You can tell by this really atrocious watch tan, theres, typically something always on here, and i thought it would be a great time to talk about the best. Smart watches that you can kind of currently get weve got five different ones and, of course, the og watch which well get to at the very end in no particular order. Well start off with this one, first, its the one that ive been using lately. This is the huawei watch 3 pro, and what makes this watch great is the build quality first, it kind of really mimics what youve got going on in the original watch scene. So this is my omega sea master, planet, ocean, stainless steel, pretty premium design, and i feel like out of all these watches. This one has the most premium feel out of it. So its made out of polished titanium its got a 3d rotating crown. The watch band is really nice and it has that traditional clasp mechanism and what i like about titanium its still really lightweight you dont, really feel the half too much. If there would be one thing that i would say it is slightly on the chunkier end. So this is a 46 mil watch and if you get a little side profile, it is quite thick. So if youve got a bit of a dainty wrist, i think you might find this a bit too large, but the nice thing huawei does make other sizing options.

They arent the watch 3 pro, i believe, theyre the watch gt line 42 mils, as well as a 45 and 46 mil option so kind of, depending on your wrist ill quickly slip. This on to show you, i tend to have a smaller wrist size here and typically since ive been using mine, i have had the rubber band on it, but i did swap it out to the titanium just to show you guys, but the thing that i love About this watch, the most is the battery life, so typically, smart watches will kind of get through the range every day and a half maybe two days, especially for the apple watch. You have to always juice it up. This has a 5 day battery life, but it also has this ultra long battery mode, which can get you up to 21 days, which is pretty ridiculous for a smart watch. Obviously, you lose some of the functionality with going into ultra long battery mode. But if you go on a trip for a week, maybe even two weeks all the way up to three three times: seven, twenty one – you can theoretically go up to three weeks without even charging it, which is great. So the watch is built around harmony os and the first thing since i booted it up its surprisingly quick surprisingly snappy ive noticed with other huawei watches or other android watches in general, the interface, the experience is sometimes a bit slow, sometimes a bit laggy.

I have none of that here and you can obviously operate using your finger or that new little 3d crown up top to select your options. Another great thing huawei has done is the simplicity to use this outside of the huawei space or ecosystem. You can just download the huawei health app on your iphone on your android device, get this set up and it works perfectly well and syncs. All of your data youve got hundreds of different watch faces to choose from, and like i mentioned, this is one of the bigger watch faces so 1.43 inches an oled screen, so the display is nice and bright, its vibrant and it was actually kind of funny going Through all of the different wallpaper options, this actually reminded me of the mac os monterey background and uh. If anything, this watch kind of looks a bit appallelesque with its titanium, build and thats a pretty big praise, because apple is known for its design for its build quality, and i think huawei is definitely going in the right direction. And one last thing before we move on the workouts on this watch and thats, typically, what i use smart watches for in general, mostly for working out. This has hundreds of different workout mode options and thats the limiting factor for a lot of these other watches. For example, for running youve got 13 different courses, youve got outdoor, runs, indoor runs outdoor walks, indoor walks, outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, pool swimming open water swimming the list, kind of goes on, and on and more specifically, they have a weightlifting workout mode, which i think my Apple watch still to this day does not do properly.

The watch pretty accurately tracks calories steps. You can also track heart rate, spo2, all that good stuff and one kind of cool thing about this model. You can also track skin temperature and im, not saying um, say youve got cobit or some sort of cold. Obviously, getting a proper test is more beneficial, but just having that extra little peace of mind that youre getting a bit hot you might get notified and just having those options is always nice to have like. I said this has been one of my favorite smart watches that ive been using this year, mostly for that premium, build kind of mimics. What weve got going on this side just ensure that your wrist can handle the chunkiness moving on to the next watch, which probably controls most of the market, share its the one that i think a lot of people know the best. This is the apple watch. More specifically, series seven, so i think the apple watch needs no introduction. If the apple watch department moved away from apple, it would still be its own fortune, 500 company. It is absolutely massive. They kind of control the market share. Most people have an apple watch and if you have an iphone, this would be the watch that i would recommend. The nice thing about. The apple watch is its integratability, its ecosystem, once youre sucked into the black hole once youve got an iphone once youve got a mac once youve got an ipad.

All these things talk together. You get your imessages on here. You get your imessages on your apple watch. The ease of use is what really gets you and for series 7 theres, a couple new features, one being the design. So on this year you have a larger display, so this kind of gets pushed out further to the edges were reducing bezel sizes and with this new design you have the two larger watch face sizes, so either 46 or 42 mils apple has claimed that you can Now use a kubernete keyboard texting with your apple watch. I still find that really hard to do. I cant quite get the hang of it, but this is the largest apple watch, design that you can currently get. I will say, though, out of all of these – i guess maybe not including the fitbit but because im an og watch guy, because i love traditional circular designs. I still cannot get on board with a square or rectangle look theres, just something about it. That seems a bit strange that i just cant do, i think, thats totally personal preference but uh. Let me know what you guys think. Do you prefer circular? Do you prefer square? I dont know i dont know if you dont care about that at all. I will give apple huge credits for customization, so across all of these, you can see this actually is the only one that has a blue strap and you can swap that out for pretty much any color.

You can think of any material that you can think of. Im more partial to rubber, because i tend to wear them when i work out, but youve got stainless steel milliness options. Youve got sport. Loop bands youve got velcro, you have the thousand dollar hermes leather bands. If you want um, customization options are endless along with the different finishes, so of course, aluminum being the cheapest. You can upgrade to stainless steel, theyve even got titanium options, and once again, if you want to go ultra baller, i think they have a limited edition hermes model, not saying that you should drop your money on it, but the options are always there. Another great thing that i have to say about apple watch is because so many people have them youre once again in that ecosystem, and you are kind of tied to closing your rings. There are so many people that have mentioned that theyre working out to simply close. The rings and if you need that extrinsic motivation, if youre just starting out a new new years resolution to stay in shape, i think the apple watch is a great place to start. You can challenge your friends, you can push yourself to close your rings and they make a great integration into apple, fitness or apple fitness, plus, if you choose to buy that extra membership once again, just like most of these watches, you can track steps. You can track heart rate. You can track sp02 honestly, my recommended spec for an apple watch.

If youre interested the apple watch, se still has the best value you dont get the always on display slightly smaller screen. You dont get the spo2 measure, but i rarely rarely use that i would save the extra money grab the sc and you can use that extra dough to buy a pair of air pods, maybe even buy a case any other accessories, but um yeah. The apple watch is solid, definitely makes any smart watch list moving on to a bit of exclusivity and maybe one of the cooler smart watches. This is the fossil times. Razer watch more specifically the gen 6 smartwatch, and this unit is actually pretty cool because its a limited edition model theres only elite models available 1337 for all of you, uh peeps, just wondering so. This was announced this year at ces and i actually worked on a project with fossil to kind of showcase. This watch told all the features at the razer booth and yeah a really cool, limited edition watch. If you can manage to snag one by the time. This video goes live um yeah. You will have one of the most limited watches that you can get. This ones really cool because you can see some of the iconic razer watch faces. So weve got the chroma theme going on and this is also compatible with googles. Wear os 3, which kind of just dropped at the end of 2021. I think this is a low key favorite sleeper of mine, so it actually comes with two different watch: straps, the traditional black and also the bright green iconic.

Razor look. So this has a 44 mil watch, face a 1.2 inch display, and out of all of these, i actually think this one fits my wrist. The best it kind of just looks right. It has some of the traditional stop watcher chronograph buttons on the side program them to your favorites. So ive got my top one set to fitness, of course, the middle one just to go back to the menu system and the last one to make payments by nfc. Snappiness, its nice and quick with wear os three, and it does have one gig of ram and eight gigs of on board storage, health, wise and sensors. Its got all the goodies packed in so, of course, heart rate sp02. You can track steps all that good stuff and overall, this watch out of all of them just feels the most at home. On my wrist, i think thats pretty hard to kind of describe on video, but it isnt too big it isnt too chunky and i love the og chronograph buttons on the side, thats coming from my little hardcore, og watch fan and uh. If you own one of these one, three three seven models, you are part of a very exclusive club and it seems that exclusivity is all the rage these days on to the next one. This is the samsung galaxy watch four and here once again, ive got to give huge, shout outs to samsung, theyve actually switched over from tizen, and they are now integrated into that google ecosystem.

So, of course, wear os 3, just like we saw over on the fossil razor watch, so this watch out of all of them has the beefiest specs inside so a gig and a half of ram and 16 gigs of onboard storage. It also has some really cool touch sensitivity around it. So obviously youve got the traditional user interface you can kind of swipe through. You can select what youre choosing to go through the watch, but the bezel also has touch sensitivity. So when you actually swivel around the bezel thats, what gets you through all of the different tiles and samsung is just introducing new ways to interact with your watch and i actually think thats nicer than a rotating bezel, because its a smart watch after all – and you Are interacting with the face a lot the face itself: 44 mil is a 1.4 inch oled display and just like the razer watch, this one kind of just feels right on my wrist and in terms of health and fitness tracking, its got all the sensors and all The goodies that most of these watches have, but in terms of actual tracking, i found the samsung one to over exaggerate, not only steps but caloric expenditure and im, not too sure what calculations samsung is using. But i found that around 15 to 20 percent, more calories burned and even sometimes 10 percent – more steps than any of these watches, so maybe thats something that can be fixed and say a software update but uh on the flip side.

It can track some pretty unique things like fat percentage body muscle once again, thats just kind of sending a signal around when you touch the diodes and it can also track your snoring patterns. So if your significant other or the person beside you is snoring slap this on their wrist and tell them theyve been snoring all night long on to the last smartwatch. This is a fitbit and a lot of people give fitbits flack for not being a true smart watch, but on the flip side, this is the cheapest watch across all of these. You can get fitbits for around a hundred dollars and if you just want a simple, smartwatch, well kind of put that in quotes, because technically the functionality on fitbits is less than what you have say on a dedicated smartwatch. You can still get all of your phone and text notifications, but you cant have any of that extra advanced functionality, but if youre looking for something that helps track, your fitness helps track your steps. Your caloric expenditure can track what you do throughout the day and you want something simple: with the no frills and extra features and extra price that these command. I still think fitbits make a solid option and you can argue with me that theres technically not a true smartwatch, but just wanted to include that there and before we end not a smartwatch, its an og watch its the thing that i wear most of the time.

It is my traditional smartwatch. In a sense, it can only track time it can track how long you are underwater with this little rotating bezel, but the best part you never have to charge this guy. Ever since ive got this three years ago, you technically cant charge it and thats what i love about it, but anyways a lot of you were asking. What watch that i rock this: is the seamaster planet ocean once again little bits of orange throughout and yeah? I always have to have something living on my wrist, hence the dirty watch tan and i tend to switch to my smart watches, usually when i work out so yeah thats kind of the end of this vid. Let me know what your favorite smart watch is for this year down below in the comments, and hopefully you found one that kind of suits or fits your needs and ill catch.