Just before we start I'll try to make this video as short as possible, and if you have any questions about either phone don't hesitate to use the comment section down below and subscribe to the channel while you're. There also check out detailed reviews of both the p30 Pro and the s10 and you'll find all the links down below the video. Both phones are very similar in terms of design, as both of them use, metal, frame and glass on the front and rear. As you may expect from any flagship, the build quality is excellent in the hand both devices feel great. I have no complaints, one of the key differences. The p30 pro is noticeably heavier because the sparsity bigger 4200 million hours battery, that outlasts has 10 pluses power bank by a long time ensure that the p30 pro is easily a 2 day battery phone, whereas the sn is a one day battery handset. Well, if you try to squeeze every minute out of each battery, so you'll get about eight hours of sot on the estimate less and up to fifteen hours of sot on the huawei p30. Pro keep in mind that these are my records screen on tines, meaning that the daily average times are about five hours on the SN plus and about eight or nine hours on the huawei p30 Pro, while his phone can also be recharged much faster and both devices Have Wireless and reverse wireless charging features the display on the SN Plus is significantly better, as it is simply the best panel on any phone at the moment.

The p30 pro screen is really good too, but the sunlight legibility could be a little bit better. Both devices have powerful camera setups with wide angle, telephoto and zoom lens. Both camera setups have plenty of megapixels to play with by the highlight of the p30 pro system. Is the periscope zoom lens on the front of the estan plus uses the dual camera system, whereas the p30 pro has more megapixels to play with more image quality in just a bit, both forms are water and dust resistant thanks to ip68 certification also, both have in Display fingerprint scanners and face unlock feature both have expandable storage, but the p30 pro uses a proprietary nano memory card standard, it's worth mentioning that neither phone has LED notification light. The p30 pro still has an IR blaster, whereas the estan plus likes this feature. The estan plus has a few advantages over the was offering because it still has the headphone, jack and it's dual stereo speaker system is slightly better than the p30 pro's single bottom firing loudspeaker. On the other hand, while we did a really good job with a sound quality, here are a few audio samples, Music, Music, the galaxy SN plus has he more powerful chipset and we have more RAM and storage options, but in practice both devices are excellent. When it comes to gaming and the overall performance, the user interface, our proprietary skin, that is laid out on top of Android, is always a matter of personal preference.

If ask me, I like both the EMU eye and the one UI, because there are plenty of features and customization options and, most importantly, both the p30 Pro and the estan plus are just wicked fast and smooth, no matter what you do with these phones. If you ask me which user interface I prefer, I would probably pick the one you eye on the galaxy sn as it has simply become one of my favorite user interfaces. On the other hand, I like the EMU i.t because of its feature set and the overall performance when it comes to the image quality using the main camera. It all depends on the shot and your personal preference in some pictures. The galaxy s 10 plus tends to capture more detail. There is more sharpness and the images have warmer colors. On the other hand, some pictures taken with a P 30 Pro look sharper and more detailed, but the colors are a bit colder. To be honest, you can go wrong with either phone, as both cameras are one of the best in the business. Some shots may look a little bit better on the P 30 Pro and some on the galaxy s n tell me in the comment section which phone you prefer. Obviously, the P 30 pro kills the galaxy s 10 plus when it comes to zoom the Wowi phone lets. You take high quality pictures if you use up to 10 times hybrid zoom. Most importantly, you can go up to 50 times.

Digital zoom and the results are pretty good for your mobile device. The SN plus maxes out at 10 times digital zoom. The p30 pro is better in low light with all camera lenses. No matter, if you use the main sensor or zoom in the pictures look sharper, there is more detail and less noise. On the other hand, some night shots taken with a wide angle. Camera may look a little bit better on the galaxy s n plus, although this is not always the case further, the SN Plus simply does not have a dedicated night mode to compete against a P 30 Pro that can take one of the best looking shots on A smartphone some selfies look better on the P 30 pro, at least this is what I prefer. The pictures are sharper and I, like the skin tones a bit more. On the other hand, selfie images on the galaxy s 10 – plus look really good too. So you can rest assured that you'll be able to get a nice looking Instagram picture. Selfie portraits look better on the SN Plus thanks to a dedicated, a depth sensor. Also, I found them to look a little bit sharper and better looking overall, if you take portrait pictures in artificial lighting with the main camera, both phones produce pretty nice. Looking images and it's hard to tell the winner night selfie image quality really depends on the shot. During this camera shootout, I managed to get better looking southeast on the galaxy and Plus, but the p30 protects comparable or sometimes even better.

Looking images my selfie portraits are sharper on the SN plus, but there is more noise. The p30 pros front facing camera produces images with less noise, but pictures are noticeably softer. Overall, I would pick the galaxy SN plus 49 selfie portraits when it comes to 4k video. The p30 pro is probably the best phone. While we has ever made. The footage is very smooth, stable, sharp and detailed. However, I found a video from the galaxy SN plus to be better looking overall also, the SN plus assures a smoother transition between all three cameras. During video recording selfie video quality is much better on the galaxy s 10, plus because it can record the video in 4k resolution. You simply can't beat this amount of sharpness and detail. Last but not least at the sound recording quality is significantly better. On the galaxy s, 10 plus today's lighting conditions 1320 perceive video test using the front facing camera of a samsung galaxy s templates. So this is handle video arm. It standing here in the shade so that's all, but they look different test than the previous one. When I was recording video so yeah, if you want to learn more about image, quality check out my 18 minute detailed camera comparison, video and you'll find all the links down below both the galaxy s. 10 plus and the P 30 Pro are excellent in the connectivity Department. I'Ve never had any issues with signal reception, all quality or GPS.

These phones also have all the sensors. You would ever need on a smart phone all in all, both the Huawei P, 30 pro and the Galaxy S 10 plus are one of the best flagship phones you can buy at the moment, and you can go wrong with either of them as they offer. One of the most complete packages on the market. I would pick the P 30 Pro for a more powerful camera setup that excels in low light, and it offers incredible zoom capabilities who have never seen on a smartphone. The P 30 Pro also offers significantly better battery life and passer charging speeds. On the other hand, I would pick the galaxy s 10, plus for a better display, less versatile, but still excellent camera setup, better video recording, better loud speakers and a headphone jack did. I miss anything, tell me in the comment section which pony would you choose and why also make sure to stay tuned to the tech line for more videos. Just before I say bye, I wanted to show you guys a few cases made by rhino shield. They are not sponsoring this video, but they were kind enough to send me a few cases that I fell in love immediately if you don't want to add any bulk to your phone. The bumper case is your best choice. However, my favorite is the solid suit case that has a minimal design, but it protects my Galaxy S, Tom Plus, from all angles.

In fact, this case Asher's 11 feet impact protection and it has mil 810 STD military grade certification. Last but not least, all the cutouts are precise and the case fits the phone, nice and snug. If you are interested in picking a case for your device, you'll find all the links down below.