This is riya and welcome back to my youtube channel. So today i am going to unbox my first ever smartwatch, and this is my watch is from boat and the price is as of now in 2021, so the price is 2999 and if you want to purchase this so you the link, is in the description. You can check it and you can buy it from there so without wasting any more time. Let’S unbox it. So many police, yes, okay, so here it is so this is the package and it’s quite premium. Looking and so let’s see what is inside this okay. So you hear me watch smart watch. The strap is great color and here is the look so yes cooper stickers. Then the next is the boat sticker. I am both head, so it’s, quite fantastic. Then the next is the uh user manual. You can read it and it is the product selling brand master book and at last, but very very important is the warranty card. The watch comes with the one year warranty, which is quite amazing, and you can ensure your warranty. You can activate your warranty by use by giving the missed call at this number, so your warranty will be uh activated. Okay, now coming to the what it is. My watch and it’s in the first look it’s, giving that a royal look and the uh strap and the color it’s quite amazing, and here it is the sensor which uh uses to record your heartbeat and the oxygen level and the metallic body.

It is the metallic body, so it’s quite amazing, and here is the button. Then there is no button, and here is this trap – it’s quite long. I wear it at the last, so let me wear it and i will show you after wearing it so yeah. First, look and i am wearing it so keyboardy soft strap four six steps, then it’s gon na each speed, then it’s gon na need to have how much calorie i have burned. Then the week total the steps, the speed, the time and oxygen level, then blood pressure – and in this you can just get the notification foreign it’s fantastic. So i really like this boot smart watch and i really recommend this is bought a smart. What you must buy this, if you want to buy this link, is in the description you can go and check it below so that much in this video, i hope you will like, if you would like to give it a thumbs up and to get more updates.