For this year, first we’re going to show you our five best picks. Then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a smart watch for music. You can find time stamps and links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started. Number five samsung galaxy watch three when it comes to finding the best smart watch for music you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than the latest iteration of the galaxy watch from samsung with lte internet capability. You can stream music with ease to both the inbuilt speakers or to bluetooth headphones, there’s, no hassle with having to download music or worry about storage space, though you can do this too, and the spotify app is pre installed and ready to go as soon as you Strap it on your wrist. The only thing you need to be aware of with this device is that, while streaming music is the most convenient way of listening, it’ll also drain your battery, so you’ll need to be prepared to charge each night. But this is a small sacrifice for having this amazing watch on your wrist number four garmin forerunner, 245 music. If you’re an exercise fanatic and want a bluetooth, mp3 watch that plays all your favorite tunes, then the garmin forerunner 245. Music is a great choice. I own this watch and can personally vouch for it. I go running most nights and this watch paired with my bose bluetooth.

Headphones is an awesome wireless combination. That leaves me free of bulky phones. If you need a smart watch that plays music for workouts or long runs, then you really can’t beat this one. You can play your favorite tunes via spotify, amazon or diesel, but be warned you will need an active paid subscription with one of these music streaming services. The one issue with this watch is that you will be unable to stream music directly, and so you must download the music that you want to listen to before you get stuck into a workout number three fitbit versa. 2. fitbit has made a strong name for themselves by releasing a range of fitness trackers that help you to live a healthy life. The fitbit versa 2 is a smart watch with music capabilities so that you can use it when you’re out and about connected to your headphones similar to our previous pick, the garmin forerunner 245. This device requires you to download and store your music choices onto the watch. As streaming is not possible, this fitbit makes use of spotify and recommends that you sign up for a paid subscription, so you can transfer the music you want with minimal hassle when you’ve managed to get your songs onto the device. You can then use it to track. Your exercise, steps and even your heart rate. It comes with amazon alexa, so you have access to things like weather forecasts, alarms and timers number two garmin venue.

The garmin venue works to provide you with smart watch music that needs to be downloaded and stored on the watch. You simply use your spotify subscription to select the songs that you want to store and then transfer them using the pairing app once they’re on the watch. They will remain there until you remove them or swap them for other songs if you have a specific workout playlist. This is a great way to get your music without having to spend ages scrolling through song lists, but it does take a bit of time in the beginning to transfer them all. The amoled display makes it easy to read the screen and you can set your home screen to show your key stats, such as your total exercise, time that day, steps taken and calories burned, as well as seeing the time and date number one amazfit stratos, three, the Amazfit stratos 3 is a smart watch with music storage that allows you to download music and store it directly on the watch, unfortunately, you’re unable to stream music to this device, and you will need to spend some time selecting the songs that you want to play before. Making use of it, however, when everything has been downloaded, you can start to enjoy the range of features that come with the device it offers over 80 different sports modes. So you can accurately track your exercise and see the progress you’re making, including swimming as this device is water resistant it’s, been designed for professional sportsmen and women and boasts incredible accuracy when it comes to tracking your efforts.

One of the key design features is four navigational buttons that make it easier to get to what you want when you’re, shaking and sweaty after an intense workout. Now that we’ve shown you the best smart watches for music let’s talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one battery life having smartwatch music playback means your device will be using up its charge and you’ll need to find a model that fits with your lifestyle and charging requirements. It’S obvious that playing music will drain battery life, but many people don’t understand what energy is being used to send music out of the watch. If you go for a streaming option, then you’ll be using your internet connection to send or download the music to the watch and it’s this action that drains the battery faster than if you do not play music. The other battery drainer is the bluetooth connection. You’Ll need to maintain in order to listen to your music through your smartwatch accessories. So when you combine this with internet usage, you can start to understand why the battery drains quicker than when you do not play music. When you start looking at smartwatch models. It’S, therefore, very important to look for an option that offers a high quality battery and the charges quickly and easily so that you’re not left without your device.