For this year, first we’re going to show you our five best picks. Then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a smart watch for nurses. You can find time stamps and links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s get started, number five apple watch series, six apple, one of the tech industry, leaders of the universe is leading our list to the best smart Watch for nurses too apple’s products are the perfect example of supreme quality and service. The series 6 watch is nothing different. The watch comes with over 30 percent, larger display and fifty percent louder speaker than its previous watch series. Three version and the same as watch series. Four it’s also powered with a 64 bit dual core processor. Now, whatever you do with your watch, you’ll enjoy impressive speed as a nurse. You have to be physically fit all the time. This apple watch will be your partner for physical workouts. Smartwatch features automatic workout detection for your daily yoga and hiking. Moreover, for the runners it also has advanced features like cadence and pace alerts. It has blood oxygen sensor and electrical heart sensor, which are not present on the series. Five number: four tick: watch c2 ticwatch c2 is a product of mob voy. The brand started its journey in 2012 with the aim of pushing the boundaries of next generation human machine interaction with ai technology as a means of the implementation of their dream.

They launched the stick watch c2. In december 2018, the manufacturer placed all the necessary features on this watch under the wrap of a slim and classic design where genuine leather is paired. With a premium stainless steel case, this pairing looks both solid and stylish. The tick watch achieved an ip68 rating for protection against water and sweat, while working caring for patients at the hospital. You may have to clean your hands on a repeated basis for hygienic purposes. You can do your cleaning without any fear of water penetration into the watch. You can even swim wearing a smart device. Number three fitbit versa. 2. fitbit is a dedicated team, passionate about the health and fitness of the people and always trying to manufacture products that help people to transform their lives, for example, with the fitbit versa. 2. Any nurse can add some positive vibes to his or her regular life. The watch is both stylish and filled with health friendly features simply connecting with any android phone. You can communicate, set daily work and fitness goals and track everything you set successfully around the day. A powerful battery has been installed in this watch once the battery is fully charged. It can provide uninterrupted service for six long days, so you don’t have to be concerned about the charging of your watch on a regular basis. Also, this one can be your adventure trip partner, it’s highly recommended for nurses; number two techwatch s2 waterproof. This is another smart watch from mobvoid who work for developing a relationship with human and machines through artificial intelligence.

This ticwatch s2 features ai powered self activated sports tracking facilities wearing the watch. Nurses will get proactive help throughout the day with google assistant overall it’s, a smart watch for both summer and rainy seasons, with a lightweight stylish look, while serving patients in healthcare institutes, you, as a nurse may have to deal with water. If you choose this as your work time watch, you don’t have to take it off while dealing with water. The watch is water resistant and you can even swim with it on your wrist, both the straps and face of the watch are changeable. These things give you a new vibe from your old watch. Every time you change either the facial appearance or the straps number one fitbit ionic, another smartwatch from the san francisco based technology experts, this time, it’s an out and out digital looking watch. The watch comes with a powerful battery and will monitor your activities when you’re, awake or asleep under the sun or swimming the watch. Not only does serious jobs like measuring heart rates, your body movements or paying bills it’s also good for entertaining, as it keeps songs stored. Additionally, you can wear it day or night at the hospital and when you’re sleeping having this watch, you can fully concentrate on taking care of your patient, because all the important functions that you do with your smartphone, you can do with your watch too. So, during your serving you can even have your phone in your bag and you won’t miss any important messages or calls now that we’ve shown you the best smart watches for nurses.

Let’S talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one design. The first thing we notice in a smart watch is its design. How the watch looks nowadays. A good number of tech experts are manufacturing, smart watches and, as a result, various designs and shapes are also noticed. If we summarize all the shapes and smart watches that are available in the market, there are three main types that we see: the round shape the square shape and the rectangular shape. In most cases, smart watches are made following two basic designs: classic and digital, the classic design is mainly available in round shape and the digital one is found almost in any shape. However, as the appearance of the smartwatch is changeable, you can turn even a classic. Looking smartwatch into a digital watch, apart from these almost all watches, have two straps functional buttons on the side and a heart rate sensor on the back battery, whether you’re, a nurse or other professional, a powerful battery for your watch can save you precious time from your Busy daily routine, a smart watch powered with a powerful battery, requires less charging for long days of operation, also, if you’re a nurse or health worker by profession and a traveler by heart, a watch with excellent battery life will be a treat for you. Different manufacturers install the battery with different power ranges to their watches. Normally, a battery with high mah can keep the watch awake for a longer time with a single charge.

Among our reviewed smart watches. For the nurse there are a few watches that can deliver three plus days of service straight.