the like button.