It uses wear os, apparently uh yeah that’s, about all the information i have about it. It looks like it’s got a heart rate sensor in it. In theory, you can customize the faces and things we’ll see whether it actually is wear os and there’s. Nothing else. On the box, just so we’re clear yeah, so i think what we’re going to do for this video is i’ll, get it all set up and working and then i’ll use it for a few days. We’Ll have a jump, cut and we’ll come back to it, but yeah smart watches, not something. I’Ve had much exposure to beyond the samsung galaxy gear classic s2, whatever the original one was – and this looks a lot like that, except the the bezel doesn’t twist right in the box. We have oh just the thing now. What have we got on the back? Smartwatch heart rate uh, qc2, 2010, hmm, okay, let’s assume that doesn’t mean 2010 uh trying to read what it says on the back of the unit. No one moment made in china continuous ip68 bluetooth, 4.2 rohs, okay, then yeah it’s got a nice weight to it. It’S um, mostly metal, or at least this bit of bezel, is yeah interesting. Okay in there there’s nothing uh. I hope we’ve got a strap in the box. Yes, okay, so we’ve got a leather strap in the box. We’Ve got some uh silica gel do not eat. So i’ll make sure to do something with that later and we’ve got a magnetic charging plug.

Is it? Is it magnetic? I i don’t know how this is supposed to charge there. We go like that. Okay, so that’s not too bad, so it’s, not wireless charging, but uh that’s got good, strong, magnet in it and the other ends. The usb let’s have a look at the manual uh smartwatch instruction manual, not even giving it a name. Just smartwatch project details turn on turn off return turn on right. Okay, so, hang on: how do we turn it on this one? Oh, it makes a uh a camera, shutter kind of noise. Okay, oh you know what that little screen is not too bad at all. Uh: okay, what how do we do stuff with it? Uh right instruction and function, charging port heart rate center turn on off and return time date shown blah blah blah status. Information record exercise time, mileage, calories: okay? Is there an app or use right? Okay, swipe down on the shortcut: oh oh it’s, touchscreen, oh it’s, touchscreen, okay, oh that’s, pretty good brightness adjust it’s, not the most responsive thing in the world, but you know how do we uh? How do we go back? Uh what’s that torch? Okay, do not disturb mode okay. Can we go up status messages, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, sp02, sports, shake camera, music control raised awake screen time screen time 10 seconds stopwatch let’s try the stopwatch, since we can do that straight away. Go yep! That is a stopwatch! That’S three seconds of our life we’re, never getting back yeah.

The screen on this is actually really really nice uh. I don’t know if the camera’s focusing on it properly but it’s, pretty good messages, status, let’s, look at status, no steps, uh, no steps, Laughter! Okay, uh! Can we make it do some steps, no steps? I see how this is gon na go uh messages, sleep, blood pressure, shake camera, sports, fine phone settings, that’s what we want about version number 17.03 and there’s the mac address; that’s. It that’s your lot. Uh power off factory reset uh; no, nothing else, sleep monitor yep. There is no sleep, monitor, okay, so that’s. Quite a nice interesting thing, i’m gon na assume, oh and you’ve got a battery at the top there 28 to the 7th saturday. It definitely isn’t. Okay, so i’m, going to set this up. Uh let’s have a look at the app then app connection method, use your phone and scan this qr code right. No that’s translation come on code scanner, app, where fits 2.0 install might might jump cut to this being installed, given how long it’s taking okay so i’ve set up the app and it looks good and frustrating long press drag favorite module on the above display, pull Down refresh yep use, use, bluetooth, yep, okay, let’s use, bluetooth, ah great weekly report, disconnected okay, me connection management, connect band, smartwatch, nine let’s, assume it’s that focus please there we go right, smartwatch, nine, connected okay; well, that was pretty pain free.

So what can we change? What can we change device management, finding, bracelet photograph connection management, smart rider, automatically lights up the screen hourly measured, dial settings that’s? What we’re after okay i’ve worked out? Changing the watch faces so i’ve put the strap on as well, which was the most difficult thing in the world, turn the screen on press and hold it, and then you can flick through the ones you got available. This one’s got butterflies, let’s go with that yeah. So there’s a load of included watch faces. Uh, you don’t seem to be able to load any custom ones on. I think you might have to connect this to a computer and then get access to the file system. It will not connect to google’s wear os thing either, so that is out, unfortunately come on mate. You focus there. We go yeah. It doesn’t like focusing on this screen too much either. Having said that, the touchscreen works really well and it’s. Really nice and it’s really easy and clear to see it, which is nice right, i’m gon na use this for a few days test it out and uh get splice some video footage in of it being used in everyday life and then we’ll have a conclusion. So the conclusion then well i’ve been using this for uh five days now, it’s the second, so it says yeah it all uh. It all appears to work pretty. Well all the uh, the step count.

Uh everything just seems to work. Fine, which is you know, a surprise, but for 20 quid i can’t really complain at that. Pretty good, whether or not the blood pressure and everything else is accurate. I mean who knows, but for the money it looks pretty good feels nice. I haven’t managed to break it in a week so yeah, i guess, that’s.