This is honor 9a, a 150 euros or 150 pounds device that has pretty good specifications, nice hardware and all other stuff. So let's take a look if this phone is actually worth buying or you should go with another budget option when it comes to design and build quality. We are looking at quite a typical budget phone. We have plastic backplate, which feels kind of a glass, and we also have a plastic frame which it's made of plastic it's, not aluminum, but it doesn't feel cheap at all. The feeling, in the hand, is pretty good, even though this is a cheap device, it doesn't feel very cheap and it's also quite easy to manage in one hand thanks to that display, which is actually pretty good overall, even though it's just hd plus panel, but it's, Not bad for the daily use and it's also easily viewable outdoors on the bottom of the phone. We have a headphone jack and a micro usb port. Some may say that the micro usb port is a shortcoming, but i think it's not a shortcoming in this price segment, because you might have a lot of micro usb cables laying around so you don't need to buy those usb type c cables. We also have a loudspeaker that is actually really good it's really loud. The sound is balanced and it's. Actually, one of the better speakers in the budget price segment here is a quick audio sample Music.

Now, with the specs, the phone shoots with the helio b22 chipset 3 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigs of expandable storage, a good thing is that this device has a dedicated micro sd card slot.

In addition to two sim card slots, these specifications actually translate to pretty good gaming performance because i was able to play quite a few 3d games on the highest graphics settings and they ran pretty smoothly. Obviously, don't expect this phone to be a gamer's machine, but if you want to play some games from time to time, it's a pretty good option at a budget price now let's talk about software and let's. Go straight to the point. This phone doesn't ship with google services pre installed, but if you go to the youtube search or google search, you'll find quite a few tutorials how to install google services that are actually working fine, but out of the box, you have huawei's app gallery. You can also install amazon's app store and use pedal search. Here is a little bit more about software. Huawei'S app gallery has improved quite a lot, as the collection of apps is quite huge. Now you can find alternatives to the most used applications. There are plenty of games and productivity apps to choose from. You can also use the amazon app store that may not have as many apps as google play store, but you can still find quite a few frequently used applications. The third option is the pedal search which quickly finds apk files for pretty much any app.

However, some applications like youtube or google maps still don't work unless you side load the full package of google services manually in this video, i use google advanced application, which is, however, not the official version of google's youtube app.

When it comes to cameras, we have a triple camera setup on the back that consists of the main camera wide angle, shooter and a dedicated portrait lens on the front. We have an 8 megapixel snapper daylight image. Quality is actually really good with a main lens. The pictures are detailed, sharp and dynamic range is quite impressive. The wide angle camera, on the other hand, is not always that great, but you can still take some pretty nice pictures. A dedicated portrait lens allows you to take pretty nice photos with blurred. Background effect, however, it's not available on the selfie shooter, which, on the other hand, can take pretty nice quality pictures in low light. The wide angle, shooter is quite terrible, but the main lens can take ok, looking images for a budget device, you can record videos up to 1080p 30fps using the main camera, while the quality is decent for a budget phone. The footage is quite shaky, so better use. Gimbal for more stable video hohem i steady x is a great 69 option. I will leave a link to my review in the video description also subscribe to the channel for more budget tech. Videos. 1080P selfie video quality is quite good overall check it out by yourself.

No civilization tools and today's lighting conditions are pretty good, but i'm standing here in the shade so yeah. This is my video test. One of the key selling points of this device is a massive 5000 milliamp hours battery and if we combine this battery with a 720p plus display and helio p22 chipset, which is actually quite a power efficient, processor we're, looking at the 2 or even 3 day battery Life device – this is a very good result and it's, actually one of the best results in the budget segment.

What i love about the honor 9a is that you're actually getting quite a few extras for the price. Those extras include. The speaker that i already mentioned is actually very good and you also get nfc fingerprint scanner that is pretty fast and accurate, face unlock feature that is reliable most of the time. Sometimes it may struggle in low light, but overall it's pretty good and last but not least, you are getting fm radio which works without headphones. That means that you just go to the app select the radio station and listen to music without any data fees. To be honest with you, i don't use this feature but it's good to have this feature on this device, because this is a budget phone. That means this is a phone designed for budget oriented users who don't want to spend a lot of money for data or spotify or any other services. So here's my takeaway about the honor 9a it's, a pretty solid budget device that has great hardware, great specifications that translate to good overall performance, and we also have a nice camera for daylight shots.

The ui is loaded with features. Battery life is great and you're. Getting a lot of extras, for example, that great sounding loudspeaker, nfc, a dedicated micro sd card slot and the fm radio that works without headphones. The main downside of the honor 9a is obviously the lack of the pre installed google services, but you have a few options: either install those google services yourself by using some youtube tutorial or try to compensate the lack of the google services pre installed by using the App gallery amazon, app store or pedal search.

Another con worth mentioning is 1080p. Video is quite shaky and i'm. Comparing this video to other budget devices, for example the likes of xiaomi. Now, with a word from the channel sponsor skillshare skillshare is an online learning community for creatives where millions come together to take the next step in their creative journey. Skillshare offers thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people on topics including illustration, design, photography, video freelancing and more one of my favorite classes includes real productivity. How to build the habits that last by thomas frank, i learned how to set reasonable and realistic goals and achieve them by creating your own system. That fits your personality. I learned that once you get better understanding of habit formation, it's much easier to achieve your goals and increase your productivity. The first 1000 of my subscribers to click the link in the description down below will get a 2 month free trial of premium membership.

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