You clearly think of the Apple watch first, but its 2023, and there are four models to pick from series: 8, SC, Ultra and Hermes, or maybe Fitbit sense or Versa. That mixes heavy Health features with some communication. Convenience catches, your eye and if youre on Android its the Samsung Galaxy watch worth a look with the redesigned. Wear OS well, weve done the legwork by continually testing smart watches day by day week, by week and months by month this year, as each new model hits the market, we strap it to our wrist and put it through the ringer. Of course, that means this guide is ever evolving evidenced by a new winner after copious testing. Here are the best smart, watches out knife links to all products mentioned in the video are in the description below. You can also find a more detailed analysis and a comparison tool on our website. Validconsumer.Com foreign Music number, six, Google pixel watch. The Google pixel watch is the best smartwatch for Pixel phone users or none, though its a first generation device, a clean design, a full collection of Google Apps and fitness tracking powered by fitbits platform make for a compelling Smart Watch in many ways the pixel watch is The best of both worlds, pairing a top notch, wear OS experience with fitbits holistic health tracking, which is further enhanced with the Fitbit premium membership. There are plenty of tools on board for staying connected and getting active, but theres some room for improvement.

The thick bezels and the singular size option might deter some users in terms of design. While we find the battery life feels disappointing compared to that of other Fitbit smart watches. Still, the pixel watch stands out enough from other smart watches for Android making for what we consider a successful first attempt based on our testing number five Fitbit sense 2, compared to the original Fitbit sense. The sense 2 features an upgraded design, interface and Ada sensor, making for fitbits most holistic Smart Watch. Yet thanks to Advanced Health analysis and deep integration with Fitbit premium, the 299 dollar sense 2 also sustains an edge and fitness tracking over many of the best smart watches. On this list, an update to the stress, detecting, Eda electrodermal activity sensor plays a large role in the devices success now called C Eda C for continuous the sensor, monitors, stress levels or heightened responses throughout the day, prompting the user to take action on mood monitoring with Body response notifications, however, added support for Google Wallet and Google Maps, while useful upgrades wont be available for the Fitbit sense 2 at launch theres. Oddly, no third party app support either still for a smartwatch that helps you get in touch with how you feel the sense. 2 succeeds number four Garmin 4 Runner 955 solar Garmin is a huge favorite of Runners and for good reason it has the right combination of features, design and performance, including a face thats easy to view even in direct sunlight.

This watch features a 1.3 inch always on high resolution glare, free color, touchscreen, a variety of health and fitness, GPS tracking modes and sensors training and performance stats, analytics a waterproof rugged, exterior 32 gigabyte of storage, a huge battery and solar charging that compare with both an Iphone and an Android phone while it may be overkill for your morning, jog those involved in triathlons or Ultra marathons will appreciate the Forerunner 955s Top Line functionality it doesnt come cheap. The watch costs 600 for the solar model and 100 less for the non solar model. The Forerunner 955 is not a fashion watch. The Garmin plastic body is utilitarian. With a solar ring around the screen. The screen cover is shatter, free Gorilla, Glass, DX glass. You can navigate VIA touch screen or use the Garmin 5 button. Physical buttons Garmin excels at Accurate GPS tracking and the 955 comes with additional GPS tracking modes for the Garmin brand battery life is Paramount. The solar model gets 20 days of battery life in simple Smart Watch mode while connected to your phone plus 42 to 49 hours of use in GPS mode. The solar enhanced battery life is based on some 3 hours per day outdoors in 50, 000, Lux sunlight or 7 hours in GPS mode, with continuous exposure to 50 000. Lux lets just say that outdoor Runners will probably benefit from the silver feature the watch lasts. For two weeks, without charging number three Samsung Galaxy watch, 5 Samsungs Galaxy watch 4 and the Galaxy watch 4 classic, where two of our favorite wear OS watches.

Last year we had a lot of good things to say about those watches and sadly, none of the other wear OS watches manage to come. Close Samsung recently updated this product lineup with fresh offerings in the form of the Galaxy watch 5 and the Galaxy watch 5. Pro they arent a big departure from their predecessors, but they do just enough to upgrade upon the already excellent watches in the lineup. The regular Galaxy watch 5 ditches the pro moniker along with some features to keep the price low, but it still offers a lot of value for the money youre not missing out on any Essentials as the more expensive Galaxy watch. 5, pro model only has a bigger display and Battery along with the premium, build materials that might be a big deal for many, but the regular Galaxy watch 5 is still plenty for most users who are switching from an older Smartwatch or buying one. For the first time, so what makes the Galaxy watch 5 special? For starters, its one of the few smart watches on the market running wear OS 3 software. The only other wearables on the market wearing wereos 3 are Samsungs Galaxy watch, 4 series, smart watches or the Montblanc Summit 3, which is significantly more expensive coming in at 1 250 euro, which is roughly 1000 314 dollars. So, unless youre willing to spend a lot of money on an accessory youre, better off buying the Galaxy watch 5.

. Besides that, you also get a ton of useful Health tracking features, making it one of the best fitness smart watches. The Galaxy watch 5 supports all the basic health stats. Youd expect including blood oxygen levels, heart rates and more some features like the electrocardiogram ECG are still reserved for those using it with Samsung smartphones, but that doesnt take away from the fact that its plenty capable some other noteworthy features of the watch include a super. A mold display GPS support, a bigger battery with faster charging speeds compared to its predecessor and more all things considered. The Samsung Galaxy watch 5 is one of the best smart watches you can buy on the market. Its got our Badge of approval, so you can count on to remain one of the best options well into the future, if not the best, its not worth upgrading to the Galaxy watch. 5. If you already have the Galaxy watch 4 or the Galaxy watch, 4 classic, but its definitely a solid option for those coming from an older Smartwatch or even those who are buying their first smartwatch to go with their Android phone. The Galaxy watch. 5S. 280 dollar price tag makes it a better pick for budget conscious buyers compared to the Pro Models. Alternatively, you can also consider picking up the Galaxy watch 4 for a relatively cheaper price. If you dont strive to be on The Cutting Edge of Technology, number two Apple Watch series 8.

Some may be disappointed by how similar the Apple Watch series 8 looks and fails to the series 7, but Apple has nearly perfected its formula for a smart watch and theres no need to fix something that isnt broken. The series 8 still comes in 41, millimeters and 45 millimeter case sizes, which means all of your old bands will work with whichever model theyre designed for the screens are also the same, nearly reaching the edges of each different series, 8 model with rounded sides. You also get the same level of durability as the series 7 with a crack resistant screen, ip6x dust resistance and wr50 water resistance, meaning it can survive up to 50 meters underwater its not as durable as the new Apple watch Ultra, but its still enough for everyday Use the screen is beautiful to look at, it gets up to 1000 nits bright and is Great Outdoors, the form factor is Slim and it doesnt get in the way out to it makes it easy to forget about when working out, despite the familiar feel, there are A lot of new features on the series 8., mainly thanks to watch OS 9. The latest version of Apples watches software new watch face options, upgraded Health stats, especially for Avid Runners and triathletes medication, tracking sleep, tracking and personalized app notifications for you to stay up to date. The series 8 also includes crash detection, which appears to be one of the most advanced crash, detecting features available on a smart watch.

If it detects youve been in an accident, your watch will give you an option to make an emergency call if you remain unresponsive. Emergency services will be automatically contacted and provide dispatchers with your location. Overall there, the Apple Watch series it doesnt boast a huge load of features that make it different from our previous best. Smartwatch pick the series 7, but the slight and simple changes do make it an upgrade and deserving of a place on the wrists of those who dont already have an Apple Watch or are coming from one thats, four to five years old number. One Apple watch Ultra. If you want a big beautiful Smartwatch and you have some money to burn, do not hesitate to consider the Apple watch Ultra its not just for athletes. Deep sea divers and marathoners. Its almost the same old Apple watch only bigger at 49 millimeters by 44 millimeters by 14 millimeters and 61 grams soundsband. We said almost because it also Sports a brand new orange action button that triggers the workout mode by default, but can be customized to do many. Other things and also serves as the emergency siren that admits a frightful noise. If youre in trouble, its luxury status, is derived from its Superior build quality, titanium case Sapphire. Our Crystal cover and ceramic black beauty is enhanced by a rugged exterior that meets Mill. Std 810. Itch standards, ip6x dust resistance and 100 meter water resistance, thats great for diving, it offers the same workout modes, shows the same information and generally operates analogously to its sibling Apple watches, except you can see everything so much better.

On its larger 49 millimeter screen battery life lives up to the hype of 36 hours per single charge on a battery built with 76, more capacity than other Apple watches, with normal non extreme work, athlete use, you can squeeze three days out of one Apple watch. Ultra battery charge so that wraps up our list of the best smart watches. We hope this video has been super helpful in your quest for the perfect wrist companion. If so, please smash that, like button, we truly appreciate it drop a comment below and tell us which Smart Watch youre going to rock on your wrist thanks for tuning in. If this video has been valuable to you, dont forget to hit like and to stay updated on all our future content hit that subscribe button.