So do you need a regular smart watch that you don’t have to pay a fortune for well, blackvue may have you covered? I have the blackvue smartwatch here, it’s the x1 version, and you can pick this up for about 35 to 40 bucks and it’s. A pretty neat smart watch here and we’re going to go over it and i’m going to give you my first impressions about it. So sit back and relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey. Let’S go Music what’s up guys. This is back with another video, so i got the blackvue watch here and it’s a pretty neat watch and i’ve been kind of going over it for the last couple of hours. Right after i did the initial unboxing and i set it all up on my smartphone and uh it’s – been a really good, smart watch so far it has a nice build to it, which is really nice um. Not all that you know glamorous, you know professional build and everything, but it does have a nice build quality to it. Plastic bill uh. The bands are nice little rubber bands here uh, and it feels really good i’ve been using it pretty much half the day today, and i really do like this watch uh, especially for the price so let’s get into it. When you, you have to set it up on uh what your smartphone, you download the h band app uh.

Once you download the h band app, you got to do the start up process which, if you did a smart watch, all you got to do is turn it on. You just do the startup process and then, once you download the app it’s pretty strange when you do the startup process on the app it actually it actually, what color your skin is, which is really weird uh, but i did put in brown, even though i made Light brown, but i put in brown, and you set your gold just like any other spot. Sport watch uh. You know because it’s made for fitness and health, so you set it all up and uh. This will give you a dashboard of everything that’s going on what you’re training uh, what kind of sports that you’re doing and stuff like that so uh! The app is very important, especially if you want to get fit all right, so uh let’s go ahead and go over uh. Some of the watch faces here. You got one two three four, so you got four watch faces here and now i love. It looks really good. I mean you got a nice little design here and right now i got the brightness about halfway on the on on the watch uh, which is not bad. You know it seems to be be pretty bright uh today i did 500 steps uh. So far since i’ve been having a watch on and right out of the box, it was halfway battery life and i haven’t charged this up.

So the battery life is going to be pretty good. Now it does come with a charger and that’s going to be uh. The magnetic charger that pops right on the back right here to charge it up so there it is, and you just plug this up into any type of charger that you have laying around the house all right. So this this. So you know that all right! So when you go up and down you get all your watch faces all right. When you go left to right uh, then you get more your fitness stuff again. I did 537 steps. Look like 0.2 miles. I burnt look like 29 calories stuff like that and uh right now. I haven’t slept yet so i it does monitor your sleep all right and it kind of gives you some of the versions here all right. So you get into more your settings. You got your heart rate, your sports, your text, messages and you can find your phone, which you can hook up and you do have all your sport modes here, outdoor run, um outdoor, walk, indoor run um, you know, say: indoor, walk, hiking and mountain and stuff like That so i also have bikes, cycling and rowing wow that’s, pretty neat and uh. You have all your stuff like that, so you do have all your sport moves and then, when you go down one more, you do have music. You got your sport watch some stopwatch and your countdown counter and your settings where you’re going to say you could adjust your brightness right now.

I got it on one two and click it again, that’s the brightest. I actually i thought i had in the middle uh, but i had it on one. It seemed to be pretty bright uh, you do have the app, and this is the uh, the qr code, where you scan and get the the h band app, which is very important, it’s, a very, very important app. Now, especially if you want to uh, do fitness and help, but overall the performance of it is really good. I mean for the most part, so it has all the functionality that you like, if you want to get fit for a very reasonable price. So, yes, you can get incoming calls and you can see all your text messages all your emails, all your social media. Everything can be, can happen on this display and as far as performance so far me having it uh. The performance has been great on it uh. So i don’t have any issues with performance and everything in between so other than that uh. I will leave all product links down in the description below it’s, a really good, sleek, rugged, uh type of smart watch, and it really looks nice it’s, nice lightweight, and it does all the functionality that you want in this smart watch right. It does everything as far as monitoring heart rate, your sleep and everything in between so hey it’s, a really good addition to uh having it um in your collection and it’s, not thick at all uh as far as the looks and feel of it.

So it looks really good. I really do like it. I like the rubber band, and i like the texture of it, and it i mean it is what it is, especially for the price you’re getting a whole lot for this price. I will leave all product links down in the description below this is eric the tech preacher from easy computer solutions. I want to give a huge thanks to blackvue for sending this product out for review, and i am going to make a follow up video on my impressions after having this for about a week or so so stay tuned and subscribe.