The watch case is uh 45 by 11 millimeters in height and weighs only 54 grams. The included, strap is around 26 centimeters in length and on the inside, it’s got a 340 milliamp hour battery. That gives it a 30 day battery life or 15 days when it’s set to full time. Hard monitoring display is a 1.28 inch. Tft touch display with a 240 by 240 pixel resolution, there’s a crown on the side which can serve as a button to navigate back in the menus comes with an optical heart rate, monitor and accelerometer for step. Counting and fitness tracking it’s got bluetooth 5 connectivity to pair it with your phone it’s got an ip68 waterproof rating, which does kind of allow you to swim and shower with it to set it up. You would need to pair it with the halo fit app. You can find this app in the apple, app store and android stores, and from this app you can easily pair the watch over bluetooth to set it up once connected. It will synchronize the heart rate and movement data from the app you can do. The usual stuff update the firmware synchronize the step counter, the fitness and heart rate data and also start fitness programs. If you desire to do that from the app you can also choose which apps that you want to send notifications to the watch so now that it’s installed let’s have a look at the watch itself.

It looks pretty good. It’S got the looks of a more traditional analog watch. You can set it up to show the watch face when raising up your wrist from the app and when it’s active you can access a quick menu when swiping from top to bottom. From here you can use the find my phone function change the screen, brightness level enable the do not disturb mode and you’ll find a quick access toggle to go to the settings. When you press and hold the watch face, you can change the face. There’S not 300 different watch faces to choose from like some of the others that we’ve seen but it’s not really a bad thing. There’S some sporty digital, looking ones, and this pretty minimalistic and basic looking one, which i actually kind of like when swiping from left to right or right to left. You can find the quick views for the step counter heart rate, monitor sleep, tracker, the weather, app and breathing exercise. When swiping up from the watch face screen, you can access the list of all the apps here. You’Ll find a step counter. Heart rate, monitor weather and sleep app, your notification list with notifications that are pushed through from your phone, a music controller which will control the music on your phone, and you can start several fitness tracking programs from the sports menu. The solar comes with tracking for jogging, walking, cycling, climbing yoga fitness, but also things like basketball, football and rowing in the more menu in the main menu.

You can find a stopwatch and a timer. You can also find my phone options and a breathing exercise and from the settings there’s not much that you can do, you can change the brightness. You can power off the watch or reset it to its factory settings. I did do some simple water testing to see if it would hold up seeing i still can’t swim with it, because most of the pools are still closed. It survived, it worked. It was just fine, although it does not have an actual atm rating. You should be able to submerge it in water for 30 minutes with this ip rating, and i believe it should be no problem to swim with as long as you’re not planning to dive with it. Now. What do i think, and how much does it cost? The halo solar came out in the xiaomi yelping store in china and it actually got an international release through the yopin lab website, which is the xiaomi yopenstore international website and is now available internationally, where it goes for around 34 up to ‘ us dollars, depending on Where you get it that’s a range of around 31 to 36 euros for those of you that are in euroland. I’Ve put down some links below this video if you want to go and check that out so now. What do i think after using this watch for a couple of weeks, i think it’s, a pretty nice looking watch its design? Is nice it’s, pretty classic doesn’t? Have that many watch faces, but that’s not all too bad.

Maybe there could have been a few more, but i mean it’s fine, it is what it is. The overall brightness and looks of the display is quite good it’s, not the brightest, but most of the time it’s good enough. I did notice that the type and the icons are relatively sharp, but the minimalistic watch face with the hands does show a little bit of aliasing, which i guess is due to the resolution of the screen, especially when you see this very close up shot. You can see the individual pixels of the type i mean it’s, not all that bad, because if i look at the step counter page, it does look quite clean in terms of aliasing. You just got ta keep in mind that it is a pretty cheap watch. I just wanted to point it up. One thing that i personally was not a big fan of is that the watch gets paired with the halo fit app, so it is needing another app to set it up and synchronize it’s not really a big deal, but i really would have loved for all of The smart watches to pair with the media app so i’m, just using one single app. I would really prefer that, but nonetheless, overall it is a decent watch. It definitely got quite a few fitness tracking programs. It’S got all the usual stuff, like the heart rate monitoring and the most common apps, like the music controller and the weather and you’ll be able to receive notifications from your phone on your wrist and, first and foremost, it is priced very well for around 35 dollars.

You can get a decent and good looking smart watch that is lightweight it’s got a pretty nice looking timeless design so that’s about it for the halo solar.