They are no longer just a novelty item and can help you reduce your reliance on a smartphone. However, while buying a new smartwatch, you have to keep a few things in mind. The first thing you want to consider is compatibility. You want a smart watch that works with your phone. For example, the apple watch only works with iphones, so if youre, an android user apple watch, doesnt make sense for you. Secondly, if you are into fitness and sports, ensure that your smart watch can track the activities and exercise you participate in, while most smart watches offer basic fitness tracking the number of exercises or workouts they can track varies. The presence of gps in a smart watch is also helpful for mapping runs or bike rides. If you dont want to take your smartphone with you, another feature to pay close attention to is battery life, which is one of the biggest complaints about smart watches. Many popular smart watches can only last about a day or two on a single charge. If you dont want another device to charge daily pick a smart watch that can last for at least a few days, if not a week. Lastly, the design and build of your smartwatch are also important. You want something that you still want to wear after the newness goes away and also something that fits on your wrist, comfortably whats up. Guy welcome back to our channel and today video, we review the five best smart watch that you can get your hand on this year and if you want more information, wed also put the link in the description box down below thanks lets, get started with the video Starting up our list, we have amazfit gts2 mini the best for budget smartwatch.

If you are looking to spend a lot on your smartwatch, the amazfit gts2 mini is a great value for money pick. It features an attractive design that looks elegant and will go well with everything from business attire to workout clothes and the smartwatch also packs a bright oled screen. The amazfit gts2 mini is also full of health and fitness tracking features and can monitor your heart rate. Stress levels and sleep: in addition, the watch is over 70 sports modes to track your workouts and includes a sp02 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels. Battery life is another highlight of the gts2 mini and it will last over 5 days with an always on display and heavy usage. If you are a light user and turn off the always on display, you can increase the backup to over a week. Among other features, there is support for amazons alexa voice assistant. So if you could ask the smartwatch to check the weather, set, alarms, create lists and a lot more gps is also present for mapping your runs and bike rides, but the smartwatch takes a lot of time to lock on the gps signal. In addition, the gts 2 mini lag support for third party apps, so you are stuck with whatever you get pre installed on the smartwatch but thats the sacrifice youll have to make for a budget smartwatch number four. The best smartwatch for battery life is the fitbit versa. 3., the fitbit versa.

3 is a terrific option. If you want a smart watch that doesnt skimp on the fitness and smart features and can still offer an excellent battery life, it lasts about 6 days without an always on display and moderate usage, even with the always always on display, enabled youll be able to get Three days of battery life, the watch also supports fast charging, which gets you 24 hours of juice. In just 12 minutes of charge, the versa 3 looks elegant and packs a bright and crisp ammo led screen. That is easy to see in sunlight. Moreover, thanks to fibbit app gallery, you get access to over 10 000 watch faces, so you can customize your smartwatch just the way you want. It also boasts plenty of health and fitness features. You get the basic all day, tracking of steps, heart rate, hourly activity, calories, burned, floors, climbed and more. In addition, the watch also pushes you to be really active, with active zone minutes youre in active zone minutes by spending your workout time in fat, burn, cardio or peak heart rate zones. Moreover, there is a built in gps, spo2 sensor and sleep monitoring support, while there arent as many apps for the fitbit smartwatch as apple watch, series, 7 or samsung galaxy watch 4. You get the most useful smart features like notifications. The ability to take calls voice, assistance, music, playback and more. The fitbit versa. 3 is available in a single size and 5 color options.

Music. At the number three. We have garmin venue 2. The best option – fitness tracker smartwatch, the garmin venue 2 – is a serious fitness watch with a pleasing design. It has an understated, look that many people will appreciate. You also get gorgeous ammo led screen that gets bright enough to remain visible in sunlight being a fitness. Centric watch it has tons of nifty features that fitness enthusiasts will like. For example, the garmin venue 2 can track indoor, climbing bouldering snowboarding and more apart from your standard, running, walking and cycling. There are also advanced training modes that let you target muscle areas or record your weight training data. Additionally, the watch packs high intensity activity timers to work up a sweat. There are over 25 activity modes in other features. The garmin venue, 2 is swim. Proof includes a heart rate, monitor and has an sp02 sensor to record blood oxygen levels. The app selection is limited, but you get most smart watch basics, like notifications from your phone, the ability to play music and nfc payment support via garmin pay. The smart watch supports both android and ios, but you can respond to notifications on the iphone if you want that functionality youll want another smart watch its worth, noting the venue to lacks some smartwatch features that are available on other popular smart watches, like onboard maps or Voice assistant, but the venue 2 makes up for its relative lack of smart features with battery life.

It can go up to 3 days with an always on display and heady usage. If you turn off the always on display feature, the battery will goes up to 6 days. The garmin venue 2 comes in a single 45 millimeter size and has two color options. You can also buy the garmin venue 2s, which has the same features as the venue. 2, but is available in 40 millimeter size and 4 colors Music. Next up at number 2, we have samsung galaxy watch 4, our best value smart watch, while iphone users had had the apple watch as a solid smartwatch option. For years there hasnt been a genuinely great smart watch for android users. Fortunately, thats changing with the galaxy watch 4. its an excellent smart watch, maybe not as great as the apple watch, but the best you can use with android phones. The galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4. Classic are the first smart watches to run on wear os 3., its a new wearables operating system that combines the best parts of wear os with samsungs tizen platform. As a result, the galaxy watch 4 is snappy and comes with a better app selection than older, wear os and tizen watches. It has most of what you expect in terms of health, wellness and fitness features. The smartwatch can count steps track over any workouts. Take ecg, monitor your blood oxygen level and track your heart rate. Additionally, the watch 4 can measure body, composition, stats, like body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body, water and more.

Unfortunately, the battery life is mediocre and it only lasts through a day of moderate, to heavy use. Also, as its a samsung smartwatch, it uses many of the samsung apps to connect to your phone or provide different features. This is not a problem if you are already in samsungs ecosystem, but you may find it annoying if you use another brands ecosystem. The galaxy watch. 4 comes in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes, and you can also choose from bluetooth and lte variants. If youre looking for something that is a tad more premium and are willing to spend for it, the galaxy watch 4 classic is another option. It will cost you 100. More but you get a stainless steel case, leather strap and a mechanical rotating bezel. That is much easier to use than the touch sensitive bezel of the watch for Music. The last product on our list is the apple watch series 7, our best overall smart watch, theres. No doubt apple is king when it comes to smart watches, but how does it achieve such media rick success lets take a closer look, although dozens of smart watches are compatible with iphones and there is no better option than the apple watch series. 7., being the latest generation apple watch, it has the best the company can offer right now. The series 7 sports, a larger screen – is more durable than its predecessors and has faster charging support. The company has also added dust resistance, which was missing from apple watches.

Until now, the larger screen allows you to see more text and other details on the smartwatch watch. Os 8 brings new watch, faces a full qrite keyboard and several other exciting improvements, and if you are into biking, the series 7 will auto, detect your biking sessions and track them. Support for pilates and tai chi has also been added. All this is in addition to the dozens of already supported workouts. The health and wellness features of the series. 7 are pretty expansive and it can track your heart rate, monitor blood oxygen level, take an ecg and keep an eye on your sleep. Unfortunately, the series 7 offers an average battery life and lasts only around a day. However, you may be able to stretch that to two days, if you turn off the always on display and dont work out, the apple watch series is available in 41 and 45 millimeter sizes, and you can also choose from gps and gps plus cellular variants. If you find the series 7 expensive and are looking for something a little more affordable, the apple watch, sce is an excellent budget option. It shares several features with the series 7, but has an older processor and lacks the always on display the ecg, app and blood oxygen tracking capabilities.