, But theres one major catch. Several months after its release. Does it still make sense to buy the Galaxy Watch. 4 Heres, our full review. Goedendag, were DHRME. Dangerous Hobbies Require Many Expletives Right off. The bat lets talk about 3 things, the Watch 4 doesnt do so you dont have to waste your time watching the rest of this video. Give us a thumbs up. If you like, saving time as well., Alright Number 1.. The Watch 4 cannot be paired to an iPhone. Theres. No Galaxy Wear app to be found on the App Store.. So if youre, all about that Apple sauce, we aint judging but look elsewhere.. Ok, so youre still here.. Number 2.. The Watch 4 does not support. Google Assistant yet., They promised it after launch, but its nowhere to be seen.. And yes, there is a risky hacky way of sideloading it, but were not going to recommend that to you guys for obvious, reasons., Ok, wow, youre, still watching.. And Number 3.. The Watch 4 cannot be used to measure blood pressure or ECG unless you have a Samsung phone.. We dont like it, but it is what it is Youre still here Great Now that weve gotten that out of the way lets get started with the health and fitness features you get, because you get a lot If youre not buying this smartwatch. For this then skip ahead using the chapters down, below. Weve come to expect basic step, counting from wearables for a while now.

. But beyond that, the Watch 4 is quite advanced with its health. Fitness feature set., The fanciest feature the Watch 4 comes with is called Body Composition, which helps you measure your body, fat and skeletal muscle. By holding your fingers down on the two buttons.. This worked flawlessly when we first got the watch, but lately we just cant get it to work. Were not sure if this is a software hardware or a skin pigment limitation, but its something to keep in mind.. Sleep tracking, however, is something that works more consistently than the amount of sleep we actually get.. Besides, seeing how long youve slept for you can see a bunch of other data like how long you actually slept for how many calories you burnt and whether your dreams are going to come, true., Ok, maybe not that last one. Below all that information. You can even see a sleep chart and duration of your different sleep stages., So you know exactly when and for how long you were awake in REM, light or deep sleep.. This then results in a sleep, score and advice regarding how you can improve your sleep.. I clearly dont get enough deep sleep, which is restorative sleep, so Ill need to work on that. And because you wear the Watch, while tracking your sleep, it can do two more things.. It can measure your blood oxygen during sleep and whether you snore or not.. So, if youre still in denial about being a snorer, this feature might settle it once and for all.

. Remember, though, that it uses the microphone of your paired phone to listen to your snoring and record audio samples for you to listen back to. Im proud to report that I do not snore. At least most of the time.. Remember that turning on both of these features will use up more battery, but does give you everything sleep tracking has to offer.. You can also measure your heart rate on the watch and set it to either continuously every 10 mins or manually.. The frequency here does obviously affect battery life, so keep that in mind. We didnt quite find it necessary to have frequent heart rate measurements on and thats why we set it on manual., Even on manual heart rate measurement, kicks in when you exercise. How much more heart Rate data: do you need, But more on that later. Blood oxygen measurements are done automatically, so you cant change the frequency, but you can decide if youd like it to measure it during sleep or not.. Another piece of health tracking is monitoring stress which the watch does using heart rate. Variability. Again, you can set this to measure continuously or manually. In terms of reliability its hard to tell.. It measured certain moments as being high stress, but when thinking back to that moment, it didnt feel like I was stressed. But thats. Maybe how stress works hits you when you least expect it. And heres a sudden request to hit like and subscribe to the channel.

. You didnt expect that either did you Dont get stressed. Back to the watch. It was initially fun to have stress monitoring continuously on, but we noticed that we barely went into the app to check stress levels and it didnt alert us when stress was too high.. So we ended up changing this. To manual. Added benefit. Here is the gain in battery life.. You can also track things like your food and water intake, and it gives you an indication how much you should be eating or drinking based on your gender ages, height weight and activity. Level.. This target for caloric intake can be adjusted in the app. If you want to.. Adding food from the watch is pretty basic though.. You can select a meal such as breakfast afternoon, snack dinner, etc. and the amount of calories. Thats it. In the Health app you get a heap of foods to select from, and the ability to select portions and see nutritional values as well.. Some foods have specific brands, but tend to be very US oriented look at the list for peanut butter you can select from In terms of water intake. The target is set to 8 glasses per day, but you can adjust this from the app.. Adding water intake is the same in the app or the watch.. Both of these features were fun to try out, but it wasnt something we used, but if you feel like caloric intake and hydration is a concern, its handy to have this onboard.

. Do note that if you have a caloric deficit, youre working on, for example, for weight loss, then its unfortunately not so easy to see how much your calorie burn and intake is.. So youll need to do some manual calculations to get to that deficit. Number. And speaking of activity levels lets move on to the fitness tracking options. You get., You can choose from a long list of workouts. Beyond basic fitness data, like duration, calories, burnt and heart rate. The Watch 4 will record slightly different types of fitness data depending on the workout you choose., For example, if you go for a run, it will map out the route and show you information about your pace. Cadence, maximum oxygen intake, but also advanced, running metrics.. Those advanced running metrics are great. If you want to improve your running form., I clearly need to work on my contact time vertical oscillation and stiffness. For certain workouts like lateral raises bench, presses, burpees, etc. you get the option to set a target in terms of reps and sets, and the watch can Track those reps for you, based on your wrist movement.. This is very cool and useful for those of us who cant multitask by working out and counting, If you can count youre not working out hard enough As youre working on looking and feeling great with those health features. How does the watch look on your wrist? We have the Galaxy Watch 4 in the 40mm black version, with a sport band and without LTE.

. Now lets break that last sentence. Up., You have the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic the major difference being the rotating bezel that you get on the Classic. We havent tested that one, but were convinced that the bezel is extremely useful for scrolling through the interface.. The Watch 4 has a digital bezel, meaning you can swipe around the edge of the display to scroll as well., Not very intuitive, so we find ourselves scrolling like normal people.. The Watch 4 comes in 40 AND 44mm, whereas the Classic has a 42 and 46mm version., And the Watch 4 comes in 4 case color options, which is two more than the classic.. Apart from the color of the cases, the materials are also different, since the classic is made with stainless steel, whereas the watch 4 is made with aluminium.. Aluminium is lighter than steel, but it is less durable, so something to keep in mind.. We prefer the lightweight in a watch and we have a few minor dings on the watch case and lugs.. Both watches come with the same selection of watch straps from Samsung, but since the watch has ordinary lugs, you can swap them out for normal watch. Straps too.. Thanks Samsung for not making this a proprietary thing. And finally, either watch model comes with or without 4G LTE. So if you need that connectivity, independent of your phone, then LTE might be useful else, wed suggest you save your money. In terms of display.

They both come with a beautiful super AMOLED display with 530 pixels per inch., And this is a huge selling point for this watch extremely crisp display and great visibility. Outdoors. And speaking of outdoors, both sport, an IP68 rating against water and dust, as well as a MIL STD, 810g and 5ATM.. We can attest to its durability in the rain and heavy sweating, but we havent gone swimming with it. Yet.. In terms of looks, though, we went for the Watch4 because its just so much sleeker, looking than the Classic and easily slides under any shirt cuff., The Classic costs more, is bulkier with that rotating bezel and has that standard smartwatch look thats been around for several years. Now. The watch wears comfortably on your wrist and doesnt feel uncomfortable in bed. Either. Thats, not what she said. The sport strap. We have comes with enough notches to get a good fit. And remember. You should have your watch behind your wrist bone for sensors to work. Properly. With that gorgeous display we mentioned, and all the built in health and fitness sensors comes the biggest drawback of this watch. Youve, probably guessed it the battery life In the beginning, this wasnt so bad, and we got around 1.5 2 days of battery life with the Always on display and sensors monitoring continuously., But after just a few months we noticed it has become a 1 day watch.. So just enough for a normal day with sleep tracking.

, But a big butt. We tested this by tracking a 2 hour walk and using Google Maps on the watch for a total of 30mins.. I took the watch off the charger at 9AM that day and being back home around 7PM. It had less than 5 left., So I ended up turning the time only mode on to save battery for the rest of the evening., Unfortunately not enough juice to track my sleep that night.. So if youre, a desk diver kind of watch, user., Google, the term, if you dont, know it, Then this watch will be great for the odd workout tracking and a little bit of notifications and maps.. But if you use it a lot as in more than an hour of fitness, tracking and other features requiring the sensors or GPS, then it wont last you, the full day., So lowering the frequency or changing the sensors to manual for heart rate and stress as well As turning off the always on display will get you a little under 1.5 days. As you struggle not to make this smartwatch look like an expensive bracelet on your wrist. There are a couple of things you need to know about the ecosystem.. As we said at the beginning, the Watch4 doesnt work with an iPhone. So droids only no apples. And with android we mean either Samsung or any other android phone. There arent too many special features. Weve come across that only work with a Samsung phone.

Apart from the Body, Composition or ECG feature., But since were talking Samsung, there is some neat integration with the Watch4. If you have Samsung earbuds such as the Galaxy Buds, 2 or Buds Live that we have over here., You can see the battery level on the buds. Toggle, noise, cancelling and block touches., But, most importantly, the buds can seamlessly switch between your watch and Samsung phone. Apple, AirPods, Handoff. Anyone One thing I personally missed from Apple was Apple Pay and the seamless integration and support for more banks here in the Netherlands.. What about the Watch4 Were happy? It supports Google Pay, albeit with fewer supported banks over here.. All you need to do is install the Gpay app and set it up., And while youre in the Google Playstore anyway go ahead and install gboard., You can respond to messages straight from the Watch4, either by voice writing letters or a keyboard.. The reason gboard comes in handy is, if you like us, love to swipe on keyboards.. If, however, youre looking to easily upgrade your voice assistant by downloading an app youre in for a disappointment. Thats right on the Watch4 youre, stuck with bloody Bixby., Well its not all bad, it can do the basics like making calls setting reminders, timers or starting a workout.. But you cant play music on spotify or youtube music. Nor can you send messages., And this is ok. We dont make use of voice assistants a whole lot.

, And when we do, we have our trusted google assistant on our phones in the neighbourhood anyway. For those moments. When we dont suffer from separation anxiety with our phones, its useful to get notified of things on your smartwatch., A big reason for getting one in our opinion. And the Watch4 delivers here as well. In the Galaxy Wear, companion app, you can tweak settings of the watch, Including which apps you want to receive notifications from., Because more isnt always better on a tiny screen.. The Watch4 is more an extension to your phone than just notifications, but you can make and receive calls and text messages.. You can receive and respond to WhatsApp messages, but you cant receive or make WhatsApp call though. Just to keep in mind. A feature we appreciate in smartwatches is using it like a remote control.. If music is playing on your phone, you get volume and track controls on your watch.. If youre on a phone call, you can answer or hang up.. If youve got your phone on a tripod, you can snap a photo or start a video by using the Google Camera app.. If youre, navigating with Google Maps, you can follow the route on your watch without taking your phone out of your pocket. Super useful and badass. Coming back to that gorgeous display, we started this video with., You dont know what youve got until you dont. Thats, how I felt after using the Skagen Falster Gen 6 for a while and moving back to the Watch4.

And what adds to the eye. Candy. Is the user interface. Android purists may hate it since it looks quite different to wearOS, but gone are the days that Samsung makes slow and clunky skins on top of wearOS. Its snappy and easy to use. Once you get used to the gestures., For example, the notifications are not to the bottom of the watch face, but to the left of it.. You dont swipe away notifications by swiping to the right, but swiping up.. So those are a few differences which you might need getting used to if you come from a pure wearOS smartwatch.. Another thing that works nicely with that display are awesome. Watch faces. And Samsung shines here again.. They include a whole host of watch faces, which you can either select or customize from the Galaxy Wear app or on the Watch4 directly.. I personally like the Digital Dashboard since its clean, while showing a lot of information at the same time as showing the time.. But if youre too cool for default watch faces, you can head over to the playstore and download more., I frequently use the Pixel Minimal Watch Face when Im feeling a bit more minimalistic. Now lets wrap up. This review in a minimalistic way. Here are reasons to buy or not to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You should buy the Watch4 If you value value for money. Competitors like the Skagen Falster, Gen, 6 TicWatch, Pro 3, Ultra or Apple Watch.

Se are 50 100 bucks more., But for the latest prices check out the links in the description down below.. If you appreciate good design. That crispy looking screen, sleek and classy form factor and comfort on the wrist make the Watch4 a desirable piece of tech to adorn. That wrist of yours., If you appreciate WearOS, being a future proof operation system where you get regular security updates and have access to the Google playstore. If you intend to get healthy and active and need the extensive health and fitness features, You should not buy the Watch4. If you need decent battery life. Its fine, if you dont use the sensors too much., In other words, you dont plan to use it a lot for workouts or navigation., Otherwise look elsewhere or take a charging cable with you everywhere.. If you dont want a small screen which doesnt have an easy way to scroll through the user interface. In this case, it might be worth getting the Classic version. If you dont mind the slightly bigger size., If youre too attached to your iPhone and dont want to switch to an Android phone Youve been watching another watch, video and weve been DHRME.