Today, weve got the new band hr 63 with us. So this is the new band brand, its actually being sold and marketed in uk and is being sold through argos, quite a big retailer. So theyve had already a number of trackers and smart watches well their attempts at these in the last two three years, this particular watch or smart tracker is only 25 pounds. So this is the super budget category. The brand is saying that this watch can do so much things like its got. A full color touchscreen display its a sports connectivity track. A heart rate monitor its got connected gps. It can measure your blood pressure apparently and as well as blood oxygen, so your spo2. So there is a lot of things on the box of this watch, but can the watch actually do it well in this review thats? What were going to be doing im going to be doing an unboxing, then well go through the watch through the functionalities, but actually i have done an accuracy test. A heart rate accuracy test for this watch already also ive, taken out to the gym and put it up in a skipping test. So basically there is a sport mode called skipping, so i would expect that it would count the number of skips im doing well. Ive done that as well, and the results are a bit iffy, but we will be discussing those results in a separate video ill leave, a link to it.

Just above me, right now, as well as at the end of this particular video anyways lets talk about the new band hr 63, and is this smart tracker worth the 25 to 30 pounds its actually charged if youre new to west news tech, news and reviews, we Talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. So lets take a look at the actual box. Well, its a cardboard box, its a fairly large, well ill. Tell you what its larger than the usual boxes! You get the fitbits in it, doesnt feel too premium, but it shouldnt not for the price, its going at open up the box once you get it open. You laid out theres another box inside a wide cardboard box. Youve got the instruction manual. Tell you what, though the instruction manual does look rather premium its sort of glossy its very thick. It looks like its got so much functionality telling you what, though you can go through this guide and it looks beautiful, but actually watching but hey. If youre going to watch this video, you dont need this thing. If you want to operate your smart tracker, because really i think this thing makes it looks much more complex than the watch really is its a really simple device and being simple thats. Not that good either, because i think its too simple but hey well. Get on to that slightly later, so in the box, you also get the charger so thats a clip on charger clips onto the back of the smartwatch um.

So there we go thats pretty much the unboxing thats, what you get with it, its a really simple device. Nothing overly complex uh within two and a half hours youll charge. The watch from zero to full now lets look at the design of the actual watch, so it is a rectangular shape. You will see the button on the top right of the case and that does take us back to the apple look. But of course this is no apple watch. I dont think its. I dont think it resembles the apple watch in any sense whatsoever, but there is this turnable button. The funny thing is about the turnable buttons. What you turn it? It doesnt really do anything you cant go through menus by turning the rotatable crown. It just doesnt. Do anything its there? I dont know its just unscrewed, i dont know theres not much point of it rotating, so it should be fixed. It should be just a button now when you do click the button. It actually switches the screen on and off theres no more functionality to this button. Now being a touch activated display. That means you can swipe down to get you your shortcuts. You can swipe up from the home screen, you get to your messages and then you can sort of slide sideways, either left or right to go through the rotatable sort of menu. Where you have your system menu, you can find your phone, your stopwatch.

You get your messages here, you get your weather widget, you get your training, sport mods, but well be talking about sportboats in just a minute. Then of course youve got your blood pressure and your sp02. Now before we go any further, we have to stop right here. Now, theres a reason that watches that can measure your blood pressure are actually fda approved right, because this is a medical metric right. This metric can save your life, it can forewarn of really major health issues, and these fda approved metrics, are usually on the samsungs of this world. They are on the apple watches, and these watches, with these functionalities, do cost 300 pounds or 300 bucks, plus and thats, at least because this tech is highly complex right. So what this watch offers im not even gon na test it, because there is no way that it can do it, because this watch cant handle simple things like accurate heart rate monitoring it cant handle sport mode such as skipping. So what are the chances that it will calculate your blood pressure correctly? And god forbid that anybody who buys this watch actually relies on the values that this watch will give you? Because this is not a medical device, no its not now anyways, then of course you get the summary screen and you get back to home now lets talk about the design just a bit more, so we can see that the lugs are plastic.

Now i do have an issue with that. I understand its a budget tracker, but these lugs – they are very – i dont – know theyre kind of thin. I i dont know how long its going to last you and how much tear wear and tear these lugs will take. Lets talk about the strap, the strap is, actually i love it its so soft. This is tpu rubber, but it feels like silicon, its just so velvety. The quality of the strap did amaze me. I think this is really good quality for this price. Another good thing is that you do get a metal clasp, although its rather fiddly its very thin metal, but it does have the logo, the new band logo, on the top here and thats, a bit of a premium touch and its nice, its its its a nice Touch the watch case is plastic. Everything is plastic, even the top of this i dont know if its glass, it does feel like glass, but its, not the nice glass. So you can actually, when youre, rubbing the front of this watch, it doesnt feel as smooth its not the experience youre getting its just a little its glass on top thats. It now lets talk about the display, so the display is a square panel sitting right back in the middle of the surface of the display, now its not brim to brim the bottom lip is rather thick. The top lip is also quite thick on the sides.

You do get quite thick bezels as well, but it is a sufficient amount screen. So i think the screen size here. Does it actually tell you what the screen size is? No, i cant see what it is, but my guess would be. This is somewhere around one and a half inches in diagonal, so its not a bad bad screen. Now, if we talk about brightness, theres, no auto brightness, because theres no ambient light sensor, what there is, though, are four brightness levels. If you want to extend or prolong the time that you can see the screen or while the screen is lit up, you can actually adjust it from 5 to 15 seconds via the glory fit app, so the glory fit app is the app that you use with This device, in my personal opinion, this app, is mostly useless because it doesnt track nor store any of your exercises other than the ones where connected gps is used, such as walking running cycling. So lets say you want to go out for a run and you actually start the exercise via the app. But then you dont need the watch because it wont connect the results between the watch and the app. So you can just use the app on its own. So its a bit nonsensical in my opinion, but nonetheless so lets talk about the features and functions. There are plenty of sport modes here. I doubt that they were very well thought through.

Let me tell you why so lets go to sport modes as an example. So, as i said, ive performed a test i was skipping, so skipping is usually like a very simple sport mode, so in here there is skipping, which is great so lets get in there. But there are plenty of sport ones: theres about 20 sport bones in here, youve got cricket rugby volleyball, baseball, boating, gymnastics, indoor running youve got sit ups, but if youve got sit ups, why no leg curls as an example? Why not squats, i dont know its just. It seems like at least sporadic names, but usually with the more premium branded sport trackers. When you go into a sport mode, you can actually have settings. You have options with the sport modes. They can be goal based by goal based. It means that you can set yourself a goal say, do an exercise for an hour or 30 minutes, and the watch will send you a haptic alert via vibration or a tone to basically stop youve reached a goal or maybe um calorie burnt goals, such as when I burned 300 calories. Let me know that im done, of course, if youre doing something like walking running or cycling, you can have a distance alert now. This watch doesnt allow for any settings whatsoever right. So it does say that this is splash proof. What does splash proof mean? Is it ip65? Can you take it to the pool with you? Probably not it doesnt have a swimming mode, so its not going to have any pull metrics like how many lengths youve done theres no auto recognition of your stroke, but i would actually be very wary when taking this to the shower with you so im.

Just not quite sure what this watch can do and how actually durable it is anyway, when you go into the sport mode, you dont have any optionality. You cant set any goals. Uh you cant, set auto pause alerts. You cant do much at all. In fact, when you do start an activity, i couldnt even stop my activity because the screen is rather low responsive. So you just have to keep on tapping the screen for something to actually recognize that youre tapping, and not just swiping. When i finish with my skipping workout, i faced an issue the watch or this smart record. It didnt save the workout and youve got no way to go to your recorded workouts of what youve actually done and have a look at how you performed so thats. Pretty much shocking and you cant do that on the app either. So it seems to me like this is a very budget tracker, it sort of says i can do all of this this and this, but in essence, im not doing any of these things rather well. So 25 quid or 30 dollars. What can you get instead of it? What are your alternatives? Well, there are a few take. For example, the me band six. This is a 1.6 inch. Amoled display its a great tracker from xiaomi theres, a number of really cool features on it. Youve got pie, youve got an excellent sleep tracker. Yes, it does have connect gps, but you can take it to the pool.

It will auto recognize your strokes. It will measure your um. It will measure your swarf. You get very accurate heart rate monitoring. Youve got a great spo2 monitor there, but lets say you dont like the traditional tracker, although it has very thin bezels and it stretches across the full screen. You might want to take a look at the huawei band 6.. Another 1.43 inch amoled display its a huge display, which is not just lcd as you get here, but its actually a bezel to bezel brim to brim amoled its super bright and again youve got very accurate heart rate monitoring, youve got continuous sbo2 and all that thing Cost us about 35 quid, then of course, youve got honor band 6, which is pretty much just like the huawei band. 6 looks almost the same, but you dont get continuous spo 2, but you get 10 sport modes on the huawei. By the way you get 96. All of them are gold based on the huawei and on a tracker as an example, you get very accurate sleep tracking because its actually been developed. This technology, the sleep technology used by huawei and honor. The technology was developed in conjunction with the harvard medical school. So you do get these really cool features on big brands, which dont cost much more. So i would have a question. Why are you looking at something like this when for about the same price? Well, actually the mi band 6.

I think it cost just 22 quid. So cheaper than this, why would you get this over something that comes from a reputable brand that has been heavily tested and accuracy has been attested across a number of things like its heart rate, accuracy, its spo2 accuracy, its step, accuracy, calorie calculations and so forth? But if you did decide to go for this particular tracker, make sure to watch the skipping and heart rate test that i am performing in the video that i like to link to just above me right now, because maybe youre getting something that you didnt quite bargain. For anyways, thank you for watching this review of the new band hr63. If you did enjoy it, please drop me a like.