I got this for one triple nine from the both side and if you buy it from flipkart or amazon, you will get it for two, four double nine. So let me open it see there. We have it second guys so uh this. Is you get this sticker with it? You have to ping it off. Let me tell you what else do you also get with it? You get the instructions one year, warranty card this. So there’s an app of both, so it is that you can purchase these things from it. I’Ll show you just later and included you get a magnetic charger. Of course it included. So this is an exact magnetic look. So what do you exactly have to do? You see these four rolls and you see these. You just need to put it up like this that’s the idea guys actually i’m using this watch for a while, so my sticker gets peeled off again and again, yeah guys. So when you get your watch, the batteries will be low. So what do you need to do? This is written in the instructions as well, that put your magnetic charger and get any cable like this attach and just then attach this cable. And what do you need to do just put this charger in some of your plug? So then you just put the charger for 10 minutes and then it will just charge up now. Let me tell you about the watch, so the watch will get on from this switch this one, and this will be your watch when it will come, but you can.

There are many features like wrist. So when you shake your wrist, this feature is about that. When you shake your wrist, the dial comes, so there are many more like heartbeat, there’s, sleep tracking and your phone finder. So what does this feature do exactly so? What is this exactly feature now? Let me tell you, so it helps find your phone and usually how you need to make this one. You need to make sure your watch is paired with the bluetooth, and the second thing you need to do is download this app boat pro gear go in this. Go to device device and wait sms alert. Okay, so sms alert allow notification when you allow the notification automatically, this feature will work and that helps you find your phone pretty easily. Now guys i’m going to tell you about this feature, the moon, one. The moon feature is called sleep tracking so usually, when you download this app you’ll get a screen like this, so this will be our steps sleep so in sleep, light sleep, deep, sorry, deep, sleep, light sleep and break away cars. So when you exactly go to sleep, you can put the sleep tracking feature on and take the band. So what will exactly happen that you will get to know your sleep score, yeah guys so also. This thing has many more features like these are more features in the watch like blood, oxygen, blood pressure, sports and heart rate. So guys, what is the main thing you can? If you don’t want to put the features on from your smart watch, you can even put them on from their app and you have alarm timer, music control and relax.

Then you have sports record. So when you come in your sports record, you understand that how much ex sports have you done? So you, as you see the sports feature this one. So this keeps and record inside this portrait card feature and the final is settings in settings. You have dial, so dial is like your main screen. So i like this one so now my main screen is changed. There’S brightness, brightness, one is very low, one star is very low, then two star is okay. Three star is pretty much uh about is something that what is this watch about and the final is shut down. So you click on the shutdown your there will be an option like this look confirm shutdown. If you click on this one, then it will shut down and if you don’t like this, so it wouldn’t so guys. These are the features on this watch yeah. So this is my main screen right now and other features in this watch are so steps. This is how many kilometers have you run and how many calories this is all your total week total and also guys. Let me tell you when you reach 10 000 steps. There comes a message in your watch that the watch vibrates and there will be like a running sign and it will be reading 10 000.. When you run 10 kilometers. The watch will vibrate again and when you do with 1000 calories, then also the watch by breaks – and this is all we told so so guys uh.

I wanted to tell you this that if you don’t want these dials oops, so there are three dials already one. Two and you can i’ll tell you how to find this dial, and i made this dial on my own. Let me tell you how to make dials on your own and how to find more dials, so usually what’s. The main cause of this is the app one. Second, yeah for making your own dial so download this app both pro gear here, you’ll find your steps and more stuff, and let me tell you how to go to dial so go to device settings, and here you have more down faces. So what these three dials? You have you can have these same dials as i showed you, and why is this a tick because i have this dial on, but if i want to have another dial instead of these three uh are i’ll. Tell you how to make a new dial. So just click on this one – all you need to do is select new wallpaper, so you can select it from your gallery album or camera shutter. When you go to camera shutter, you click anyone’s picture and look like this one. As you can see so like this, you can create your own dial and if you don’t like these dials, then you can go to this one cloud cloud watch face and in cloud watch phase you have hundreds of dials, but the best darling cloud watch face.

Is this one? So personally i like this. Let me tell you how to set so click on that and set face. So when you click on set face, setting face okay. So now, when you uh put this thing on there, you go so the link so guys. This is a good watch for kids. Also elders, you can buy it and this is how it looks on your wrist guys. So uh, please keep showing your love. Please like and subscribe.